Talking About Thinking About Breaking Up With The Band

'I wasn't someone who discovered they were a musician -- I was born that way.' - Linda Perry 2014.07.24 0

Nathan's Famous

Other than Nathan's drinking issues, this week's episode is so drama-less that Jenelle just sleeps through most of it. 2014.07.24 20

Ace Of Bass

Reg E. Cathey gets Sarah's Good Voice-keeping Seal Of Approval. 2014.07.24 3

Scandal's Hiring A Netflix Star? Why Stop With Portia de Rossi?

A piece of Season 4 casting news inspires our list of suggestions for other Netflix stars who could be useful in and around Olivia Pope & Associates. 2014.07.24 2

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

The Farnsworth

Today's Challenger

The 1985 Version Of The Fringe Credits

Group Therapy

Travis Wall and Sonya Tayeh make a strong case for ditching the partners and just doing group routines from here on out. 2014.07.24 53

You're The Wurst

A World Cup-themed PoV competition leads to some Germanic-depressive behavior. 2014.07.24 48

The Bridge Is Proving You Can Be Too Psychopathic To Work Effectively In Organized Crime

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Eleanor Nacht is a cautionary example of 'too crazy to be in a cartel's enforcement wing.' 2014.07.23 20

Finding Carter's Mother Of A Credibility Problem

Using the childhood kidnapping of the protagonist as a McGuffin isn't working. 2014.07.23 19

Return Of The Slay-tive

Sarah's favorite Buffy season gets off to a stumbly start as we meet a few old friends. 2014.07.23 4

Married At First Sight Newlywed Jamie Still Isn't Into Her Husband

And apparently she's afraid he's going to forget, because she keeps reminding him. (He knows.) 2014.07.23 26

Cone-tastrophe Averted?

Sarah wants the scoop on the savory-waffle-cone episode of Restaurant Startup. 2014.07.23 6

When Soap Stars Do Celebrity Wife Swap, Does Ronn Moss Think It's...Like A Real Wife Swap?

Because it kind of seems like he and his skinny scarves are practising The Art Of Seduction on Mrs. Tyler Christopher. 2014.07.23 17

Sixteen People Enter The Face Off Arena

Face Off is back, and everybody's thrilled! But who gets cut in the first episode? 2014.07.23 31

Abraham Lincoln Evaded Assassination Threats While Rocking A Moustache?!

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks if Martin Starr was going to play Lincoln, he should have shaved accordingly! 2014.07.22 17

Operation HBO Documentary

Sarah boils down the first HBO Monday-night doc, The Newburgh Sting, to its basic elements. 2014.07.22 2

Should You Throw Down With Food Fighters?

Does it give you the best, the best, the best, THE BEST OF FOOD? (Foo Fighters.) 2014.07.22 19

Season 6 Doesn't Suck

The back end of the Eleventh Doctor's second season reaches 'Closing Time.' 2014.07.22 2

A Mother Of An Episode

A handy guide to crying about this week's episode of The Fosters. 2014.07.22 43

The Faint Of Heart

One MasterChef hopeful almost passes out as the home cooks perform filletio on fancy fish. 2014.07.22 171

Of Mice Andi Men

The rejects from The Bachelorette gather to embarrass themselves, us. Is any of it worth bothering with? 2014.07.22 141

Virus Scan Complete

One useful virus located! Click 'Yes' to infect entire town. 2014.07.22 64

White Lines (Don't Do It)

Daphne goes wild and Bay meets a cousin on Switched at Birth. 2014.07.22 32

Cher And Cher Alike

Gordon Ramsay is back to hate on incompetent hotel owners, revealing a love of Mexican people being Mexican-y, and a white-hot hatred for Cher. But the episode didn't get to you without some network interference, which we have intercepted. 2014.07.21 63

Watch 'Let It Go' Sung By '80s TV Dialogue

Video editor Jim Cliff teams with MacGyver, ALF, and others for a new take on the Frozen hit. 2014.07.21 5

It Was A Monster Mash

A party-themed True Blood features a gathering of dangerous ghouls! Also, there's a shindig at Sookie's house. 2014.07.21 163

And Visions Of Sugarplums Danced Across Their Gel Manicures

Despite a quick victory lap by Team Wakile, the RHONJ Christmasode is a lump of coal. 2014.07.21 151

Bad Things Happen When You Let Your As-Guard Down In East End

More like the Wigs of East End! Adam analyzes an ep full of flashbacks and magic rage lightning. 2014.07.21 41

Ruling The Roost

In Devin's absence, the winners of the egg-citement-free HoH competition find themselves at loose ends. 2014.07.21 67

The CDC-Approved Fart Faces Of The Strain

Looks like the biggest strain is keeping it bottled up. 2014.07.20 1

Virginia Learns That It's Hard To Be Taken Seriously As A Scientist After Everyone's Seen Your Boobs

While Virginia gets a harsh introduction the real Dr. Ditmer, Bill learns that his new job has some unforeseen drawbacks. 2014.07.20 49

Who's Winning The First Innings Of The Vampire War?

With so many characters, we could only rank the top 20. 2014.07.20 39

Manger Zone

On a very The Leftovers Christmas, who's naughty or nice? Our answers may surprise you! 2014.07.20 90

Dystopic Pregnancy

Everything you need to know about infertility hellscape thriller The Lottery, starting with: it's not based on that Shirley Jackson story. (I know! I'm sorry.) 2014.07.20 34

The Cones of Dunshire vs. Roseanne's Chicken Shirt

It's some six-hour-long civilization-building game vs. the height of poultry fashion! 2014.07.19

Tanisha's Heart Just Must Be Too Full Of Feelings!

Or, she's full of crap. Sarah, Tara, and Stephanie Green discuss the latest heart-wrenching Marriage Boot Camp. 2014.07.18 17

Attack Of The Middle School Flirt

Sometimes 'sneaky' and 'obvious' mean the same thing. 2014.07.18 26

Watch People Date Naked On Dating Naked

Your new weekly supply of butts. 2014.07.18 12

Johnny Weir And Krysten Ritter Are The Least Interesting Things About A Rollicking Hollywood Game Night

While Scott Foley, clearly a Previously.TV reader, ups his sweater game. 2014.07.18 74