Hail To The King, Baby

Bruce Campbell brings Santa Claus to The Librarians -- or is it the other way around? 2014.12.22 13

Adal's House

Carrie might lose more than one father figure as Homeland's quiet finale sets the stage for next season. 2014.12.22 53

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Prison Mike

Today's Challenger

Beth's Rundown Of What Various Synonyms For 'Pretty' Mean

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

If The Mountain Won't Come To Mohamed, Mohamed Will Get The Hell Out of Norwalk

On the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé, blissfully married couple Mohamed and Danielle face some tiny challenges, and the rest of the couples finally tie the knot. 2014.12.22 87

Woman-On-Woman Violence

Valerie's need to save her marriage rams into Jane's need for good footage. 2014.12.21 15

Hardened Criminals

Long-buried evidence is dug up, then buried again as Sieg and Ziane's revelations only cause more confusion. 2014.12.20 13

Math Hysteria

It's the final leg of Season 25, and the only things standing between one team and a million dollars are a plate glass window, a rescue dummy, and a bunch of numbers. 2014.12.20 234

Worse Than Death

Sarah and John learn Neal's fate, marvel at how dumb a once-smart show got as White Collar pulls its last job. 2014.12.19 89

Cop Land

The force is out in force as Holmes and Watson track down a cop-killer. 2014.12.19 41

What Will Happen When Amy Adams Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Like, think they'll talk about that whole thing with The Interview at all? 2014.12.19 53

'Stephen Colbert' Is Dead/Immortal. Long Live Stephen Colbert!

The Colbert Report signs off with a moment that hints at how delightfully weird The Late Show With Stephen Colbert might be. 2014.12.19 20

'Jay's Jacket Was, Like, Rikers In The Castro: The Musical'

It's a three-fer challenge this week: real people/menswear/teams! Who needs to learn how to play well with others and/or design around a penis? Your editors discuss! 2014.12.19 124

The Biggest (Maha-)Loser

Chopper rides, bonding, and huge huge numbers make Hawaii a paradise for our heroes. 2014.12.18 15

The Ballad Of Pepper That No One Asked For

An episode chock-full of flashbacks and flashforwards reveals the origin and ultimate fate of everyone's favorite pinhead (of the two we know). 2014.12.18 80

The Power And The Glory

Behold the fifth season's Big Bad. ...No, not the wardrobe department. Technically. 2014.12.18 11

Stephen Colbert Throws The World's Most Patriotic Yard Sale

The greatest value of all is, of course, freedom. 2014.12.18 5

Padma Needs A Big Sausage

And after she gets one, we finally kick off the Top Chef book club no one was clamoring for. 2014.12.18 112

Winnie, Twinnie, Chicken Dinnie?

Will the most strategic player make it through the dangerous final tribal councils, or is your faithful correspondent doomed to disappointment yet again? 2014.12.18 459

Hell's Kitchen Is Other People

Hell's Kitchen crowns its Top Chef...uh, no, something else. 2014.12.18 28

The 100 Is The Most Feminist Show On TV

To be fair, Alex only watches this, The Real Housewives, and The Newsroom, so his barometer may be off. 2014.12.17 54

Watch A Trailer For The Final Season Of Parks & Recreation

Remember how it's set two years in the future? Well...hmmmmm. 2014.12.17 7

Shouldn't All Men Try Picking Up Women Using Techniques Recommended By Jon Hamm?

Tara is not a crackpot for thinking that, techno-ethics aside, Black Mirror's PUA is...not really that gross? 2014.12.17 11

Profit And Loss Statements

It's the Where Are They Now? ep we've been waiting for -- but is it worth investing in? 2014.12.17 17

'I Don't Want To Ruin This Incredible Occasion By Inviting My Friends'

Another disjointed episode finds Lisa V. receiving a star on the 'Palm Beach Walk Of Stars,' which is like the Hollywood one, but gayer. 2014.12.17 291

'My Notes: "Get Rid Of The Nails. You're In Or You're Out."'

The discernment period ends for the women of The Sisterhood, and your editors discuss their meaningful spiritual journey for the last time. 2014.12.17 50

All The Colors of Ms. Rainbow

Black-ish's leading lady is awesome because she seems like a real person. 2014.12.17 10

Bones Of Contention

Real World: Skeletons sets new records for contrivance, rapid roommate beef, ill-advised frenching. 2014.12.17 25

If You Didn't Vote, You Can't Complain (About The Voice)

The Voice crowns its seventh victor; Stephanie delivers her last rankings of the season. 2014.12.17 113

When The Children Fry

Who's finishing first and will forever change the way the rest of us eat?! 2014.12.17 103

Waldorf And Statler Cracking Themselves Up vs. Marla Bevers's Extraneous Toe

It's The Muppet Show's hecklers loving their job vs. an appendage more useless than the appendix! 2014.12.17 2