Battle Of The Dopey, Always-Gettin'-In-Trouble Post-Apocalyptic Boys

Just stay inside the house for once dammit! 2014.09.21 0

...The Big Banging Theory?

Masters and Johnson are filmed for a CBS documentary. Guess which one of them sucks at that, too? 2014.09.21 0

The Fart Faces Of The Strain Make Some Bad Choices

The basement of a looted market, abandoned subway tunnels...What are Places You Shouldn't Go When New York Is Overrun With Vampires? Correct! 2014.09.21 0

Please, Mr. Kennedy

While Nucky tries to woo a famous American figure, Chalky and Narcisse find themselves on the opposite ends of the home-invasion game. 2014.09.21 4

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Miss Chanandler Bong

Today's Challenger

'Mama Like!'

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

High Gallifreyan Robbery

Stealing is nothing new for Doctor Who, which is lucky given this week's plot. 2014.09.21 55

Janet The Conqueror

Janet tells Gina that Lydia told her that Gina told Lydia that Janet said Lydia is brainless. 2014.09.21 9

Why Wasn't Anna's Husband Hired When He's Basically Directing The Movie Remotely Anyway?

And other not-quite-burning questions about The Chair's deer in the headlights. 2014.09.20 8

...And The Horse You Rode In On

Claire and Jamie get hitched, but will it be a night of hot, sticky regret or a wistful sexfest? (Maybe both?) 2014.09.20 168

Mending Fences

Even as temperatures skyrocket, cooler heads begin to occasionally prevail. 2014.09.20 23

Wrap It Up

A season-long retrospective leads only to the very beginning of the last HoH competition and then leaves us hanging. 2014.09.20 55

Typhoid Mary's Got Nothing On Cornelia Robertson

Cornelia's a talented heiress with a strong social conscience and a future as a lucha libre. Not bad! 2014.09.19 24

Welcome To The Doll's Auf

Designing for American Girl dolls (and their kid owners) gets one contestant kicked out of the playroom. 2014.09.19 212

You'll Take Manhattan -- And You'll Like It!

WGN America's original drama is the best show on the air right now. Here's why. 2014.09.19 23

Tell Yourself LMN's The Hazing Secret

I Know What You Did Last Summer + Memento + crazeballs scenery-chewing + your DVR = good times. 2014.09.19 9

Kind Of Blue

Redemption for Jessie's team, a thesaurus fail for Dr. H, and more from this week's The Biggest Loser. 2014.09.19 35

Live From New York Is Back. It's 30% Longer And At Least 20% Better!

Finally, the inside story of Dooneese and "What's Up With That" can be told. In one paragraph apiece, so there's room for nine pages on Stefon. 2014.09.19 10

Is It Politics As Usual On Madam Secretary?

CBS thinks it's shaking it up in the Capital City. 2014.09.19 3

'You Do It, Atika. There's More Than One Honourable Woman Here.'

The Honourable Woman ends its story; Tara Ariano and Mark Blankenship discuss. 2014.09.18 34

'Just Raise Your Baby In The Most Natural Of Ways, And For Me, That Is Non-Vaxx Way'

Turns out Christian Axness's refusal to diaper her one-year-old daughter Eleanor is the least 'extreme' (reckless) decision she's made as a parent. Let's let her tell it! 2014.09.18 30

Jenelle Gives Birth Again, Apparently Attended By Ghosts?

Hey, if you had facilitated this un-blessed event, you wouldn't want your face on TV either. 2014.09.18 260

Copping A Meal

Jen Carroll and Nyesha Arrington avenge earlier defeats while cooking for the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 2014.09.18 42

The Return Of That One Guy

Apparently, the guy from the pilot episode still isn't dead. Good for him! He seems a bit crazy, though. 2014.09.18 9

The Blind Side

One houseguest gets a judy-chop when he least expects it. 2014.09.18 110

Is This Because I'm A Coffee-Rubbed Kobe Steak?

Hell's Kitchen finds its balance between yelling and cooking, and Elisabeth Röhm is there to witness the magic. 2014.09.18 43

Finally, Someone Tells Sonya To Get Rid Of That Ugly Jacket

It HAD to be said. Too bad the advice comes from someone whose advice on fashion -- or anything else -- Sonya is likely to ignore. 2014.09.17 57

Old Reliable

Ruxin's faces lift up another subpar A-plot. 2014.09.17 2

What Does Nurse Jackson Do Besides Sass And Scold Children?

And other less-than-burning questions from the first episode of Red Band Society. 2014.09.17 8

The Road To Recovery

Like Max, Finding Carter could use some extensive rehab. What it needs to build on, and chuck, next season. 2014.09.17 56

A Dick In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Just predicting upcoming lines from the awesome Veronica Mars web spinoff, Play It Again, Dick. 2014.09.17 5

Permission To Come Aboard

Adrienne's back! But first, Ben's an ass, Jennice whines, and something that rhymes with 'fizz' happens to a pillow. 2014.09.17 74

Can We Get Another Two Hours With Just Vaughn And His Exes?

And other not-so-burning questions about the Married At First Sight reunion special. 2014.09.17 172

El Cancellacion De Laura

It won't take long, if this pilot is any indication. 2014.09.17 40

Now With Extra Padding

It's a good thing the network eliminated separate results shows other than this week, because man, is this episode filled with the filleriest of filler. 2014.09.17 101

Inner Balance Sheet

With the colony hemorrhaging cash and members, the solution is obvious: yoga. 2014.09.17 37

Cold Slither

Everyone makes new snake-inspired recruits for G.I. Joe. It's product placement, but at least Face Off's upfront about it. 2014.09.17 42

Grande Illusion

Rewind week wraps up for one new juror and the final four. 2014.09.17 106


How Sons-y is Jax's crazy campaign against Lin? 2014.09.16 79