Cakewalking The Plank

MasterChef's 100th-episode celebration ends in tears. 2015.07.01 37

Turds And Chaos, Part Deux

Everyone continues to come for Sonja, but Sonja has HAD IT. OFFICIALLY. 2015.07.01 246

Bestie x Bestie

The Teen Wolf Teens still aren't aware of the external threat yet; they're mostly focused inward. So it's Scott versus AP Bio; Liam versus coming out as a wolf to his BFF Mason; and Stiles going all Stiles over his paranoia about Theo. 2015.07.01 16

Valley Of The Guest Stars

There are so many guest stars, they almost outnumber the ridiculous schemes. Almost. 2015.07.01 5

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion


Today's Challenger

"Ba Da Da"

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Does Scream Have What It Takes To Survive?

Scream desperately wants to be sexy, clever, and dangerous. Is it? 2015.07.01 28

Catastrophe's Fran Is Horrible -- And Great

Celebrating a woman gleefully scorned. 2015.07.01 6

The Path to 'A' Is Covered In Sia Videos, Cookie Crumbs, And Crap Tattoos

Rosewood must be dumping something in the water supply to have this many former mental patients. 2015.07.01 86

Another Period Flirts With Historical Significance

Two episodes in, let's evaluate how this freshman series is faring thus far. 2015.06.30 4

Is Precise Graphix's Leadership Quick Enough On The Draw?

And other Tinder Questions about the latest The Profit. Now with bonus Lemonis-trolling! 2015.06.30 11

Battle Of The World's Biggest Yaz Fans

Every show is putting 'Only You' on its soundtrack, but which one is using it best? 2015.06.30 7

Should You Let Zoo Hold You Captive This Summer?

CBS's new sci-fi summer 'event series' revolves around animals attacking humans. Will you wish you could join them? 2015.06.30 61

Battle Of The Lady-Loving Legal Eagles Cajoled Out Of Retirement

Broadchurch's Jocelyn Knight and Murder In The First's Jamie Nelson are both on the case -- but who wins? 2015.06.30 28

Again With This! Beverly Hills, 90210: Dangerous Curves

Brandon decides he's entitled to cheat just because his History teacher isn't charmed by him, while Brenda finds out if blondes have more fun. 2015.06.30 21

Kissing The Crazy Stone

Crazyfaces continue crazying up the Emerald Isle. 2015.06.30 0

The Best Policy, Tho?

Honestly: is it? 2015.06.30 47

The Rose (Ceremony) Of Tralee

The Bachelorette crew continues to sully the green hills of Ireland. What parts, if any, are worth watching? 2015.06.30 194

Viva Las Gaygas!

Finally free of the shackles of auditions, we've made it to the Vegas callbacks, where (surprise!) the choreography proves to be a challenge for the street dancers, and Paula Abdul tries to butch up some of the stage dancers, as insane as that sounds. 2015.06.30 51

EHG 76: Under The Dome And Dumber

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns for a discussion of the most (a)pathetic show on network TV. 2015.06.30 13

Everyone's Invited -- Except Shannon

Meghan declines to invite Shannon to her wine party, and Brooks decides to get a coffee enema. Those are true facts, which or may not be related. 2015.06.30 287

Senior Moments

The Beacon Hills kids are (mostly) seniors now! Time to make plans for the future, focus on their studies, and deal with a super-powered monster with glowsticks for claws! Also Lydia's in the future, and it looks STRESSFUL. 2015.06.29 31

Is UnREAL Still UnREAL If Adam And Rachel Are More Decent Than Not?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest episode. 2015.06.29 84

'We Were Being Allowed To Die'

Can Larry Kramer: In Love & Anger get its arms around the ACTing UP of this irreplaceable activist? 2015.06.29 1

A Moderate-To-Severe Need To Own The Humira Spokeslady's Adorbles Jacket

Sarah D. Bunting's irritation with the ad series is canceled out by her admiration for Wardrobe's jacket game. 2015.06.29 4

'That's My Job, I Have To Do It'

The Profit's Marcus Lemonis talked to Sarah D. Bunting about people, process, product, partners, Piven, and The Profit Junior. 2015.06.29 6

Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Grace And Frankie's two leads get up to get down, and it is amazing. 2015.06.29 4

The Fosters Is Replacing Jake T. Austin With Noah Centineo?!

Your past and current Fosters commentators discuss! 2015.06.29 4

Building Alliances

The houseguests start laying the foundation for the first eviction. 2015.06.29 1

EHG Mini: Two Shows Beating As One

Marrying two TV series into one crazy mega-show. 2015.06.29 0

One Last Trip

The Nurse Jackie finale strikes an honest, devastating balance. 2015.06.29 118

The Battle For A Volunteer Nurse's Soul Is Waged In Soldier's Laps

When frenemy Sisters Quayle and Livesey disagree about how much responsibility to give the VADs, Rosalie gets caught in the middle. And so do a couple of anonymous dongs. 2015.06.28 10

No Secrets Among Sadsacks

Can you keep a secret? Then you're miles ahead of any of the characters on Halt And Catch Fire. 2015.06.28 32

What's Behind Door Number Scorpion?

Upon the dimming of Penny Dreadful's penultimate Season 2 episode, we cast our eyes to the finale -- and beyond! 2015.06.28 65

Use Your Words, Poldarks!

Francis learns the hard way that there are some methods of solving disputes he should not engage in. 2015.06.28 86

Women Scorned

True Detective's underwritten ladies, in order of bearability. 2015.06.28 149

Ask An Understaffed Magic School

We're not Hogwarts, but we try harder. And we're here to help. 2015.06.27 29

Milhouse's Bonestorm Handle vs. Plinko

It's the state-of-the-art videogame that gives players an oddly small number of characters for their names vs. the highlight of The Price is Right! 2015.06.27 6

Move On Dot Argh

Everyone's out of the Dome and telling each other how important it is that they all 'move on'! But are they and is it? 2015.06.26 103

Summer Fun (And Dead Bodies) In Sweden!

It's time to catch some rays (and some human body parts) as Al Lowe spins the Wheel of Murder into the sea. 2015.06.26 1

Model Citizens

Past lives, great whites, and Anastasia Fauxmanov in the latest In Search Of... Marathon Diary. 2015.06.26 4