500 Days Of Stalling

Über-Brit Richard Quest attempts to guide contestants through ABC's latest 'game show event,' and gets lost in a foggy marsh of rules and pointless blathering along the way. 2015.05.25 8

Just Give Me That Old-Time Religion

It was good enough for Margaery and Loras, and it's good enough for Cersei. 2015.05.25 172

Cersei's Boy Troubles!

First, her son throws a fit about her jailing his wife, then her former lover/cousin gets her jailed! Ugh, Mondays, right? 2015.05.25 0

EHG Mini: Weird Questions Lightning Round II

Antlers, amputations, Probst's successor, and low-gravity game shows! 2015.05.25 1

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Quantum Leaping Into A Chimp

Today's Challenger

Elmyra's Skull Bow

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Penny Dreadful Busts Out!

How fun is this week's episode of Showtime's horror-fest? We match it against its own tropes to see how wrongly right it's gone! 2015.05.24 19

You'll Never Believe Which Nurse Got Wasted

Ethically speaking, Nurse Jackie refuses to make it easy on us. 2015.05.24 21

Body Count

The cloning projects may have brought some extra people into the world, but this episode makes progress toward evening that out. 2015.05.23 105

'Many People Do Not Believe In Bigfoot. But A Lot Of People Do.'

N...eat? The In Search Of Marathon Diary visits Atlantis, Egypt, and California. 2015.05.22 5

SNL Season 41: The First-Time Hosts We'd Like To See

The writers have had almost a whole week off since the Season 40 premiere. Time's a-wasting to start planning Season 41! 2015.05.22 16

Can I Get Some Witnesses?

Air out your cardigans, it’s time again to spin the Wheel of Murder! 2015.05.22 8

Pained Expressions And Pencil Skirts

The Good Wife's Marathon Diarist, Kim Reed, starts out by wondering why she originally stopped watching this show halfway through the first season anyway. 2015.05.22 8

EHG Mini: TV Pet Sematary

Bringing shows back to life, even though we know we shouldn't. 2015.05.22 1

Why Do We Always Come Here? I Guess We'll Never Know.

Our resident Muppet superfans try to decide how they feel about the recently announced new series. 2015.05.22 11

The Wilting of Pettifleur

Housewives reunions will out. Such is the case with Melbourne's resident self-obsessed sociopath. 2015.05.21 39

A Foolproof Plan, Unless That Fool Is Juliette Lewis

Ethan attempts to escape Wayward Pines again -- this time, with the help of an unstable Scientologist. 2015.05.21 84

Farewell, Late Night's Cranky Dad

David Letterman's final Late Show is the perfect sendoff for the ur-curmudgeon. 2015.05.21 18

When A Sitcom Star Swaps With A Former Teen Porn Star, The Results Scarcely Elicit Even One 'Oooooh, Mary!'

Jackée Harry and Traci Lords live very different lives, but everyone's pretty cool with their choices in Celebrity Wife Swap's weirdly subdued season premiere. 2015.05.21 17


Foggy circumstances lead to a crash with the 'Dock. 2015.05.21 48

You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman

Who says comic-book television shows are over for the summer? Monty's got three seasons of Lynda Carter to keep him company. 2015.05.21 14

Pino Noir

A shoot-out at the SVU corral wraps a couple stories for Season 16 -- and craps on one from the past. 2015.05.21 95

Death Loves A Good Tamale, But Is This It For Dean?

Crowley really wants the last word but he so isn't getting it. 2015.05.21 291

EHG Mini: The College Try

Andrew Juhl asked us to create new cable networks...and predict their ignominious futures. 2015.05.21 4

Out-fling, Out-sting, Out-dead-fish

The results of the fan vote for Survivor Season 31’s all-star cast are revealed. ...Oh yeah, and someone won Season 30 too. 2015.05.21 799

That Time David Letterman Worked At Taco Bell vs. Michael Scofield's Tattoo

It's a gap toothed freak messing with people's minds vs. Prison Break's sexiest plot device! 2015.05.21 9

Reids Between The Lines

How flawless acting and a crime-nerd puzzle bailed out a tiresome subplot. 2015.05.20 16

It's Not Easy Being Graham

Especially not when you're getting Joe Bastianich's recycled lines. MasterChef welcomes a new judge as the sixth season begins. 2015.05.20 95

Max Ragergate

Liv's drunk, miserable, and looking for Deep Throat. 2015.05.20 73

Watch Highlights From Bill Murray's Final Late Show Appearance

You may want to enjoy them with a slice of cake. 2015.05.20 1

Run, Barry, Run!

'Wells' urges Barry on one last time. 2015.05.20 285

Things To Do In Miami When You're Bethenny

Bethenny makes up with her estranged stepfather and stuffs ice cream into a clown's mouth, not in that order. 2015.05.20 570

Shut The Front Door

Finding Carter's ridiculousness, ranked. 2015.05.20 18

What The Hell Are All These Straight Men Doing With Mimosas?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest episode of Arranged. 2015.05.20 17

This Is The End

Everyone returns for another turn around the dance floor before the finalists get judged and the winner is announced. 2015.05.20 178

'I'll Suck On My Own Toe'

The couples seek more intimacy with each other before their imminent divorces. 2015.05.20 131

'There's Only One Drinking Fountain, And We All Must Stand In The Same Line.'

The Bachelorette season premiere limps on into a second night of boringness; should you even bother DVR-ing? 2015.05.20 118

EHG Mini: Frankenshow

Stitching together the next pretty good drama. 2015.05.20 1

And The Winner Is...

The Voice crowns its (completely unsurprising) eighth champion. 2015.05.20 67

President Bartlet On The Butterball Hotline vs. That Time David Letterman Worked At Taco Bell

It's the leader of the free world talking turkey vs. a gap toothed freak messing with people's minds! 2015.05.20 14

The Profit Conducts A Performance Review

A couple of past subjects show well, but Sal's Artistic Stitch and bitch is a disaster. Sarah has questions. 2015.05.19 23

Kaitlyn Bristowe Is An Anagram Of 'Genuine Class'

Collecting the craziest crazyfaces of The Bachelorette's S11 premiere. 2015.05.19 12