Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout A Shark-Dressed Man

Which is why they will most certainly not be crazy about the sight of the Sharks wearing garish stick-on lapels. Instead, let's save our admiration for one of the cleverest people to ever pitch a product on this show. 2016.10.01

No One Is Safe From Janet's Wrath When The Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunite

And we finally crown our Season 3 Power Rankings queen! Can Jackie pull off a repeat victory, or will Gina ascend to her rightful throne? 2016.09.30

Does Amanda Knox Tell Us Anything New About Amanda Knox?

Years in the making, the Netflix documentary looks at accusations against Knox, and their aftermath. Could it have looked harder? 2016.09.30

Finding Prince Charming Stuffs Its Crazyfaces

Does the Bass entrée steal the Crazyface show? 2016.09.30

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Everyone On Buffy Dies

Today's Challenger

Valerie Cherish's Rendition Of 'I Will Survive'

Is Grey's Anatomy's Alex A Felonious Punk?

Alex gets hit with a felony charge, Meredith remains ride or die, and everyone else chooses sides. 2016.09.30

Does Conviction Stand Up To Scrutiny?

Agent Carter would never stand for getting blackmailed into heading the Conviction Integrity Unit, but Hayes Morrison has. Should you watch her do it? 2016.09.30

Watch Nick Jonas Talk About Demi Lovato And Jo-Bro Bulges On Watch What Happens Live

Will Nick actually admit who the most well-endowed Jonas Brother is? Will The Disney Channel cry if he does? 2016.09.30

Should You Set An Alarm For Timeless?

NBC's latest attempt at sci-fi sends experts back in time to make sure history doesn't get all screwed up. Is it worth an hour of your time? 2016.09.30

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At Trump's Post-Debate Controversies On Late Night

Super important, as The Google supposedly said Trump was doing well. 2016.09.30

We Are The Plate-Glass Windows Of Luke Cage's Harlem, And We're Not Amused

Does it feel just like you're walking on broken glass? There's a reason for that. 2016.09.30

Watch Conan O'Brien Work Out With Kevin Hart On Conan

Somebody needs to give these two a sitcom, stat. 2016.09.30

Is Connor Becoming A Great Lawyer On How To Get Away With Murder?

It looks that way...and he may be a good person to boot. 2016.09.30

Watch Joe Biden Recreate A Photo (And Eat Some Tonight Dough) On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Maybe he's more of a mint chocolate chip kind of guy. It's a shame that Fallon didn't ask ahead. 2016.09.30

Why Aren't The 60 Days Inmates Assigned Bunks?

And other not-quite burning questions from this week's installment of 60 Days In. 2016.09.30

Finding Prince Charming Guesses Who's Coming To Dinner

That's probably the only dinner/sex joke they didn't use. Find out what else doesn't get used, and only needs to look pretty, in this week's Watch/Skip Index! 2016.09.29

The Blacklist Goes Under The Knife

But you probably won't be happy with what they're surgically removing. 2016.09.29

Is Project Runway's Transitions® Lenses Challenge A Sight For Sore Eyes?

A blacklight is employed for purposes other than exposing hotel room filth in this week's challenge; your editors discuss! 2016.09.29

Pitch Needs A Lift

Ranking the second episode from moments with heft to Ginn-spirational garbage. 2016.09.29

Should You Let Crisis In Six Scenes Get In Your Head?

It's Woody Allen's first TV series. Should he stick to movies? 2016.09.29

A Psychic Cricket Chirps Into The Action On American Horror Story

There's more lost colony backstory, more dismembered pigs, and way more bad news for Lee. 2016.09.29

Michael Cerveris And His Leonine Pouf Weren't Very Supportive Of 21 Jump Street: The New Class's Alexandra Powers

Remember that time Depp bailed and the show tried to make us care about Rocky and Garrett? ...Us either. 2016.09.29

Adventure Time Is Set To End In 2018

Finn and Jake are expected to stop adventuring around that time, and focus on retirement. 2016.09.29

Will You Enjoy Yourself In Westworld's Hellish Amusement Park?

Can a semi-classic sci-fi movie become HBO's newest drama hit? 2016.09.29

Should You Join The Royal Court At Versailles?

Ovation makes a bid to enter the prestige-drama space with Versailles. Does it rule? 2016.09.29

Watch A Promo For Season 3 Of The Royals

The most popular (and fictional) kings and queens we know are back for more drama. 2016.09.29

Watch The Full Frontal Team Ask Debate Watchers Who Officially Won

Samantha Bee's crew aired a Debate Special last night. As expected, it was glorious. 2016.09.29

Is Luke Cage Another Bulletproof Addition To The Marvel/Netflix Lineup?

The titular hero has left Jessica Jones for a new life in Harlem. Should you follow him? 2016.09.29

The Designated Survivor Has 99 Problems And Michigan

President Kirkman struggles to hold together a country that's running scared. 2016.09.29

Watch Stephen Colbert Head To Mars On The Late Show

Will we ever be able to live on Mars? Maybe, if Colbert can find his way there. 2016.09.29

Watch Lupita Nyong'o And David Oyelowo Perform Some Bravologues On Watch What Happens Live

Want to place bets as to whether or not Lupita and David actually watch these shows? 2016.09.29

Again With This: And Me Without My Spoon

Hardly anyone has a happy Hallowe'en -- except the viewer, as Kelly temporarily covers up her crappy haircut. 2016.09.29

A Millennial Power Couple Emerges On Survivor

And their tribemates recognize that strong couples have to be sent packing. 2016.09.28

Younger Pauses The Age-Lying Intrigue To Let Diana Show Off Her Sanctum

A pivotal moment in a fabulous closet has our commentator wondering if this could be a turning point for a tragically underused character. 2016.09.28

Empire Starts Drawing Some Battle Lines

As Cookie continues to deny Lucious her affections, his desperation grows and grows. 2016.09.28