Sean, It's Your Gaboom

Felicity's Greg Grunberg endures The Haunting Of... to make a PSA about neurological ailments. 2015.02.28 0

Selfie Train To Nowhere

In Nagano, teams are tested by ramen noodles, puzzle boxes, and the allure of the selfie-cam. 2015.02.28 107

I Want To Break Free

Glee finally lets its new cast shine in the first truly good episode of the season...just weeks before the whole thing ends. 2015.02.28 95

Should You Peep Inside The Sex Box?

Not that you're allowed to. The Sex Box keeps its secrets...tight. 2015.02.27 2

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Law & Order's Improbable Addresses

Today's Challenger

Squidward's Hopes And Dreams

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Fits Of Peek

Discretion faces some challenges as the Marathon Diary covers the middle of Mad Men Season 4. 2015.02.27 2

Up Battle Creek Without A Paddle

CBS is hoping you'll like its prestigious new crime drama, Battle Creek! But will you? 2015.02.27 5

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

[Insert 'lived long and prospered' joke here.] 2015.02.27

What Will Happen When Dakota Johnson Hosts Saturday Night Live?

And how many bondage sketches do you think she was pitched (in dozens)? 2015.02.27 37

What Secrets & Lies Did Ryan Phillippe's Agent Tell Him?

Just kidding! ABC's new child-murder mystery drama isn't bad, and neither is Phillippe. 2015.02.27 2

30 Odd Foot Of Slap

An Anouk-focused episode shows us why she might have doubts about her much-younger, band-side-projecting boyfriend, because we sure do! 2015.02.27 32

Should You Spend Some Time Alone With The Last Man On Earth?

The creative minds behind Clone High -- and The Lego Movie, if that's what you're into -- take on the post-apocalypse. Should you check it out? 2015.02.27 2

Oh Amelia, She's Shaking Her Confidence Daily

The other Dr. Shepherd spends most of the episode bragging about a surgery she hasn't done yet, so that should end well. 2015.02.27 84

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Season 1 started with two corpses, finished with a third, and was overcrowded with lies throughout. 2015.02.27 223

Shot Through The Heart And You're To Blame

Why exactly is a bow-and-arrow-toting serial killer on The Blacklist? Even the task force is stumped! 2015.02.27 29

EHG Mini: Take A Gimmick, Leave A Gimmick

Giving TV tropes a break and replacing them with new ones. 2015.02.27 3

Oh Yeah It's Ladies' Night, And The Feeling's...Enh

I don't want to say that the boys did it better… but the boys did it better. 2015.02.27 51

Athelstan Has A Bloodsucking Groupie And That's Cool By Him

When you dream that Ragnar ate your liver, that's a bad sign, right? 2015.02.26 53

Will Miracle's Story End In A Manner That Befits Her Name?

Miracle has suspicions about her online boyfriend Javonni, so she's called in Nev and the first of several Max replacements to help her find out the truth. Whether they even do that is an open question. 2015.02.26 26

Shuffling The Deck

The demise of Edgehill sends everyone scrambling. 2015.02.26 80

Here Be Dragons

The Buffy Rewatch takes on the good ideas, bad executions (as it were) of Season 6. 2015.02.26 15

Design Not Quite Within Reach

It's going to take more than a tastefully appointed condo to get you through Season 3 of The Wire in one piece. 2015.02.26 12

The Worst Kasem Scenario

SVU flips through the 'truth is stranger than fiction' file; Marcia Cross does not rip her wig off. (Boo.) 2015.02.26 56

Boys Night In Motor City

The Top 12 guys perform as voting finally opens for the season. 2015.02.26 47

Quit Being Crazy And Record The Damn Song

Once again Empire somehow rises above its ludicrous plot. 2015.02.26 178

EHG Mini: Game Changers

Celebrating the TV episodes that changed whole series. 2015.02.26 4

Cupid's Arrow

Everyone's either making crazy sacrifices for each other or taking a break for some unexpected sexing. It may be a comic book show, but it's still on The CW. 2015.02.26 247

'It's A Little Bit Of Suspense When You Watch The Episode'

Tara talks to Anthony King, the scribe behind the Broad City episode 'Citizen Ship,' about creepy contacts, booze cruise hookups, and how they calibrate precisely how gross Bevers should be. 2015.02.25 12

My Boyfriend's Older

Philip and Elizabeth separately cultivate their assets, while Stan and Oleg consider working together for the common cause of springing Nina from the hoosegow. 2015.02.25 162

Where Ya Been Lately, There's A New Kid In Town

Season 26 of the Amazing Race kicks off with a new route, a new twist, and yes, an actual New Kid. 2015.02.25 194

Three Cheers For The No, White, And Blue

Survivor's thirtieth season kicks off with three tribes divided by occupation. Also, one guy eats a scorpion. 2015.02.25 275

Bye Bye, Parks And Recreation

You're five thousand candles in the wind. 2015.02.25 175

Mad Love

A skeleton arrives for Madison (possibly only the first one), and Jason's baby is born. 2015.02.25 19

Larva Nude Girls!

The artists are forced to work in nature for an insect-inspired body-painting challenge that -- yes -- means their models are au naturel. 2015.02.25 39

The Less Than Amazing Race

Yolanda forces the Housewives to have fun that in no way involves pinot gris. 2015.02.25 666

Finger-Lickin' Politickin' Fried Chicken

Leroy and Nia win Power Couple after a truck-jumping challenge, but it's Wes who proves to be the best at gameplay. 2015.02.25 33

Ali Wants To Hug It Out, Which Goes Over As Well As You'd Expect

Spencer makes a bloody mess and doesn't even offer to get a towel. 2015.02.25 70

A Face-Punch For Liberty

The season ends on a traditional note: good guys are exonerated and partially redeemed, while bad guys are captured or at least severely punched. 2015.02.25 131

A Break In The Clouds

People actually smile on Switched at Birth this week. And then there's Mingo. But let's focus on the smiles. 2015.02.25 36

EHG Mini: Pushed Envelopes

Celebrating TV subversion. 2015.02.25 0