The Bigger Picture

As The Missing expands its suspect pool, Sarah D. Bunting tries to guess whodunnit. 2014.11.22 1

Broken Butts And Broken Dreams

In Malta, Amazing Racers contend with heavy glasses, dirty helmets, greasy poles, and Phil's pecs. 2014.11.22 0

A Big Hunk O' Huh?

The models are in Seoul, so obviously they're channeling Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. 2014.11.22 36

Princess Riley Matthews Sucks

The campaign of Riley Matthews is not responsible for anyone who thinks a horse is a unicorn. 2014.11.22 0

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Jim And Pam's First Kiss

Today's Challenger

Brad Williams's Lapdance

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Not-So-Candid Camera

The guy who made a fortune off of GoPro joins the Sharks as a guest investor and just will not shut up about his little camera business. Which, given the quality of this week's pitches, is probably just as well. 2014.11.22 0

Pros And Constantine

Is the demon-fighting drama finding its cloven hooves? 2014.11.21 20

Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing

Even though all of the B6-13 agents are being murdered and Lizzie and the Veep are trying to force a war in West Angola. 2014.11.21 90

'Don't Blame New York For This Horrible Script!'

White Collar's plot du jour involves a girl who just fell off the kohlrabi truck. John and Sarah wonder if anyone cares anymore. 2014.11.21 19

'Those Sleeves Were Like Two Extra Boobs. That Were Real Droopy.'

A confused brief -- Zales sponsors a challenge inspired by the designers' own love lives? -- yields some interesting looks, and a righteous boot. Your editors discuss! 2014.11.21 138

What Will Happen When Cameron Diaz Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Her Justin Timberlake walk-on years are probably behind her...or are they? 2014.11.21 8

Banana Clambake

In which ice cream is a substitute for substance on a show where no one talks to anyone about anything. 2014.11.21 106

The Return Of Mr. Cyr Is Parenthood's Early Christmas Present

Or it would be, if Sarah hadn't driven him away two seasons ago. 2014.11.21 107

All For One (Pound)

The Losers work together to hit a collective weight-loss goal -- but it turns out you can't spell 'teamwork' without 'woe.' 2014.11.21 21

Ciao, Bella!

It's man v. machine as Sherlock Holmes investigates a super-modern ghost story. 2014.11.21 53

Shame, Shame, We Know Your Name

We finally know whodunnit and why, but things aren't any clearer. 2014.11.21 166

Pretty Sure Your Thanksgiving Will Be Less Stabby Than This

It's the perfect time of year to reunite with long-lost siblings and discover that they're really awful now. 2014.11.21 51

Dance Like No One's Watching

Even if your parents totally are. Maybe they'll take you bowling! 2014.11.20 46

The Rotten Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Jimmy and Dell bond over how dumb they are in a stinker of an episode. 2014.11.20 118

Awards Galore

Someone cleans up at the CMAs. Is it Luke or Rayna? 2014.11.20 138

It's Only Natural

When Dre's mother comes for a visit, Diane's scalp is but one battleground. Fortunately, everyone's looking cute. 2014.11.20 45

Hugh Laurie Is Coming To Veep

Permission to scream 'BRAVO!!!' at an annoyingly loud volume? 2014.11.20 8

Ups And Downs

One of the chefs melts down in the heat of Hell's Kitchen. 2014.11.20 23

Luther Gets A Series 4 Order From The BBC

So: the real one is coming back. 2014.11.20 0

That's Gratitude For Ya

Some people just don't know how to properly accept a gift. 2014.11.20 181

Six Million Cranberries Can't Be Wrong

The Thanksgiving feast on Top Chef: Boston results in probably a few too many jokes about clams. 2014.11.20 97

Alternate-Reality Arrow

Everything's higgledy-piggledy as familiar Arrow elements return, but with a twist. 2014.11.20 325

Offensive Ass Interference

SVU's take on Ray Rice features Amaro and Benson at their smugly hypocritical worst. 2014.11.19 40

Bully For You

A onetime bully of Barry's is now a metahuman. Isn't that always the way? 2014.11.19 93

The Off-White Party

The fifth season of RHOBH kicks off with old faces, new faces, and not nearly enough Kim Richards. 2014.11.19 459

Cecily Strong Leapfrogs SNL's Fake News Team To Host The Nation's Biggest News/Comedy Event

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Cecily Strong's White House Correspondents' Dinner gig is a bad omen for Weekend Update's Jost/Che era. 2014.11.19 18

'So The Mets Bats Actually...Sell, Then? Like, For Money.'

Marcus Lemonis swings for the fences with an MLB memorabilia company. Bunting has questions. 2014.11.19 16

Laundry Technology Makes New Girl's Snob And Slob Switch Places

When Schmidt admits he can't do laundry, who will show him how? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU. 2014.11.19 15

Sob Stori

No, this ISN'T Tori reacting with amusement/nausea to Dean's latest shutdown crying jag. Unfortunately. 2014.11.19 109

It's Clue, But With Cougars And Discarded Innards

This week, Supernatural is all Agatha Christie. 2014.11.19 64

A New Direction

It's time for the semi-annual announcement that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has definitely found its footing and is good now. This time for sure. 2014.11.19 100

When Twelve Become Ten

It's a clean sweep for Teams Adam and Gwen as the Top Ten is revealed. 2014.11.19 52

Nero Perfect Performance

Jimmy Smits is so good in this week's episode. Also, Jax knows that Gemma killed Tara, blah blah blah. But mostly: Smits killed it. 2014.11.18 146

Have Your Cupcake And Eat It Too

Gordon Ramsay's mother shows up, and doesn't even tell any good stories about him wetting the bed or anything. 2014.11.18 59