And The Wichita Lineman Is Still Fully Vested

I am a lineman for the county / And I drive the main road / Searching for a Shark Tank pitch that isn't oversold. 2015.04.18 28

We Predict Predictions

Matt Weiner's not the only one who can be maddeningly vague. 2015.04.17 5

It's Namibia, Jackass!

A double episode brings the Amazing Racers to Namibia; U-Turns spell trouble for some, while a hostile zebra causes problems for others. 2015.04.18 72

Girl Meets Hustle

Riley and Maya try to re-sell their clothing, but end up getting (and giving) a lesson in the hustle and flow of consumerism. 2015.04.17 16

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

The Time Swedish Chef Tried To Cook Big Bird

Today's Challenger

Darlene Connor's Halloween Costume

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Elena Is Going All Soft And Mushy, But Damon Has Bigger Problems

Just when Liane was starting to like Lily, she had to go and ruin everything. 2015.04.17 50

Do The Right Thing

Liv spends a lot of time arguing with her father and her latest client over what it means to do the right thing. Kim doesn't know why they didn't just call up Spike Lee unless he was too busy doing commercials with Charles Barkley and Sam Jackson. 2015.04.17 50

Wasted Potentials

Interesting ideas and good acting circle a repetitious and disorganized narrative drain as the Buffy Rewatch nears the end. 2015.04.17 11

'All The Usual Bollocks'

Sherlock takes down a trader. (No, not a trader of bees.) 2015.04.17 22

EHG Mini: Wildin' Outlanders

Add Scotch and stir. 2015.04.17 4

A Lot Of Crash, A Little Bit Of Burn

A plane crash in Seattle sends everyone's PTSD flaring up. Oh, and Derek is still missing. 2015.04.17 53

Ragnar Is Still Crushing On Athelstan, So There Goes Paris

Can we be done with the bloody pee now? 2015.04.16 74

Harold And Mad

Is Red Road's reluctant cross-jurisdictional partnership just what the show needs? 2015.04.16 9

Petti Theft

Pettifleur doesn’t care that the book she's writing has basically been written by someone else, because she already high-fived her friend about it. 2015.04.16 25

Out And Proud

No, not Will, although he's getting there. But it's Deacon who really owns his secrets. 2015.04.16 117

Hall Of Justice

Daredevil dispatches a bad guy in the second episode's most buzzworthy scene. 2015.04.16 40

What Happens When Whitney Pulls Max And Nev Into Her Orbitz?

A lady in Brooklyn has an online girlfriend in Los Angeles, and each is too broke to visit the other. Plus also they've never videochatted or whatever because that's the kind of thing that would get them on the show...right? 2015.04.16 51

Take It Easy, Baby, Make It Last All Night

Double the performances means double trouble, as Idol proves just how live it really is. 2015.04.16 183

Nothing Good Happens When You Have A Book Of Human Skin Around

Well, one good thing happens on Supernatural, but that's it. 2015.04.16 72

Team-Ups And Put-Downs

The Atom and the Arrow have to work together, and it's fun. A surprising number of deaths make it a little somber, though. 2015.04.16 162

EHG Mini: Something Ever After

Speculating about how characters went on living after their shows wrapped up. 2015.04.16 4

We're Not Gonna Sugarcoat It

The Merica tribe tries to boost morale with chocolate, chicken, mimicry, and arts and crafts. 2015.04.16 238

Beard And Loathing

The mujahideen arrive in D.C., and quickly end up putty in our illegals' hands. 2015.04.15 262

From Claire To Eternity

A roll in the surf, a rapprochement, and the return of the jury in the season's penultimate Broadchurch. 2015.04.15 61

Love And Human Remains

Has Liv found a man whose heart beats in time with hers? 2015.04.15 97

The More The Wolfier

The back half of Teen Wolf's first season finally makes good on its promise and hooks our Marathon Diarist. Scott's still a super-dumb protagonist, though. 2015.04.15 3

A House Divided Still Doesn't Pay Any Attention To Grant

Elizabeth's parents' anniversary dresses up the breakups on Finding Carter. 2015.04.15 13

Battle Of The Alpha Divorcees

Bethenny's first Hamptons party of her second era culminates in a wine-drunk tiff with Ramona over brunch etiquette. Because sometimes The Real Housewives of NYC really is a Mad Libs. 2015.04.15 312

Secrets And Lies

Barry doesn't know whom to trust -- aside from one visitor from Starling City. 2015.04.15 176

'It's Not Just A Woman; It's My Wife'

The Married At First Sight couples are spending the holidays together, and we’re ranking them from best (Home Alone) to worst (Christmas With The Kranks)! 2015.04.15 92

'No, We Never Were Huggy-Duggy Doo-Doo'

A toxic reunion ends this unpleasant season the only way it can: with a split-screen of the sisters Richards screaming at each other. 2015.04.15 1183

Makeup Today, Megaselling Licensed Action Figures Tomorrow?

Season 8's final challenge finds the facetestants designing teams of characters and coming up with the movies they'll star in. Who's camera-ready? 2015.04.15 53

Should You Travel Into Other Space?

Yahoo! Screen's new sci-fi comedy comes from a trusted source, but does it deliver the goods? 2015.04.15 2

'Sometimes...Compromise Is War?'

Moving house, pregnancy limbo, and a couple that maybe shouldn't be together on Newlyweds: The First Year. 2015.04.15 9

Stop! It's Top Ten Time.

Teams Christina and Blake make it through eliminations unscathed, while Nick Jonas makes things awkward. 2015.04.15 64

EHG Mini: Must Hear TV

Theme songs that demand to be heard. 2015.04.15 22

Now You Know The Rest Of The Backstory

We finally learn why May is called 'The Cavalry,' and also why she's not crazy about that story. 2015.04.15 88

Does Anyone Get Out Of Harlan Alive?

Justified ends its manhunt, and its run, with a few final surprises and some very satisfying departures. 2015.04.14 196

Make Your Mark On New York And You Are A Made Man

VH1 mainstay New York gives us an eyeful of her physical imperfections in the second-season premiere of Botched. 2015.04.14 14

Should You Pay The Dowry For Arranged?

fyi's new reality show follows more people who've let other people pick their spouses for them. Is it worth RSVP-ing yes? 2015.04.14 28

Rogelio's Past Mistakes Threaten His Extraordinary Future

A visit from Rogelio's beloved mother dredges up some really old business. 2015.04.14 29