Ashley Finally Moves On (To An Even More Elevated Plane of Crazy) On Bachelor In Paradise

Just when Jared thinks he has slipped the Ashley I. yoke, she comes roaring back with more mayhem. How did all the other players rank this week? 2016.08.29

Preview Ann Coulter Pretending To Be A Good Sport While Jewel Shanks Her At The Comedy Central Roast Of Rob Lowe

Nice of Comedy Central to promote diversity by inviting a lizard onto the dais. 2016.08.29

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Your Champion

Silent Dialog

Today's Challenger

Kalinda's Ice Cream

They Might Be Giants Guest-Hosted Nick Rocks In 1989

Hey, it's the Dial-A-Song hotline. Kids, ask your parents. 2016.08.29

Watch A Supercut Of Arrow's Season 4 Ass-Kickings

Are we the first to make a 'Darhkness falls' joke, or the 7,000,000th? 2016.08.29

The Spy Who Loved Crunches: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2002 Fall TV Preview

Jennifer Garner's midriff sells this issue -- as does her dewy and wholesome interview -- in a magazine that feels like a letter from a time much further away than fourteen years. 2016.08.29

Watch A Trailer For The HBO Series Westworld

It's about a theme park full of robots -- that's reason enough to get interested. 2016.08.29

The Writing, And Big Brother Houseguests, Are On The Wall

Close allies become vital as the endgame approaches. Just ask the player without one. 2016.08.29

Watch A Teaser For The First VH1 Cycle Of America's Next Top Model

This is the first cycle to air directly on VH1, and the first cycle without the legendary Tyra Banks. 2016.08.29

The Night Of Knew How To Appeal To Us

As Naz's story ends (and begins, in its way), a crime show that understood what we need from crime shows gave us just enough. 2016.08.29

Watch The Best Moments From The 2016 VMAs

You've got to hand it to MTV for editing Kanye's random speech into something that makes more sense. 2016.08.29

The RHONJ Get A Little Too Relaxed During Their 'Spa'-Cation

A trip to the spa can't help RHONJ's bloat. Who's to blame? (Everyone!) 2016.08.29

EHG Mini: Reality Show Fame Costs, And Here's Where You Start Paying

Giving new challenges to reality competitions' repeat offenders. 2016.08.29

What The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Did On Their Summer Vacation

Grew goatees; sulked at the bottom of a bottle about getting conned; you know, the usz. 2016.08.29

Again With This: How Cool Could She Be? She's From Buffalo

The girl who's going to be living in Brenda's room arrives with her tragic backstory -- but is Dylan's current degraded state even tragicker? 2016.08.29

The Strain Only Has One Relationship That Still Works: Fet And Feraldo

The two go-getters get it done while everybody else sputters and stalls. 2016.08.28

Fear The Walking Dead Takes On Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt In The Battle Of The Abandoned Hotels

The service is terrible, but if nothing kills you, you can take what you want from the minibar. 2016.08.28

Teen Mom's Farrah Can't Decide If She's More Afraid Of Her Mom Or A Colonoscopy

Meanwhile: Amber gets a new ring, Maci gets a pretending-to-be-new bump, and Tyler throws the same old hissyfit. 2016.08.28

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne's Children Are The Future

The women parade their broods -- be they literal, hypothetical, or canine -- for all to see and judge. 2016.08.26

Girl Meets Ridiculously Considerate And Hungry Friends

All Maya wants is for Riley to stop searching for a teddy bear so Maya can get some tacos. 2016.08.26

The Jackson 5 Did A Decades-Spanning Medley On The Carol Burnett Show

And when Carol tries to shoehorn herself into 'The Beat Goes On,' Randy and Janet are Not Having It. 2016.08.26

Vanilla Ice Faces MC Hammer In The Battle Of The Wuss Rappers Turned Product Pitchmen

Two rap stars who were low on swag in the '90s are now high in charm in TV ads. Which reigns (Taco) supreme? 2016.08.26

Preview Adam Ruining Football In A Clip From Tuesday's New Adam Ruins Everything

Concussions can develop over time. The sport a little bit sad. Ruined! 2016.08.26

Watch Seth Meyers Talk Down A Ryan Lochte Fan On Late Night

Seriously, Seth. Why not add this American hero who totally lied about nothing to your guest list? 2016.08.26

Do You Need A Reason To Watch Agatha Raisin?

Or do we include it in the raisin ban? 2016.08.26

Watch Tim Kaine Join The Late Show With Stephen Colbert's House Band

Once a politician reveals that they can play a musical instrument, people tend to go crazy. Just ask notable saxophonist Bill Clinton. 2016.08.26

Hank From Sirens Rae Carruths His Baby Mama While Lennie Corrects Omar Little's Grammar On Law & Order

And other, more accurate episode summaries from the eleventh season. 2016.08.26

Watch Britney Spears And James Corden Rock Out To Carpool Karaoke On The Late Late Show

Corden also brought a few costume changes with him, to honor Britney's music the right way. 2016.08.26

EHG Mini: The Lost Oys

Rebooting more Coreys for a new generation. 2016.08.26

Big Brother Jurors Get Another Chance To Lose It All

And then there were six, and then there were ten again? 2016.08.26

The Best Moment Of Clone High's Raisin Rock Opera Isn't Musical, But It Is About Getting Thrice Laid

Oh, Geldemore. Keep doing you; the right clone will come along eventually. 2016.08.26

What Is The 60 Days In-mates' Malfunction With Learning To Talk About Their 'Charges' In A Colloquial Manner?

And other not-quite-burning questions as the last of the Innocent Eight trickle into the jail. 2016.08.25

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Kicks Things Off With A Talent Show

Because flawless drag is just assumed. This is All Stars. What else can you do? 2016.08.25

Watch A Trailer For Season 2 Of IFC's Documentary Now!

Getting mad that I still have to wait for the spoof of The War Room, tbh. 2016.08.25