Face Off Gets Expansive About...The Upcoming Syfy Show The Expanse

A tie-in with another imminent Syfy series lets everyone evolve their concepts. 2015.10.07 0

Caroline Dries Tells Us About Killing People...On The Vampire Diaries

The series EP also says Stefan's taken 'his head out of his ass,' but we knew that. 2015.10.07 0

'I'm Happy No One Died'

The Below Deck-ers battle squalls and each other as figurative storm clouds loom on their horizon. 2015.10.07 46

EHG Mini: Casting Lab: The A-Team

You might love it when these plans come together. 2015.10.07 0

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Joey Reads Little Women

Today's Challenger

Babette Ate Oatmeal

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Agents Of SHIELD Goes Abroad

Life in SHIELD isn't perfect, but at least you get to travel. 2015.10.07 39

iZombie's Second Season Gets Even Darker

Someone's listening in on your favorite undead detective. 2015.10.06 11

There's A Price To Play On The Flash

Of course Central City was saved -- but at great cost. 2015.10.06 45

Should You Receive A Blessing From Prophet's Prey?

Amy Berg's Warren Jeffs documentary is a fantastic take on a disgusting guy. 2015.10.06 3

Blindspot's Jane (Or 'Jane'?) Solves Mysteries On TV...But So Might Nancy Drew Again, Soon?

Ladies are finding clues and cracking cases in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.06 0

The Mindy Project Faces Friends In The Battle Of The Professionally Threatened Sitcom Moms

Both Friends and The Mindy Project aired episodes in which a mom's re-entry into the workplace doesn't go as smoothly as it might. Which one most deserves a push present? 2015.10.06 12

That's For Damn Shaw

Blindspot answers one question, raises others we may not care about; whether Jane agrees to stay in the car is not one of them, because of course she doesn't, because TV. 2015.10.06 80

Something Is Up Shannon's Butt

Figuratively and literally this time. David's such a lucky guy. 2015.10.06 353

Emotion Is Taking Me Over

The celebrities identify their most memorable year, and create a dance to honor it, which leads to copious tears from the couples, the judges, and the audience. 2015.10.06 173

Cute Boys, Tattoos, And Guitars

The final night of Blind Auditions sees some pretty attractive talent come out to play. 2015.10.06 38

EHG Mini: The New Bunheads

Dance like your renewal depends on it! 2015.10.06 0

Will Kelly Make It Work With Her, Ahem, Loverboy?

This bandanna is but one of the disasters in the Visual Aids for 'Leading From The Heart.' 2015.10.06 7

Again With This: So I Finally Get To Meet This Dreamy Cousin

Brenda and Brandon's cousin Bobby comes to Los Angeles to teach everyone An Important Lesson about stairs. 2015.10.06 10

Switched At Birth Cowgirls Up

Switched At Birth mulls questions of standing by your man -- and your art. 2015.10.05 11

Gotham Smells Magic In The Air

An evil plot comes to fruition, which is bad news for someone. Isn't that always the way? 2015.10.05 60

Lunch And A Show Plays The (Good Wife) Feud

Plus premieres, finales, and Shays getting shafted. 2015.10.05 0

Wicked Wick Too Quick For Hap To Get Hip

Should we hold out hope that Blood And Oil will bubble up with something better? 2015.10.05 20

The Needs Of The Bureau

It seems like a lot of the recruiters are just in it for the free, insanely well-fitting henley. 2015.10.05 154

Los Angeles Is Burning

The military's protection of Los Angeles fails in spectacular fashion in a saved-the-best-for-last season finale. 2015.10.05 319

What Happens When The Happy Days Gang Gets An Itching To Haze Some Freshmen?

The answer is in Morgan Cline's latest Markerpiece! 2015.10.05 0

EHG 90: The Good Wife: Still Good?

Adam Grosswirth returns to chat about the Season 7 premiere of CBS's legal/wig drama. 2015.10.05 19

Watch Out For That Tree

Did we really learn anything new this week? No, but everyone looked really good doing it! Even the special effects and fight choreography are getting better. Who needs a plot? 2015.10.05 283

The Strain Finally Arrives At The Vampire Fireworks Factory

Maybe The Strain should have spread some of those bottle rockets out earlier in the season. 2015.10.04 48

The Beginning Of The Rest Of The Affair

Let's get reacquainted with this heartbreaking account of a marriage dissolving, with two heartless married people moderating. 2015.10.04 79

'The Money Would Call His Bluff, In The End'

Sarah D. Bunting asked John Ramos to put his producer hat on for a Greenlight discussion. Related: John's billing for a new caps lock key. 2015.10.04 59

Are You Ready To Get Left Behind With The Leftovers? Again?

The Leftovers is back! Are you excited about that? You might want to be. 2015.10.04 70

The Good Wife Starts Over, Again

In the season premiere, Alicia gets new challenges, and The Good Wife gets new life. 2015.10.04 79

Let's Get This Party Started

Two years after we last saw her, Carrie's out of the spy game...for now. 2015.10.04 49

Does Doctor Who's Clara Dress In Vintage For A Reason, And Is It A Mad Man In A Box?

Clara is dressed to hang out with the wrong 1960s-based TV character. Or is she? 2015.10.03 81

Again With This: ...Teenagers?

What could make an ersatz Shannen Doherty so morose? Find out with our special bonus podcast on Lifetime's unauthorized story of Beverly Hills, 90210! 2015.10.03 25

Booch, Tooch, And Pooch!

The contestants pose with dogs that look just like them but are better models. 2015.10.03 104

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Tells An Eyelash Expert Big Girls Don't Cry

It used to be if you wanted a deal from the Sharks, all you had to do was just add water in the form of tears. But Barbara Corcoran is tired of all these crying jags, making her history's Greatest Shark. 2015.10.03 74

It Takes Ten Teams To Tango On The Amazing Race

Amazing Racers head to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the city somehow gets them to handle a bunch of its sanitation labor en route to a drama-filled and injury-plagued Pit Stop. 2015.10.03 156