It's A Gallagher Diaspora on Shameless

The Gallaghers get evicted, and Fiona seems to be the only one interested in keeping them together. Unlikely bright spots? Vee. And some Myanmarian child soldiers. 2016.02.07 4

Roll Up! Roll Up For The Downton Abbey Manor House Tour!

Scandalous inter-toff fight guaranteed to every ticket holder! Come on, it's for charity! 2016.02.07 142

For Those About To Pitch Shark Tank, We Salute You

Who's ready for another military veteran-themed episode of Shark Tank? Last one of you to answer with sufficient enthusiasm hates America. 2016.02.06 15

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

The Walker, Texas Ranger Lever

Today's Challenger

That Person On Jeopardy! Who Can't Figure Out The Buzzer

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Before You Die You See Sleepy Hollow

Ring-ing in the second half of the season with a Japanese vengeance demon, Nathan Hale, and many feels. 2016.02.05 66

Keeping It All In The (Manson) Family

Manson's Lost Girls rises above the usual wiki dreck with help from Hollywood royalty. 2016.02.05 12

Budge British Sci-Fi Set 1, Darth Vader's Noggin 0

David Prowse played a silver android in '70s sci-fi joint The Tomorrow People, and nobody got a second take. 2016.02.05 4

'He Was Part Of Your Whole Life'

Should you make Spike Lee docu joint Michael Jackson's Journey From Motown To Off The Wall part of yours? 2016.02.05 5

Watch All Of This Year's Super Bowl Ads Now

Screw you, actual football game! 2016.02.05 6

Sherlock And Joan Call Off The Jam On Elementary

Talk about a case blowing up in your face.... 2016.02.05 38

Project Runway: Junior's Last Stop: Fashion Show

The designers are so excited, so scared, and so young that they don't get that reference to Saved By The Bell. 2016.02.05 53

Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Top 24 Here On American Idol

It's time for some major cuts, as Season 15 whittles down to 24. 2016.02.05 132

Jagged Little Pills Tear Up Legends Of Tomorrow

Atom races to save Kendra from the tiny shards headed for her heart. 2016.02.05 112

Top Chef Declares Restaurant Wars

Use this guide to Part 1 of Top Chef's Restaurant Wars to avoid PTSD. 2016.02.05 127

Peace Talks On The 100 Go Up In Literal Flames

Thanks to the Ice Nation, which crashes the party and blows up some (more) small children. 2016.02.05 33

The Blacklist Gets A Shalhoub Job

He's a man with a very particular set of skills...and TWO Pomeranians! 2016.02.05 46

In Episode 3, London Spy Goes Next Level

This week, Danny's quarry does something positively unspeakable to him. 2016.02.04 15

On American Crime, Even Ballet Might Not Be Safe

Or: 'You Can Dance If You Want To (See How Terrible Your Community Is).' 2016.02.04 88

Forrest Gump Karate-Chopped The Fonz On Happy Days

Hank, Hanks, and a contender for the most interminable fight scene in sitcom history. 2016.02.04 9

Face Off Goes Undercover

A realism challenge goes to some unexpected places. 2016.02.04 49

Take My Breath Away

The final four teams head to Berlin for an action-movie challenge, plus carping (caaaahping) about Cara's disappearing Boston accent. 2016.02.04 32

Supergirl's About To Get Flashed

When Barry Allen visits Kara Danvers, who knows what to expect? We do. You're welcome. 2016.02.04 7

Arrow Brings Back Old Friends

We like Roy! We like Roy! 2016.02.04 312

Hopelessly Devoted To Hollywood Week

For the last day of the last Hollywood Week in American Idol history, we've got everything: hat intrigue, impending heartbreak, and Olivia Newton-John, but like, punk. Literally everything. 2016.02.04 79

Again With This: Brenda Dubois! I Never Thought I'd See You Again

Reek returns, with foreseeable yet still kind of surprising results. 2016.02.04 41

Donna's Virginity Is The Stuff Of 'Stuff!' Once Again

Give it up for the 'Destiny Rides Again' Visual Aids! 2016.02.04 8

If You See Something, Say Something

When a courtyard assault goes unreported by dozens of neighbors, the Law & Order: SVU squad has its work cut out. 2016.02.03 61

CBS's Bull Jumps Off From Dr. Phil's Life To Dramatize Trial Consulting: What Episodes Should We Expect?

And how often will defense attorneys be asked how something is workin' for them? 2016.02.03 0

The Flash Turns S.T.A.R. Labs Into TAR Labs

Barry has to deal with a metahuman made of tar -- and not at full speed, either. 2016.02.03 65

Travolta Played A Hitman In A TV Adaptation Of A Harold Pinter Play

It's the first time he'd worked since Razzie magnet Perfect. (Kids, ask your parents.) 2016.02.03 3

'You Still Have To Take The Time To Build The World Effectively'

Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos on Madoff, finance procedurals, and what a Ruth Gardens spinoff might look like. 2016.02.03 31

Hollywood Game Night Becomes Hollywood Sports Night

Athletes and sports broadcasters try their hands at party games. Some of them don't try that hard. 2016.02.03 16

'I Think I'd Like To Sit On It And Swing A Little,' Says Man In Sexless Marriage On Married At First Sight

It's the Fourth of July and the couples are hosting (forced) barbecues. Whose cookout failed hardest this week? 2016.02.03 336

Let's Pre-Judge The Season 8 Queens Of RuPaul's Drag Race!

Using nothing but their intro videos, Mark Blankenship orders them from worst to first. 2016.02.03 18