Why Are These People Freaking Out?

Oh, here's why: on a new Revenge, Emily finally learns about the return of someone from her past. Quick! Somebody lock them both up! 2014.10.19 18

I Am A Notable Item In A Jar

Sweet freedom was mine until it was ripped from my grasp! 2014.10.19 102

Will Maura Tierney's Likability Ruin The Affair?

A beloved actor is a so-far-unwitting victim of The Affair, which is a problem since she's CLEARLY better than either of the jerks Affairing. 2014.10.19 4

Stop And Frisky

New information comes to light; Aayan gets handled. 2014.10.19 23

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

The Thicky Trick Video

Today's Challenger

Apple Pie Moonshine

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Dimensional Interface

The BBC brass offer Who honcho Steven Moffat some ideas for making Clara a bit less flat. 2014.10.19 80

Why Isn't Everyone Else Perfect Like Me?

And other annoying (and hilarious) faces from The Chair. 2014.10.18 7

The Top Models Get To Partake In Real Fashion For A Change

But even Betsey Johnson and her silly tutus can't save this mess of a show. 2014.10.18 37


The future's so bright for one of the companies on this Shark Tank episode, it has to wear shades. Stupid, bleak future. 2014.10.18 21

Something's Rotten In Denmark

The Amazing Racers head to Copenhagen to serve sandwiches and learn about energy efficiency; a team forces Phil to play Dr. Phil when they melt down on the mat. 2014.10.18 186

Girls, Boys, And Farkles Meet Flaws

Middle school is the worst and people are mean. 2014.10.18 34

Bitter Pills

The first season of The Knick features lots of doctoring, but very few actual cures. 2014.10.17 34


Fitz's daughter gets involved in a potential sex tape scandal, and Olivia has to nip it in the bud. Meanwhile, Jake thinks he might finally have the chance to nail Rowan to the wall, so that should totally work out. 2014.10.17 101

Everyone Knows Zeek Isn't Actually Dying, Right?

While some Bravermans freak out about Zeek not feeling like taking a walk since his open-heart surgery five minutes ago, others are intrigued by glamorous new Academy students. 2014.10.17 65

Fail Caesar

It's the usual dullish first half of a Project Runway finale when the designers head to Rome and Tim heads to their homes. 2014.10.17 274

Through With The Looking Glass

Annalise peels away her layers, and the show gets back on track. 2014.10.17 117

That's One Pricey Meatball

A face-off with tailgate food gives one Loser immunity, but could send another one packing. 2014.10.16 39

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

That reference is particularly apt for Mark this week. 2014.10.16 48

Grey's Anatomy Is A Carousel And Nobody Can Get Off

Everybody knows that Meredith and Maggie are sisters now, and their late mom gets more screen time than most of the currently-alive characters do. 2014.10.16 110

This Means War

Rayna upstages Jeff hard, and now he's gunning for her kids. (Not like that!) 2014.10.16 117

Jenna's Back In Her Serious Glasses For A Serious Disclosure

While Jenna shares with Dr. Jenn the horrific details of her past, Nikki and Juan Pablo are somehow still fighting about how he won't say 'I love you' even though, at this point, would you? 2014.10.16 27

Is Nurse Jackson The Worst Nurse In TV History?

Red Band Society tries to compare Nurse Jackson to another TV nurse (you know the one), but she is found wanting. 2014.10.16 16

Battle Of The Quinns

What's in a name? That which we call a government spook by any other name would still be as troubled. 2014.10.16 1

Roman Hell-iday

Gordon Ramsay asks his would-be chefs to pull an Italian job, but the end result is a meal you probably should refuse. 2014.10.16 33

Twin Killing

With Rocker out of the game, who will step up to fill the jackass vacancy? Let's find out! 2014.10.16 176

Gloomy Arrow

It's a shame about Sara, huh? The only way to get over her is to engage in ludicrous motorcycle-based stunt fighting. 2014.10.16 308

Teen Mom 2, Starring 2.5 Moms And Zero Teens

Kailyn and Jenelle show how much they've matured by wearing a blazer and brown hair, respectively. 2014.10.16 117

EHG 46: Dead And Circuses

American Horror Story returns for a season set in a freak show. Joe Reid returns to discuss it! 2014.10.15 17

'Heaven Help Me For The Way I Am'

Elsa makes several terrible business decisions, while Bette and Dot (mostly Dot) give a 'Criminal' performance. 2014.10.15 143

Padma Spits! Blais Swallows!

So many chefs and so many chicken dinners on the Top Chef: Boston season premiere. 2014.10.15 172

'So You're Both Complete Morons. Wonderful.' - Peter Gallagher's Eyebrows.

An alienated twentysomething goes on a stabbing spree. SVU's new deputy chief goes on an eye-rolling spree. 2014.10.15 32


Barry battles a man who can create copies of himself. He also battles some inner demons, but those are less visually appealing. 2014.10.15 93

Uncool As Ice

It may be time to admit that the goofball who calls himself 'Cig Neutron' is actually very good at this. 2014.10.15 67

Poor Non-Blondes

Seems like all the Below Deck brunet(te)s are bumming this week. Who's the worst? 2014.10.15 119

The King Of Hell Could Really Use Him Some Match.com

If Dean isn't breaking hearts, he's staking them, the big meanie. 2014.10.15 130

Agents Of Quippiness

Tracking the traditional mix of clumsy exposition and nearly-Whedonesque dialogue that makes up an episode. 2014.10.15 80

The Prodigal Son Returns

And Lea Michele shows up for what appears to be no reason at all. 2014.10.14 104

Pharrell Is A Life Coach, Basically

Puns and poop advice abound in Night 2 of the Battle Round! 2014.10.14 38