When Does Houdini Become So Terrible That It's Wonderful?

Hint: it involves some amazing face acting! 2014.09.02 6

Is Jamie Actually Cruel To Be Kind?

And other not-so-burning questions about the season's penultimate Married At First Sight. 2014.09.02 18

Spoiler Test

Test! Please ignore. 2014.09.02 0

Killing Us, Hardly

The Killing says farewell with a six-episode Netflix run that wraps up its story but magnifies a lot of its flaws. 2014.09.02 88

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Ross And Monica's New Year's Rockin' Eve Dance Routine

Today's Challenger

The Way Tom Nuttall Said 'Bicycle'

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

The Medical Examiner Who Couldn't Die No Matter What

In Forever, Ioan Gruffudd becomes the latest dude to play a mysterious immortal crime-solver. Do you need to care about it/him? 2014.09.02 20

Bat-chelor In Paradise

This week on Bachelor In Paradise, bats swarm people's heads but no one gets rabies. Should you watch anyway? 2014.09.02 101

Croquembouche League

A squabbly Restaurant Takeover leads to a tower of (cream-puff) power in The Dreaded Pressure Test. Bonus: no Joe! 2014.09.02 169

Silly String, Silly Show

The fourteen finalists fins out they'll be competing in the cheapest season of Top Model ever when the first runway doesn't even include clothes. 2014.09.02 34


It turns out that whiny, glowing egg was a lot more important to the future of Chester's Mill than we thought. 2014.09.02 32

My Brother, The Monster

How believable is the family feud on this week's Hotel Hell? 2014.09.01 16

Cult Jams

NatGeo's Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall and ID's Heartbreakers use '80s stars so cleverly, Sarah hopes it's only the beginning of a rad-surgence. 2014.09.01 2

It's The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story Watch-a-long!

Join us as we liveblog this monumentous* television event. 2014.09.01 98


In Week 10, the houseguests are beginning to break down. 2014.09.01 58

EHG Mini: Liv's Oz Wonderland Face Off Report

Exclusive scoop! How would Liv handle working in a team? 2014.08.31 1

The Final Fart Faces Of Someone From The Strain

Knock knock. Who's there? Gas. Gas who? Gas who doesn't make it out of this episode! 2014.08.31 0

Now We're Cooking With Gas (Station)!

The action is kicked up a few notches in a siege right out of The Walking Dead. 2014.08.31 60

Unresponsive Genitals

While Bill tries to find a cure for his subpar member, Libby sees what it's like not to be a racist creep. 2014.08.31 36

Game, Set, Snatch That Weave

When it comes to establishing cult Housewife status, Gina further cements herself as the bitch to beat during this week's tennis exhibition. 2014.08.31 19

Rusty The Friendly Dalek

The Doctor's latest patient follows in the footsteps of Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack to get his own spinoff series! (Not really, but let's pretend!) 2014.08.30 98

Scottish Goodbye

How many times can Claire try to slip away during various MacKenzie celebrations? And how many times does she get caught? 2014.08.30 122

Should You Visit Gracepoint?

It's time to start previewing the fall shows -- but didn't Sarah already 'preview' this one when it was called Broadchurch? 2014.08.29 20

C'mon, Get Happy Valley

The Wheel rolls to Yorkshire while Al Lowe puts the kettle on. 2014.08.29 5

'Well, I Am A Virgo'

Darlene addresses her 'You're wearing that?' relationship with daughter Bianca; warrior parents Jen and Troi are raising a tiny ninja squad. 2014.08.29 8

Bizarre Love Triangle

Does Christine's husband Tim feel threatened by her flirtation with Cody? 2014.08.29 125

Double The Quest

It's a two-hour episode! Twice as much arguing, twice as many eliminations, twice as many unconvincing accents! 2014.08.29 49

Wedding Belles Are Wrangling

Another team challenge pairs up enemies to create unconventional wedding garb. Hashtag shut up Amanda, anyone? 2014.08.29 258

Why Is Weird Caleb So Awesome?

And other almost-burning questions from this week's episode of The Honourable Woman. 2014.08.28 18

Sex, Lies, And A Keurig

As Season 5B comes to an end, everybody grows as a parent. Except Jenelle. 2014.08.28 121

Kicking Butt

CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter rejoin the battle with pork butts and foraged weeds. 2014.08.28 50

Farm Living

The desperate fight against killer zombies has slowed down a bit so everyone can get some hammock time in. 2014.08.28 2

'Pompous Ass Of The Year'

It may shock you to learn that John's talking about a Cheers character other than Frasier Crane. 2014.08.28 6

Mind The Gap

The Divide's finale is exciting, but it may have driven the train off a bridge. Sarah reviews the first season. 2014.08.28 31

One Night Of Happiness

The top four get to have just one show where they dance their hearts out together and nobody gets eliminated. 2014.08.28 119

Hello? Anybody Out There?

A feral man chained up in a box talks about the events of The Bridge, and also a lot about FX's Tyrant. 2014.08.28 72

Wisdom Teeth? In That Mouth?

One player comes close to a medical exit, but of course she can't even do that right. 2014.08.28 92

The Name 'Cartoons Plural' vs. Audra McDonald's Mic Drop

It's the funniest-named player in the East West Bowl vs. an unexpected finale for a diva! 2014.08.28 5

Should You Agree To Go To Treatment With Girlfriend Intervention?

Lifetime's latest makeover show borrows from the best. Also there is Tanisha. 2014.08.27 1

About To Bail

Everyone's busted: Carter, literally; David, literarily; Taylor and Max in flagrante. And Elizabeth feels ways about things. 2014.08.27 20

Michael Emerson Telekinetically Conjures Up The Brady Bunch Through The Power Of Loneliness

And other more accurate episode loglines for the ninth and final season of The X Files. 2014.08.27 3

Jada Pinkett Smith Could Kick Batman's Butt

And other reasons Gotham might be great. 2014.08.27 13