Is There A Universe In Which UnREAL's Rachel Can End Up Happy With Jeremy?

And more smoldering questions about the season's penultimate episode of UnREAL. 2015.07.27 58

EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

Kim Reed returns to discuss Nev, Max, Ma, Pa, and the Dillon Panthers. 2015.07.28 0

Lunch And A Show: Pickles And Ice Cream

Bundles of joy and tropes to make you boot(ie). 2015.07.28 1

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

"Dad's Dead!"

Today's Challenger

Midnight Movie Dance-Off

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

DirecTV Hires The Wrong Manning For The Job

An ad campaign that trades on Eli's personality? ...Uh, okay. 2015.07.28 2

Key & Peele Imagines A World Where Teachers And Pro Athletes Have Traded Places

That Ruby Ruhf trading card is only going up in value! 2015.07.28 1

The Library Is Open On Teen Wolf

Lotta reading this week for our Beacon Hills heroes. And not the fun kind where you pull your sunglasses down to the tip of your nose. 2015.07.28 32

Lunch And A Show With Some Golden Rule

Honor the legacy of true-crime godmother Ann Rule with some classic TV movies. 2015.07.28 1

The Real Housewives Of Orange County's Game Night Isn't Quite Fun And Games

Meghan hosts a game night with Jimmy, leaving Vicki with some emphatic new opinions about their relationship. 2015.07.28 189

You Had Me At 'Robot Dancers From Outer Space'

Doesn't matter how good-looking you are: You still have to make an effort, have a good attitude, and dance well. ...Ha ha! I'm kidding. Asaf is sticking around. 2015.07.28 99

Lunch And A Show: Kiss Us, Cait

Also: K-k-k-k-katie, covered in Scotch tape-eeeee! 2015.07.27 0

Which Other Reality Shows Should Get The UnREAL Treatment?

And how should their fake cast members meet untimely ends? 2015.07.27 17

Sword Subject

From Greenland to little green men, it's the In Search Of... Marathon Diary! 2015.07.27 4

Lunch And A Show: '80s Innocence Lost

Reagan-era icons hit a wall, plus a visit from the grammar police. 2015.07.27 11

I Am Fran

Sarah D. Bunting is not a crackpot. She just thinks Caitlyn Jenner has everything it takes -- starting with much-needed goodwill -- to take over as True Detective's head baddie in charge. 2015.07.27 203

Austin, We Have A Problem

Vanessa's brilliant, airtight, foolproof, detailed plan goes even more wrong than Austin's dumb-ass, half-baked one. 2015.07.27 41

Which Designing Women Star Knows How To Handle Haters?

The answer is in Morgan Cline's latest Markerpiece. 2015.07.27 3

Will It Always Take This Many Cars For Caitlyn Jenner To Get Off The Mountain?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the series premiere of I Am Cait. 2015.07.27 99

EHG Mini: Poppy Field Movies

Movies whose TV broadcasts we can't resist. 2015.07.27 22

It's Brenda's 'Slumber Party,' And Kelly Will Cry If Amanda Makes Her

Strap in for the most memorable imagery of Beverly Hills, 90210's 'Slumber Party,' and hurry up: last one to peep them gets her bra thrown in the freezer! 2015.07.27

Halt And Catch Fire Forgets Where It Parked Gordon

While the Mutiny gang connives to find a way to pull its business out of the crapper where Westgroup left it, Gordon spends the episode quite literally going around in circles in a parking garage that doubles as a metaphor for what's become of his character. 2015.07.26 30

'I'm So Gross'

The subjects of Intervention's season premiere struggle with duster and black tar. 2015.07.26 20

The Strain's Dutch And Fet Have Found Love, But Should They Be Together?

Or is a shared mission to kill supernatural beasts the best basis for a lasting relationship? 2015.07.26 33

Masters Of Sex Shows The Repercussions Of Publishing A Book Called Human Sexual Response

Solicitations from fragrance people! Your child's schoolmates calling you 'Sex Mom'! Death threats! Scholarship is fun. 2015.07.26 48

Humans Shows Why You Never Dip Your Pen In Silicone Ink

Joe learns a hard lesson about honouring your marriage vows even if a very attractive fembot moves into your house. 2015.07.26 34

Poldark Gets Crazy Drunk Like A Fox

Ross gets lit up at a fancy party -- but he's not the one who ends up embarrassed. 2015.07.26 70

Shooting The Moon

Lunar imagery in Hannibal. 2015.07.25 101

Girl Meets The Fish Who Ate The Graham Cracker

Auggie gets a little too attached to Riley's class pet, while Riley comes to terms with the fragility of life. 2015.07.24 37

The Brokenwood Mysteries Is New Zealand's New Take On An Old-School Style

Al Lowe rolls the Wheel of Murder all the way around the world for The Brokenwood Mysteries. 2015.07.24 3

Lunch And A (Fashion) Show

Copying Kaling, fixing Runway, and more. 2015.07.24 6

Under The Dome Gets Locked Up, Not Abroad

Aktaion's best scientists can't crack Christine, so Big Jim gets deputized. Sure, why not. 2015.07.24 53

The Good Wife Follows The Money People

Marathon Diarist Kim Reed explores the money people of the fourth season -- one who oversees the firm's money, one who may help Peter's campaign with money, and one who got his stolen by Kalinda. 2015.07.24 3