Agents Of SHIELD Has A Drink With The Enemy

Sadly, nobody invites the Kree to just hang out and have a beer. They seem like they could stand to relax a little. 2016.05.04 0

Beyoncé's Tween Girl Group Lost On Star Search In 1993

The jackets alone should have got them the win, no? 2016.05.04 0

Floor Bourbon To French Whore's Bath: The Week's Best Moments For New Girl Nick

Schmidt's surrogate dad shows why he got the job...and why he maybe shouldn't have it? 2016.05.04 0

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Meow Meow Meow Meow

Today's Challenger

The Adventures Of Milkman

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

In Which Cop Rock, Alas, Does Not

Adam Grosswirth and Sarah D. Bunting begin a rewatch of the notoriously misbegotten musical cop show. 2016.05.04 0

Hulu Renews The Mindy Project And The Path

Bear claws and conformity for everyone! 2016.05.04 0

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6 Ends With More Bling Than Bang

If only this season had the malicious intent Erika thinks Kathryn does. Let's see how Part 3 of the reunion stacks up in the rankings. 2016.05.04 0

To Be The Flash Or Not To Be The Flash, Wonders The Flash

Barry spends most of the episode dithering about whether to try to regain his powers. Guess what he decides? 2016.05.04 0

Watch A Trailer For Julian Fellowes's New Amazon Series, Doctor Thorne

More Englishpeople! More real estate debts! More Downton-iness! 2016.05.04 0

Promos: Jessica Alba In A Room Full Of Pancakes

Jeff Drake and Jenna Jolovitz take us inside the process of crafting great promotional spots. 2016.05.04 0

The Voice Gets It Right For A Change

Who knew a democratic election could result in a logical outcome? Carson Daly, that's who. 2016.05.03 0

'I Look Like A Woman, Not A Pop Star': Janis Joplin On American Masters

Amy Berg's Janis: Little Girl Blue on how Joplin 'couldn't figure out how to make herself like everybody else.' 2016.05.03 0

Southern Charm's Landon Throws You The Worst Party Of Your Whole Entire Life

Flamingos are the least of everyone's problems this week. 2016.05.03 0

Kylie Minogue Married The Platonic '80s Mullet On Neighbours

It's no Frisco and Felicia, know, actually, it kind of is! 2016.05.03 0

Should You Dip A Toe Into Below Deck Mediterranean?

Or are you (sea-)sick of the yachtie-strife franchise as it is? 2016.05.03 0

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live's Promo For A Game Of Thrones-Inspired Grey's Anatomy Plot Twist

It has been a minute since the medical staff added some new...ahem...blood. 2016.05.03 0

Almost The Entire Teen Mom 2 Cast Deals with The Law -- Even Nathan, Who Might Live In A Brothel

Everyone's on a slippery slope -- just like Kaiser, who's careening toward the street, unsupervised. 2016.05.03 0

Does Any Show Portray The Minefields Of Motherhood Better Than Jane The Virgin?

And more not-quite-burning questions about 'Chapter Forty-Two.' 2016.05.03 0

The Voice Gets Two Key Endorsements

FLOTUS and SLOTUS stop by to look hot, thank some veterans, and give Carson a run for his money. 2016.05.03 0

Breaking Down The Real Housewives Of Dallas Road Trip And Cocktail Party

Crazy dogs, crazy yoga, and a whole lot of crazyface. 2016.05.03 0

Watch A Supercut Of Every Time Someone Said 'This City' In Season 1 Of Daredevil

It's an epidemic that's breaking out all over This City. 2016.05.03 0

It Takes Two On Dancing With The Stars

Two routines, two perfect scores, and...two eliminations. 2016.05.03 0

It's A Final Four To Die Fo(u)r On RuPaul's Drag Race

Not even some weak-ass runway looks can keep these ladies down. 2016.05.02 0

Claude Lanzmann: Spectres Of The Shoah 'At The Very Limit Of Inhumanity'

A documentary about a difficult documentarian and his difficult masterpiece. 2016.05.02 0

Gotham Introduces Another Weirdo

His name is Azrael, and he enjoys long walks in the park, Jazzercise, and slaying people for reasons he's not 100% clear on. 2016.05.02 0

Game Of Thrones Gets A Healthy Dose Of Bran

And it really cleans out a couple of the Houses! 2016.05.02 0

Will Elementary's Holmes And Watson Be Smacked Down By An Invisible Hand?

And other questions heating up after the penultimate episode of Elementary. 2016.05.02 0

The Good Wife Dusts Off Her Old Routine For Peter's Trial

But can even the intercession of St. Alicia save him now? 2016.05.02 0

Should You Lock Yourself In With Houdini & Doyle?

Or does it fail to escape the trappings of the average procedural? 2016.05.02 0

What Happened In The Writers' Room Before Quantico's Big Reveal?

And more questions sparked by a predictably disappointing episode. 2016.05.02 0

It's The End Of The Underworld As We Know It (On Once Upon A Time)

Almost no one is feeling fine, especially viewers who might be trying to make sense out of this hodge-podge of mythology. 2016.05.02 0