Going Off In Act Three

Film and farewell in the Hannibal finale. 2015.08.29 92

Lorelai Forces Luke To Stage A Fashion Show At His Lunch Counter In Front Of All His Customers, Who Lose Their Appetites Over Lorelai Adjusting Luke's Fit In Public

And other things you might have missed while blinded with a potent mixture of love and hate as you watch the first season of Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. 2015.08.28 12

RHONYC Reunion Part III: Put It To Bed

A drowsy, boozy cast delivers a strangely satisfactory nightcap to Season 7. 2015.08.28 286

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Tommy Westphall's Snowglobe Universe

Today's Challenger

Al & 'The Unfortunate Rake'

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

'I Wonder How The Judges Feel About Side Boob?'

A convoluted challenge leads to a contrived victory. But: Posen faces! 2015.08.28 204

Under The Dome Prepares To Welcome Its Royal Baby

This one might be covered with more actual royal jelly than the latest British princess, though. 2015.08.28 43

Big Brother Takes One Step Forward, And Four Steps Back

What has eight people in the beginning, seven in the middle, and eleven at the end? An episode that leaves everyone hanging. 2015.08.28 42

'It's A Pig-Day' For Everyone (Not Really)

It could be worse, you could be Leah. 2015.08.28 215

EHG Mini: A League Of Their Own

Subverting the hot-wife-married-to-schlub trope. 2015.08.28 3

Andrea Ruffles Brandon's Feathers In Her Ruffled Blouses

Brace yourself for the Visual Aids that accompany 'Home Again.' 2015.08.28 5

Again With This: I'm Giving You The Person On My Horse

The Walsh family's big move inspires Andrea to make a big move of her own: throwing herself at Brandon. 2015.08.28 28

Steampunk'd Brings High Drama, Corset-Shaming, And Narcolepsy To Reality TV

All the great elements are here: Dramatic personalities, creative challenges, and a conceptual locus ("steampunk") that utterly defies any attempt to describe, which means that anything can be steampunk if you really want it to be. Antlers? Yes. Infomercial products? Again yes. 2015.08.27 8

Will Catfish Prove To Devan That Rylan Really Is Marriage Material?

Devan's never met his online girlfriend Rylan, but he's pretty sure she's The One anyway. Is he right, or is he just a clotted cream-for-brains? (That insult would work better if he spelled his name right.) 2015.08.27 27

America's Next Top Model Butchers Both Hair And The Reputations Of American Soldiers

It's Makeover Day, which can only mean one thing: women bawling over bad haircuts immediately after listening to servicemen talk about having their limbs blown off. 2015.08.27 85

Did Dancing With The Stars Land The Buttery-Smooth Moves Of Paula Deen?

This and more from the world of TV food in today's roundup. 2015.08.27 2

Last Comic Standing Sits Down More Comics

The second round of semifinals looks just like the first round, but with different people. 2015.08.27 21

These Are The Ads That Try Mets-Fans' Souls

An incomplete but powerfully felt list of ads Sarah D. Bunting has repeatedly and barely endured during the 2015 baseball season, ranked. 2015.08.27 17

The Good Wife Goes Through The Stages Of Grief

Our Marathon Diarist watches Alicia go through all the stages of grief, if one of them is sexual interest in Matthew Goode (and it should be). 2015.08.27 0

Tartarred And Feathered

Gordon inflicts our cheftestants on Chaya, the restaurant where tuna tartare was born, before punishing the losers with a super-complicated pasta challenge requiring timing, organization, and Hetal not losing her mind. 2015.08.27 118

EHG Mini: Road Trip

Rob Hartmann's Extra Credit likes to call it "Lost Wages." 2015.08.27 5

Short Circuits

Several players' plans for the week get zzzzzZINGED! 2015.08.27 46

'I Think Sean Penn Would Be The Greatest!'

Does Project Greenlight's first season hold up? Sarah D. Bunting is going to find out. ...BALIS!!1! 2015.08.26 6

RHONYC Reunion Part II: The Newish Ramona

After a year of separation from Mario, Ramona's finally ready to tell all -- and sell her tell-all memoir. 2015.08.26 264

Face Off Opens The Doors Of Perception

You never know what kind of a weirdo will be behind a door. But it will probably have a bumpy forehead. 2015.08.26 43

Paul Scheer Bats 1000 In His Hollywood Game Night Debut

The sketch comic's improv talents drive a fun if...somewhat lopsided episode. 2015.08.26 36

Reaching Critical Mast

A new boat, fresh crew blood, and a foam party launch Below Deck's third season. Captain Lee '...chrissakes' eye-roll in three...two... 2015.08.26 51

EHG Mini: The Olive Oil Business

Shows from other countries that need importing. 2015.08.26 5

Angry Birds

The Zoo Croo isn't playing games with the animals this week. Or are they? 2015.08.26 84

Show & Yell: You Can't Almost Spell 'All-Star' Without 'Paul Scheer'

A new player blows everyone else off stage with his greatness; Joe and Tara discuss! 2015.08.26 8

How Should Playing House Resolve Emma's Love Triangle?

Let's weigh the pros and cons of Emma's suddenly overstuffed love life. 2015.08.25 20

Watch A Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 6

But don't expect to be especially informed by it. 2015.08.25 5

ABC Confirms That Ben H. Is The Next Real Bachelor, While Shiri Appleby Of UnREAL, The Fake Bachelor, Confirms Her Pregnancy

We're catching up on news from Bachelor Nation, actual and pretend, in Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.25 1

At Teen Wolf's Midseason Finale, Who's The Bleeder Of The Pack?

As we leave off for now, Theo's sketchy little plan comes to fruition, sort of, kind of, if you squint. 2015.08.25 44

Aggravating Factors

Murder In The First winds up its second season. Sarah D. Bunting paroles herself from caring about it anymore. 2015.08.25 23

Switched At Birth Faces The Music In Its Midseason Premiere

Everyone's laying down hard truths all over town, and Sarah Beckham is here for it. 2015.08.25 31