BREAKING: Amber Met A Basset Hound!

And some dude, but whatever. BASSET. 2014.10.24 50

True Confessions

Huck, Rowan, Fitz, and David all have confessions to make this week. (And even though Jake's the one who's actually under interrogation, he still isn't talking.) 2014.10.24 89

The Children Are Our Future

The newest Runway spinoff pits children in a fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. And there are dresses! 2014.10.24 35

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

'Bye Bye Li'l Sebastian'

Today's Challenger

Drunk Cersei

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Whose Show is This, Anyway?

After going from fake to fierce last week, Annalise fades back into the background again. Boo. 2014.10.24 64

So A Witch, A Vampire, And A Mass Murderer Walk Into A Bar...

Yeah, in 1994 Damon had to totally pull focus from Kurt Cobain's death. Showoff. 2014.10.24 38

I'm So Happy That I Can't Stop Dying

Callie and Arizona try a 30-day trial separation, and their therapist tries my nerves. 2014.10.24 48

Orange You Glad The Season's Over?

Sean's color pops, Kini's denim, Amanda's maxis, and Char's sportswear battle it out for Project Runway bragging rights. 2014.10.24 153

Should You Become A Constant Viewer Of Constantine?

Another comic-book property hits the small screen, but how hard? 2014.10.24 9

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Miller invites Carver to dinner and they are both HILARE. 2014.10.23 44

Dunkin' Goes Nuts

An endurance challenge could drown two of the teams; Jessie digs deep with Lori. 2014.10.23 12

Halloween, Part 1: The Misadventures Of Drunky McPubeface

Ethel receives some bad news, and Patti LaBelle's star is further diminished. 2014.10.23 122

It Was A Therapeutic Smash

If there's a better way to deal with childhood trauma than destroying a bunch of props with a baseball bat, Couples Therapy has never heard of it. 2014.10.23 32

Tragedy + Time = Food!

Top Chef: Boston plays the Marathon card, the 9/11 card and...the Swayze card? 2014.10.23 136

The Hudson University Campus Is The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

An adult-film actress looks for justice. Benson 'helps.' 2014.10.23 47

Baby Daddies

Avery finds out his boys can swim. But he's not the only one. 2014.10.23 151

Mother-And-Child Reunion

Is it true that the family that plays together stays together? Let's find out! 2014.10.23 164

Sisters (And Girlfriends) Doing It For Themselves

Laurel, Thea, and even Felicity are starting new chapters in their lives. How does that fit into the Arrow template? 2014.10.23 303

Clarke, As Usual, Is The Only One Worth A S**t On The 100

But the show is actually pretty cool this season! 2014.10.22 32

Dachshund's Creek Adds More Wiener To Classic Teen Drama

It's Dawson's Creek starring dachshunds. Finally. 2014.10.22 10

Passing Gas

Barry has to outrun a dude who can turn himself into noxious gas. We've all been there, right? 2014.10.22 82

And Baby Makes Five (Not Counting Dean)?

True Tori returns with new hairstyles, new symptoms, and the same old problems. 2014.10.22 64

The Squid Of Doom

Giant monsters invade Face Off and wreak horrible carnage (in the form of a sad elimination). 2014.10.22 50

Welcome To The Festive Disco Jungle

Below Deck tries to end the regular, and charter, seasons on a high note. 2014.10.22 67

'Women Like Dainty Little Wee TVs, Not Icky Big Ones.' - Marry Me

'No, but why can't we get a TV as big as the wall?' - Tara. 2014.10.22 28

How To Care For Your Chained-Up, Super-Pissed Demon Brother

Supernatural goes all The Shining when Dean slips his leash. 2014.10.22 131

I Am The Alien Obelisk

A modest request for more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. screentime from an alien item of import. 2014.10.22 108

The Best Laid Plans Of Motorcycle Men

With Juice back and a gang war underway, it's finally time to see if Jax's plans are gonna pay off. 2014.10.21 122

Coming Apart At The Seams

Sure, Lemonis can save Artistic Stitch. But should he? 2014.10.21 17

Battle 'Til You Can't Battle No More

Finally, a moment for Kimberly's hair to shine. 2014.10.21 42

EHG 47: The Trip Has Spoken

The gang is joined by Survivor survivor Trip Payne to discuss all things Probst. Plus, a very unusual Game Time! 2014.10.21 24

I Feel Great About That Cotton Candy

A tiny success makes all the failures in Episode 5 of Transparent feel weirdly endearing. 2014.10.21 2

Mary Mary, Why Ya Buggin'?

Crane knew Mary well (but threw her over for Katrina); now she's raisin' hell (because Henry's a petty turd). 2014.10.21 154

It's A Gas!

A weaponized drug hits the streets of Gotham! Will Gordon get enough clues dropped in his lap to find the distributor? (Yes.) 2014.10.21 82

Insecure Mommy Seeks Cheating Ass, Second-String Soul Mate

Tori Spelling is sticking with Dean McDermott for now, but doesn’t our Donna deserve better? 2014.10.21 14

Red Knows Pepper, But What About Salt And Spinderella?

And other not-so-burning questions about The Blacklist's many mysteries. 2014.10.21 62

When Bad Arrangements Happen To Good Singers

Blake solemnly swears to learn who Ellie Goulding is, while Pharrell stages an annoying battle. 2014.10.21 46

'Remember The Time You Ruined My Quinceañera With Your "Milkshake" Cover, MOM?'

The latest Jane The Virgin makes a case for maybe renaming the show Xiomara The Selfless Superheroine. 2014.10.20 46

The Thicky Trick Video vs. Heisler Beer

It's A Rap Satire That's Far More Awesome Than It Should Be vs. The World's Most Popular Fake Beer! 2014.10.20 10