The Amazing Race Throws A Big Fat Chaotic Wedding

During the season’s second India leg, The Amazing Race throws an unexpected twist at the final five, but in some cases, the bigger obstacles to victory are the very folks these people have chosen to run the race with. 2015.11.28 57

Don't Stink Twice, It's All Right (On MasterChef Junior)

The pint-sized chefs crinkle their noses thanks to an ingredient list that's a little on the fragrant side. 2015.11.27 14

Big Love(s), American-Style

Sherlock and Joan get involved in some complicated living arrangements on this week's Elementary. 2015.11.27 30

Let's Rank Empire's Greatest Ladies!

Yes, Cookie, Candace did call you 'Loretha'!!! 2015.11.26 0

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Leslie Knope's 'Parents Just Don't Understand'

Today's Challenger

'Also, I can kill you with my brain'

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Survivor Presents A Double Dose Of Double-Crossing

Inclement weather and a smug host rubbing it in their faces make things miserable for the Survivors, but one in particular is having an extra-crappy time out there. 2015.11.26 298

Empire Tries To Blind Us With Bull

Between the Pepsi, the deception, and the streaming, everyone's eyes are brown as can be. 2015.11.26 56

Is Jessica Jones, In Fact, A Piece Of Shit?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by S01E06 of Jessica Jones! 2015.11.25 41

The Scream Queens And Chad's Family Celebrate Thanksgiving By Digging Up The Past And Calling Each Other Names

Just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans, only with more…okay…less murder. 2015.11.25 44

Back In The Old Country

Nashville's Hayden Panettiere played Amanda Knox in a Lifetime movie a few years back. Should you check it out? 2015.11.25 3

Dancing With The Stars Delivers A Finale Of Filler

The show puts on quite an extravaganza of nonsense before crowning the winner in the last five minutes. 2015.11.25 150

Rocky In A Hard Place

The self-pity party's kind of a bust in the first half of the Below Deck reunion. 2015.11.25 218

Ranking Jessica Jones's Victories Against The Patriarchy

While a plot to kidnap Kilgrave goes awry, Jessica is still able to score some major points for Team Sisters Doin' It For Themselves. 2015.11.25 30

Top Ten Time

Pharrell finds his sass, Korin finds more of Gwen's wardrobe, but Carson still hasn't found a razor on The Voice. 2015.11.25 25

Lettuce Make A Deal

Two of Sarah D. Bunting's favorite foods -- lobster roll and pie -- might leave a bad taste in Marcus Lemonis's mouth. 2015.11.24 20

I Am The Target-Practice Mannequin On The Left

Words of wisdom from the second most important bullet magnet in town. 2015.11.24 29

Watch A Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

TV superheroes new and old are all over Lunch And A Show! 2015.11.24 3

Vanderpump Rules Puts the 'Shun' in 'Intervention'

If you were looking for step-by-step instructions for how not to help a friend with a drug problem, Scheana and her pals are here for you. 2015.11.24 109

Jane The Virgin Needs To Get Rid Of Magda

Surely at some point she's going to be near a flight of stairs...? 2015.11.24 45

How To Get Away With Murder Star Conrad Ricamora Wasn't Even Supposed To Make It Past The Pilot

Now he's got a regular TV gig. And he's starring in a Broadway musical. And he's talking to Mark Blankenship! 2015.11.24 2

In Soviet Union, Blindspot Watch YOU

A Russian sleeper cell enters its endgame, Patterson seeks vengeance, and Jane blames herself...possibly correctly. Also, frenching! 2015.11.24 40

Dancing With The Stars Gets Larger Than Life

Will it be Nick, Bindi, Alek, or Carlos going home in the penultimate episode? 2015.11.24 119

Meet Jessica Jones's Cage Heat

Can we interest you in a cocktail? 2015.11.24 43

EHG 96: The Marvel-ous Jessica Jones

John Ramos and Nick Rheinwald-Jones (no relation) get punchy talking comic-book charisma, and co-pitching a Canon! 2015.11.24 15

Singers Sing, Coaches Cry

It's cute how Blake thinks he's being coy with his #TeamGwen support. 2015.11.24 43

'He Made That Happen'

Stand-your-ground laws come to grief in 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets. 2015.11.23 2

Gotham Goes Underground

The secret was right below us the whole time. Unless you're in the basement; then it was on the same level as you. 2015.11.23 47

Is Depression Just Status Quo On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

CrazyXGF continues delving into just how sad its characters are. But it's funny! Really! 2015.11.23 51

Supergirl Is A Not-So-Super Nanny

Kara's being asked to handle every ball -- except the ones she wants to. 2015.11.23 57

Get Ready To Gorge On Thanksgiving TV

It's a real dog's breakfast of marathon-able programming this year. 2015.11.23 4

The Leftovers Introduces The Five People You Kill In Heaven

Kevin tries to fulfill his purpose in the afterlife in an adventurous episode of The Leftovers. 2015.11.23 122

Divorce And Other Colonics

The women of Atlanta detox via colonics, charity, poor planning, and crumbling marriages. And they've never looked better. 2015.11.23 102

'I'm Marrying A Weird Guy,' Says Resigned 90 Day Fiancé

The couples continue to settle in, with mixed results. Who fared the best and worst this week? 2015.11.23 172

What Happens When The Kardashians Head To A Land Down Under?

Australia thanks Kardashians for sending Khloe, aware that if Kim came, there'd be no Vegemite left down under. Al Lowe has questions! 2015.11.23 55

Should You Take Up Residence In The High Castle?

In The Man In The High Castle, the Nazis won WWII. Is it a world you should visit? 2015.11.23 37