We Shore Wish Below Deck Mediterranean Would Air A Reunion Show

But that's not happening, so let's see who's a buoy and who's a barnacle one last time. 2016.07.27

Star Trek: The Next Generation Predicted Just How Far Pokémon Go Could Go

Al Lowe's not a crackpot, but she just wonders: is it already too late? 2016.07.27

Watch Seth Meyers's Strongly Worded Message To Bernie Or Bust-ers On Late Night

'"I don't know anyone who's going to vote for Trump!" Oh, you don't? Did you ask everybody in your yoga class?' 2016.07.27

TV Web Content: From Netscape 1.0 to VR Mr. Robot

Creating online worlds for TV shows with former NBC digital media producer Joya Balfour. 2016.07.27

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Mr. Wu's Man-Eating Pigs

Today's Challenger

Laverne's L

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

EHG Mini: To Boldly Guest

Picking Star Trek: Discovery guest stars from Bryan Fuller's stable of actors. 2016.07.27

'Miri' Faces 'And The Children Shall Lead' In The Battle Of The Star Trek Brats

Star Trek: TOS takes a clear position on kids, which is that they're kind of the worst. But which are the worst of the worst? 2016.07.27

Debra Messing Spoke On Night 2 Of The 2016 Democratic National Convention

But maybe this honour could have been...more of an honour. 2016.07.26

The Bachelorette's Men Tell All (Now, With More Chad!)


Which Of Bryan Fuller's Repertory Players Should Make A Discovery?

Bryan Fuller has lots of old friends from canceled shows. Which ones should appear on his new Star Trek series? 2016.07.26

AMC Has Renewed Turn For A Fourth And Final Season

Let's hope they don't leave on a cliffhanger!!! 2016.07.26

Star Trek: The Next Generation S03: Oh Crap, Son, It’s The Borg

But that's just one highlight in our more descriptive Season 3 episode blurbs. 2016.07.26

Patrick Stewart 'Wanders Through The Alphabet' With A Random Musical Number On The Set Of TNG

Not sure if this is an outtake or a dream sequence or what. Definitely know it's cute. 2016.07.26

After 'Fugitive,' Who Is UnREAL's Biggest Scumbag?

Rachel reluctantly tells Coleman her life's biggest secret, but does his next move put him at the bottom of the episode's moral rankings? 2016.07.26

Watch As The Hungry For Power Games Descend Upon The DNC On The Late Show

That podium is the most closely guarded place on earth! 2016.07.26

Vote For The Best Star Trek Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets a DonorsChoose.org donation and some dilithium crystals! Boldly go vote today! 2016.07.26

So You Think You Can Dance Is Starting With The Kid In The Mirror

The top nine dancers all perform in their home styles, with their mentors. It means JT knocks out a Travis Wall routine, while Nigel lectures the kids on how to be good little soldiers. 2016.07.26

Star Trek: Enterprise Should Have Been Evil The Entire Time

Monty's not a crackpot just because he thinks the final episode of Enterprise should have turned the entire series on its head. 2016.07.26

Is It Possible That Vicki Has Hit A New Low On The Real Housewives Of Orange County?

Shannon's long-awaited '70s party brings up some far-out, burning questions. 2016.07.26

The Bachelorette Thais Her Wagon To Two Boring Stars!

JoJo brings her dudes to Thailand for zero Thai stuff, but plenty of overnight action. 2016.07.26

EHG 124: Where No EHG Has Gone Before: The Star Trek Fantasy Draft

Variety's Mo Ryan and draft captain David Snyder join us to explore distant worlds...and fight over who gets Spock. 2016.07.26

Limber Up Your Fingers: It's The All-TV-Shows 'Live Long And Prosper' Supercut!

Spock would be so proud, if pride were an emotion he were capable of feeling. 2016.07.26

Watch A Trailer For Season 6 Of Teen Mom

You know how when you go see your therapist, you wear a fully sequined jumpsuit? Farrah does. 2016.07.25

Tom Snyder Got Deep With Kelley, Doohan, And Koenig On Tomorrow

The layout of the ship, the show's cult status, and whether the network wanted everyone in the cast. 2016.07.25

The Time SNL Boldly Went Where No One Had Gone Before

Everyone remembers William Shatner telling Trekkers to get a life, but do you remember when Khan shut the Enterprise down for a health code violation? 2016.07.25

Don't Swear On The King James Bible In The Big Brother House

A five-act HoH competition sets the stage for a Jacobean tragedy. 2016.07.25

Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Suspiciously Little Trouble On RHONJ

A relatively tame episode sets the stage for later popping-off. 2016.07.25

Again With This: Everyone's Favourite Couple

As Josh closes in, Kelly and Brandon's ruse gets a lot less ruse-y. 2016.07.25

EHG Mini: John's Sopranos TV Forcening

In which John learns an important truth about Alicia Witt. 2016.07.25

And Now, George Takei: A Cameo Compilation

A tribute to an actor who's really mastered one very memorable role: himself! 2016.07.25

Welcome To Star Trek Week!

Boldly going into the franchise's every TV nook and cranny. 2016.07.25

Battle Of The New York City Attorneys: Law & Order's Ben Stone vs. The Night Of's Jack Stone

But who will prevail, the prosecution or the defense? Sarah D. Bunting reviews the evidence. 2016.07.24

Can Jonel Act Her Age On Intervention?

Years of suboxone and hopelessness have put a decade on the 23-year-old's face. Can she turn back the clock? 2016.07.24

Big Brother’s Boot-ees Bitterly, Brutally Battle Back

Evicted houseguests compete head-to-head using recycled HoH challenge props to determine which one of them will get to go back into the house. Everyone’s a glutton for punishment, I guess. 2016.07.23