Girl Meets Copycat

Maya's identity issues have her painting the same purple cat we've seen before, and Lucas tries to speak up for once. 2016.06.24

No Big Brother Contestant Is An Island

BB 18 crowns its first Head of Household, who rules a divided land as the tension between new players and veterans grows thicker. 2016.06.24

Has Orange Is The New Black Outgrown Itself?

Overcrowding led to bathroom lines and a whole lot of plot in Season 4. 2016.06.24

Are You Ready To Crack Open The Dariba Diaries?

The Wheel of Murder rolls languidly to the East in search of the best kebabs. 2016.06.24

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose'

Today's Challenger

Judge Judy's Lace Collars

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Kramer Stole A Lot Of Jerry's Food On Seinfeld

But we actually thought he did it MORE than this supercut suggests? 2016.06.24

Should You Take The Case Of The Night Of?

Another European remake, true, but its sterling production pedigree might put it over. 2016.06.24

Aquarius Benz The Rules Of '60s Production Design

But looks great doing it in our Fashion Show At Lunch. 2016.06.24

Should You Go On Tour With Roadies?

Another cable channel foists another rock and roll drama on us. Is this one any good? 2016.06.24

Watch Seth Meyers Watch Game Of Thrones With Leslie Jones

'I want a dragon for my birthday.' 'Ask Lorne.' 2016.06.24

Ask A Vengeful Russian On S04.E12 Of Orange Is The New Black

Galina 'Red' Reznikov has been around the block, and she knows how to solve any emergency. She's got the answer to your problems. 2016.06.24

EHG Mini: Re-TV Movie

Remaking TV-movie classics with Freaks & Geeks actors. 2016.06.24

Watch A Trailer For Season 2 Of Difficult People

'I'm an ally. I know Jeffrey Tambor's niece.' 2016.06.23

Will Queen Of The South Have You Hooked?

A drug-world telenovela comes to the USA...Network. Will you get addicted? 2016.06.23

The Thorn Birds In Ten Minutes

And yet the editor left in that guy hysterically wailing, 'OH GOD, A TREE!' Best. 2016.06.23

Should You Get Held Captive By Thirteen?

Or does the latest 'long-term kidnappee escapes from captivity' show merit a quick exit? 2016.06.23

In S04.E10, Orange Is The New Black Deals With Isolation

As life gets lonely for some inmates, others find help falling out of the most unexpected places. 2016.06.23

Big Brother 18 Blasts Off

As another season gets off the ground, which players will experience a failure to launch? 2016.06.23

Watch Matthew Rhys And Matthew Goode Learn How To Cool Wine On The Wine Show

And warming things up surely is a problem both these men face every day. 2016.06.23

Ask Any Given Wednesday's Incensed Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winner and Tom Brady defender answers your sports questions. ANGRILY. 2016.06.23

EHG Mini: Raisin, She Wrote

In which the word 'murder' in procedural titles is replaced with the word 'raisin.' 2016.06.23

Ramona Is Running An Apology Camp On The Real Housewives Of New York City

In a full hour of puppy nuptials and vaginal health problems, Sonja keeps looking better and better. 2016.06.23

As Royal Pains Pulls The Lawsons Apart Again, We Predict What Will Put Them Back Together

Boys! Don't fight! You only have like eighty-four more minutes to do it in! 2016.06.22

The Challenge Turns On The Idiot Box

Drunken scraps and an all-nighter combine in an episode that combines the show's best and worst qualities. 2016.06.22

If Rebecca Is The Literal Architect Of Wayward Pines, Why Isn't She In A Better Position There?

And more questions from the latest episode of Wayward Pines, which also features children learning how to do sex, with charts! 2016.06.22

Disappear Up A Middle-Aged Man's Ass With The First Installment Of The Louie Marathon Diary

A middle-aged man marathons a middle-aged man's series about being a middle-aged man-- okay, we'll stop selling. 2016.06.22

After Renewing Vinyl, HBO Changes Its Mind And Cancels It After All

Now where will record executive weasels look to see themselves represented in media?! 2016.06.22

Should You Take A Stab At American Gothic?

What happens when a member of a prominent Boston family is a suspected serial killer? It's not a laugh every minute. 2016.06.22

Scenes From The Bachelor Spinoff Ben And Lauren: Happily Ever After: Predicted!

One of the dullest couples in Bachelor Nation gets a spinoff about their beautiful love affair. We think we know how it will go. 2016.06.22

The Daniel-San Also Rises On Below Deck Mediterranean

But who's plummeting in our BDM power rankings? 2016.06.22