It's Not the Leech That Sucks Around Here

Derek is back, Meredith's streak is over, Owen acts like a dick, and the dialogue is as repetitive as the storylines. 2015.03.26 21

'I Want To Be Cross With You But You Make Me Laugh'

The Housewives hit (but mostly miss) the links for a light day of golf and yelling at each other about heroin addiction. 2015.03.26 9

Face Off Kids Around With Some Imaginary Friends

The facetestants each team up with a kid to bring children's fantasy pals to life. 2015.03.26 42

Battle Of The Chrises Noth

Chris Noth has played several dicks on TV. Which one is the biggest? 2015.03.26 7

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Grr! Argh!

Today's Challenger

Pawnee City Hall's Historical Murals

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Every Show Needs A Little Dick (Wolf)

Foolproof lupine franchise options for four hit shows. 2015.03.26 0

Will Chitara Find Her Thrill With Priscilla?

Chitara's online girlfriend dumped her ass, and even though they never met, she's desperate enough for closure to go on this show to track her down. 2015.03.26 30

Dick In A Box

In Season 4 of The Wire, dicks pop up all over. 2015.03.26 3

Be A Private Detective, Or Just Look Like One

For Dick Week, we've assembled the ultimate private detective outfit with the help of some of TV's greatest dicks. 2015.03.26 2

Sob Sister, Part The Umpteenth

Carisi's sister's baby daddy is raped by his P.O., because SVU siblings can't just have boring functional lives ever. 2015.03.26 22

Nothing Would Be Easy If Your Colors Were Like My Dreams

The Top 9 are revealed as the Hoff strips a little and Boy George giggles along. 2015.03.26 85

Sam And Dean Go To Church And Meet A Hot Nun

Dean might be a dick to women, but he goes to confession, so it's cool. 2015.03.26 68

Unexpected Heroism

A recurring villain gets some character development, just in time for it not to matter that much. 2015.03.26 278

Turtle Power

Just in time for Dick Week, two of the season's douchiest Survivors form a passionate bro-lliance. Also, there are sea turtles. 2015.03.26 193

EHG Mini: Modern Horror Family

Grafting Modern Family onto American Horror Story. 2015.03.26 0

The Most Recognizable Dick In Sports

Dick Vitale: unquestionably good man, completely unwatchable high-profile sports broadcaster. 2015.03.26 1

'Hello, You've Reached Unlucky Old Lady Inc.!'

The mail robot probably would have tried harder to avoid getting the crap kicked out of it by Gaad if it knew it would be sent to a facility where a sweet senior citizen would interrupt a couple of spies. 2015.03.25 133

Strange Bedfellows

An estranged couple reunites, an odd couple breaks up, and Hardy and Ellie hit the road in search of answers. 2015.03.25 66

Outstanding Female Dicks

As Samantha Fox sort of said, dicky girls need love too. 2015.03.25 18

Time Keeps On Slippin', Slippin', Slippin'

Barry learns that meddling with time comes with its own set of consequences. 2015.03.25 117

'If You're Relieved, Say You're Relieved'

The Newlyweds, ranked from least to most dicky. 2015.03.25 13

'Before You Go Any Further, Your Nipple's Hanging Out'

Adrienne Maloof's party celebrating absolutely nothing provides the scene for a rather lackluster finale. 2015.03.25 483

'A' Is Revealed, Kind Of, And It's All The Horror Movie Tropes You Can Eat

The season finale is impressively creepy, and the dresses ain't bad either. 2015.03.25 176

Impending Parenthood

The Mindy Project needs to unhand the heart-strings. 2015.03.25 48

'There's Just Something About His Face That's Not What I Pictured'

For Dick Week, we're ranking the idiots on Married At First Sight in terms of overall dickishness, based on our highly scientific dick-points rating system! 2015.03.25 77

Can't Stop 'Til You Puke Enough

After Nia, Nany, and Bananas left last week, there are officially zero dicks left in the final. But which non-dicks will triumph? 2015.03.25 40

Here Comes The Triple Cross

Skye feels betrayed, even though it's Coulson who has actual traitors in his midst. It's only a matter of time before one of them turns out to be a secret good guy, though. 2015.03.25 84

EHG Mini: More More More-gy

Which shows should join True Detective on the group-sex bandwagon? 2015.03.25 7

'Don Draper's Totally Naked, But In A Classy Way'

Here's how Emmy-worthy dramas can embrace full-frontal male nudity. 2015.03.25 4

Justified Starts Mapping Out The Path To The Finale

And some detours are REALLY unexpected. 2015.03.24 80

Everyone's Mean To Blake

And Nate Ruess is still here, dickin' around. 2015.03.24 41

'Missed You At The Zombie Social Last Night!'

David Anders sinks his teeth into iZombie. 2015.03.24 68

Nip/Tuck's Biggest Problem Was Its Two Big Dicks

Alex finally finishes his Marathon Diary and finds Christian and Sean to be the biggest schlongs of all. 2015.03.24 4

A Rich Dick Gets One Last Outing In Kroll Show's Series Finale

And Wendy's 'bris mitzvah' is bound to be a lot of farn. 2015.03.24 4

We've Come To Bury Rags To Riches (In A Bomb Shelter), Not Praise It

Our time with the Foleys ends with them confronting nuclear paranoia -- making the episode even more tone-deaf than usual. 2015.03.24 6

Howard Hamlin Can Even Dick Over A Subordinate In Silence

Well, Jimmy can hear him. But this great moment from the latest Better Call Saul proves Patrick Fabian's dick chops without any audible dialogue. 2015.03.24 179

Teen Mom OG, Where 'OG' Stands for 'Obvious Greed'

Two pedicures, two trips to Tennessee, and only three Teen Moms -- for now. 2015.03.24 87

Wasted Time

After two interminable hours of The Following, Poe Head got girl-drink drunk. Don't worry, Sarah confiscated the trampoline. 2015.03.24 41

Rule Number One Of Seducing A Lesbian: Don't Be A Dick!

You'd think it would be obvious, but not during Dick Week. 2015.03.24 67