The Minor Characters Have More Fun On How To Get Away With Murder

The leads are too busy having sex with each other to actually do anything. 2016.10.28

Watch Michael Bublé Poorly Try To Defend His Kardashian-Related Sense Of Humor On Watch What Happens Live

According to Michael Bublé, Michael Bublé is about keeping it light and funny. On Watch What Happens Live, our boy Bublé discusses about a show where he claimed Kim Kardashian would join him on stage, later to refer to her as a "bitch". (Back in a second guys, LOLing too hard to function right now!) […] 2016.10.28

Watch A Project Runway Web Exclusive Featuring The Streetwear Challenge Winner

The true winners make clothes normal people might actually wear! 2016.10.28

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Bionic Sound Effects

Today's Challenger

'Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?'

Watch The Kardashian Sisters Gossip About Rob's Crappy Behavior On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It seems like Rob is a big fan of fleeing, which is a wonderful trait for a father-to-be. 2016.10.28

Will The Clark County Jailkeepers Listen To The Released 60 Days In-mates?

...and several other questions that are desperate for freedom. 2016.10.28

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At The Collapse Of The GOP On Late Night

As usual, Meyers charmingly gives bewildered stares as he can't believe what he's reading on his cue cards. 2016.10.28

Listening To People Is So Last Season -- And So Is Getting Money For Your Company On PR: Fashion Startup

When two out of three would-be fashion moguls can't make a deal, it's less a reflection of the deal-making climate and more a sign that good ideas and business sense don't always go together. 2016.10.28

Watch James Corden And Niall Horan Perform A Halloween Jam On The Late Late Show

If you're a big fan of Ginuwine, it might sound a little familiar. 2016.10.28

Shaking Things Up On Legends Of Tomorrow

Someone new has powers, someone old doesn't, and someone else joins the team, at least for now. 2016.10.28

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play 'True Confessions' With Martin Short And Steve Martin On The Tonight Show

Because you want to hear about Steve Martin's possible sexual escapades first thing in the morning. 2016.10.28

Finding Prince Charming's Crazyfaces Are In A Family Way

The remaining suitors get to meet Robert's relatives. Crazily! 2016.10.28

Finding Prince Charming Dines Family-Style

Will all of the suitors impress Robert's mostly boring family? Or will someone end up in the Friend Zone? 2016.10.28

The Blacklist Goes Analog

Because there's no better way to combat super-hackers than with a well-choreographed slide show. 2016.10.27

Project Runway Loses Its Head For A Skull Island Challenge

The designers head to the 'urban jungle' with their latest product-placed inspiration. Your editors discuss! 2016.10.27

Pitch And The Tricks Of The Trade

The MLB trading deadline could wreak havoc on the Padres. Certainly it made merry with Sarah D. Bunting's patience. Again. 2016.10.27

It's Time For Tea With Friends At The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Reunion

Look, Ru brought her friend Emmy! Let's have one last visit with these shady ladies. 2016.10.27

Watch David Crosby Randomly Air His Grievances About Kanye West On Watch What Happens Live

This is why 'Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, and West' will never be a thing. 2016.10.27

Watch A New Thematic Trailer For Netflix's Upcoming Series The Crown

Here's yet another trailer, your majesty. 2016.10.27

Watch Kim Get Worried About The State Of Rob And Chyna On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

When Instagram photos get deleted, something is amiss! 2016.10.27

Black Mirror Is A Challenge To The Senses In 'Men Against Fire'

Humanoid mutants terrorizing country villages? No problem. Doug Stamper shows up? Uh-oh. 2016.10.27

Law & Order: SVU Is Liv-ing In The Past

When the show tackles the Brock Turner case, an ER reunion makes us all feel kinda sick. 2016.10.27

Watch Laverne Cox And Samira Wiley's Full Lip Sync Battle Performances

Cox showcased her skills in 'Rocky Horror' -- but is she a worthy competitor for Wiley? 2016.10.27

Listen To The Isolated Vocals From Lady Gaga's Saturday Night Live Performance

Let's just say she'd never have to 'hoedown' off the stage like certain other performers. 2016.10.27

Arrow Goes To Prison

It's okay, because he only goes to prison for a good reason, like to bust a friend out or learn a secret IP address. 2016.10.27

Watch Stephen Colbert Plead For A 'Veep V. Creep' Fight To Happen On The Late Show

If Joe Biden and Donald Trump actually got into a fistfight, would there truly be any winners? 2016.10.27

TV's 20 Hall Of Fame Halloween Costumes: The Supercut!

84 TV shows. 165 clips. ...20 costumes? 2016.10.27

Watch Justin Timberlake And BFF Jimmy Fallon Play 'Best Friends Challenge' On The Tonight Show

It's no secret that these two are weirdly close. But let's put them to the test anyway. 2016.10.27

American Horror Story Cuts Some Cast Members

The events under the Blood Moon get even bloodier, particularly when there's no one around to call 'cut!' 2016.10.27

Survivor Has To Teach The Kids Again That Power Couples Are A Bad Idea

And that reason is because people feel obligated to come up with couple portmanteaux like 'FigTayls.' 2016.10.26

Rectify Deals With The Past

Daniel plays an open hand and the show ponders questions of self and reality in the season premiere. 2016.10.26

The Designated Survivor Designates Possible Non-Survivors

President Kirkman makes a career out of agonizing over the men he puts in harm's way. 2016.10.26

Bull Can't Handle The Truth

Bull manages to satisfy both the defence and the prosecution! Is there anything this man can't do?! 2016.10.26

A Small, Perfect Moment Shows Us William's Future On This Is Us

It's ALL our futures, really. We have to deal with that. 2016.10.26