C'mon, Get Happy Valley

The Wheel rolls to Yorkshire while Al Lowe puts the kettle on. 2014.08.29 3

Wedding Belles Are Wrangling

Another team challenge pairs up enemies to create unconventional wedding garb. Hashtag shut up Amanda, anyone? 2014.08.29 175

Should You Visit Gracepoint?

It's time to start previewing the fall shows -- but didn't Sarah already 'preview' this one when it was called Broadchurch? 2014.08.29 7

'Well, I Am A Virgo'

Darlene addresses her 'You're wearing that?' relationship with daughter Bianca; warrior parents Jen and Troi are raising a tiny ninja squad. 2014.08.29 7

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Audra McDonald's Mic Drop

Today's Challenger

The Magical Misadventures of Jeff Probst

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Bizarre Love Triangle

Does Christine's husband Tim feel threatened by her flirtation with Cody? 2014.08.29 115

Double The Quest

It's a two-hour episode! Twice as much arguing, twice as many eliminations, twice as many unconvincing accents! 2014.08.29 21

Why Is Weird Caleb So Awesome?

And other almost-burning questions from this week's episode of The Honourable Woman. 2014.08.28 10

Sex, Lies, And A Keurig

As Season 5B comes to an end, everybody grows as a parent. Except Jenelle. 2014.08.28 103

Kicking Butt

CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter rejoin the battle with pork butts and foraged weeds. 2014.08.28 41

Farm Living

The desperate fight against killer zombies has slowed down a bit so everyone can get some hammock time in. 2014.08.28 1

'Pompous Ass Of The Year'

It may shock you to learn that John's talking about a Cheers character other than Frasier Crane. 2014.08.28 6

Mind The Gap

The Divide's finale is exciting, but it may have driven the train off a bridge. Sarah reviews the first season. 2014.08.28 29

One Night Of Happiness

The top four get to have just one show where they dance their hearts out together and nobody gets eliminated. 2014.08.28 95

Hello? Anybody Out There?

A feral man chained up in a box talks about the events of The Bridge, and also a lot about FX's Tyrant. 2014.08.28 60

Wisdom Teeth? In That Mouth?

One player comes close to a medical exit, but of course she can't even do that right. 2014.08.28 92

Should You Agree To Go To Treatment With Girlfriend Intervention?

Lifetime's latest makeover show borrows from the best. Also there is Tanisha. 2014.08.27 1

About To Bail

Everyone's busted: Carter, literally; David, literarily; Taylor and Max in flagrante. And Elizabeth feels ways about things. 2014.08.27 20

Michael Emerson Telekinetically Conjures Up The Brady Bunch Through The Power Of Loneliness

And other more accurate episode loglines for the ninth and final season of The X Files. 2014.08.27 3

Jada Pinkett Smith Could Kick Batman's Butt

And other reasons Gotham might be great. 2014.08.27 10

Read What Really Happened To Tony Soprano At The End

David Chase settles it once and for all. OR DOES HE? 2014.08.27 8

How To Get Ahead In Charters Without Really Lying

Andrew tells the truth about his c.v., and everyone is like WTF. 2014.08.27 86

Clare Thee Well

On the second night this week of Bachelor In Paradise, people vomit, cry, and go to second base, but what's worth your time? 2014.08.27 137

The Old College Try

Veruca. Cave Buffy. That's the worst of it, but the rest of Season 4 so far isn't a whole lot better as the Buffy Rewatch heads to UC Sunnydale. 2014.08.27 23

Reimagine This!

Oz and Wonderland are both weird places. What if they both happened at the same time? Something weird, probably. 2014.08.27 52

Is Vaughn Actually Un-pleasable, Or Is He Just Acting?

And other important questions raised by the fresh horrors on this week's Married At First Sight. 2014.08.26 71

Battle Of The Penn & Teller Shows

Fool Us is a competition for magicians, judged by Penn & Teller. And so is Wizard Wars. Which one is better? 2014.08.26 8

Happy Easter, Everybody!

The resurrected return to Chester's Mill in an Under The Dome that's chock-full of eggs-position. Get it? Matt doesn't. 2014.08.26 57

And Now, For A Little Cave Music

The dim bulbs on Bachelor In Paradise are treated to "sperlunking," cave music, and more this week. But is any of it worth your valuable time? 2014.08.26 125

Hotel For Dogs

Please see the attached network notes. If you can make the cut better, it might inspire Fox to start paying its employees as well! 2014.08.26 42

The (Sub)Way To Become A Top Model

ANTM takes us on a sleepy train ride from twenty-four semifinalists to our chosen fourteen guys and girls. 2014.08.26 37

EHG Mini: Ultimate Penultimate

Our esteemed colleague Dan MacEachern asked which shows ended one season too late. 2014.08.26 1

Maybe Someday, Anna Chlumsky Will Win An Emmy

She deserves an award just for surviving bad theatre; Mark Blankenship is rooting for her. 2014.08.26 5

Tweedledee And Tweedledumpling

A dim sum challenge threatens two frontrunners in an episode that's not as good as it should be. 2014.08.25 230

Twenty-Two Short Films About Mapleton

In a great, packed episode, The Leftovers delves into its pre-Rapture days and fills in a lot of blanks. 2014.08.25 173

File Under Unwelcome

Nicole's return to the house is not exactly met with open arms. 2014.08.25 73

Kill Bill?

On the final True Blood, Bill asks Sookie to help him die. But will he or the show really go that quietly? 2014.08.25 218

EHG Mini: Worst Dressed

An Extra Credit calling out TV's most sartorially challenged, from inmates to alien experts and back (in time). 2014.08.25 5

It's What's Inside That Counts

We learn more about what's going on inside Frederick and Eva's skins, but do the characters learn anything? Of course not! 2014.08.25 20

'It's A Motherf---ing Walk-Off' vs. Take 510 Of The Dealbreakers Credits

It's Zulema's model-snatching endeavor vs. a failing attempt to seem relaxed on cam-a-ra! 2014.08.25 4

No, YOUR Mom Slept With Rino

Victoria Gotti dishes dirt on Mr. Teresa; Teresa and Melissa have date night; Dina wallows. 2014.08.24 142