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Celebrity Wife Swap Pits An NFL Star Against An Oscar-Winning Hip-Hop Artist, With Meh Results

The season closes with a dull outing starring two checked-out dads. Yes, again. 2014.07.30 3

Shark! Or! 'Nado?!

It's the game that's sweeping the country: should a show have a shark added to the cast, or a tornado? 2014.07.30 2

Disbelief System

An overall fun episode (Tipsy Taylor!) still had a lot of headscratchers. Sarah made a list. 2014.07.30 22

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

The Shirtless Sulu Of 'The Naked Time'

Today's Challenger

Clone High's Nod To The Royal Tenenbaums

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Battle Of The Little Edies And Big Messes

The first of three reunions that might as well be called The Drunker Games does not address Aviva throwing her leg across the room, but we do find out that Sonja might be breaking into the world of canned wine. 2014.07.30 221

Meat And Great

Joe and Tim wonder whether to invest in a charcuterie. Sarah wonders about other things. 2014.07.30 5

'I Don't Want To Marry A Schmuck. So Are You A Schmuck?'

More of the beautiful love story between Jamie Otis and Doug Something, in their own words. 2014.07.30 44

J Peterman Creates A Monster Uglier Than The Urban Sombrero

And other more accurate episode loglines for the fifth season of The X Files. 2014.07.30 0

Hey! Lookit Me!

Guess which of these contestants has given himself a silly name. Go on, guess. 2014.07.30 33

EHG 38: Making Up Is Hard To Do

Face Off returns, and Monty Ashley joins us to talk about it! 2014.07.29 9

Should You Let Love Child Into Your Heart?

Sarah runs the numbers on a doc that explores gaming addiction's role in the death of an infant. Proceed with caution. 2014.07.29 7

Chester's Mill Promises The Trial Of The Fortnight

If you conspired to infect a significant number of Dome residents, you'd have to expect SOME kind of reprisal, right? RIGHT?! 2014.07.29 64

Requiem For A Brigadier

There's one character death that Steven Moffat can't take back. 2014.07.29 9

Will Sophia Get A Grip?

Brandon tells all, while Mariana and Jesuszzzzz…ugh. Those two need something to do. Still, Al Lowe has questions. 2014.07.29 85

The SAnd(i)s Of Time

On the long-awaited Bachelorette finale, Andi does some good ol' fashioned dumpin'. Should you watch the carnage? 2014.07.29 284

Tyrant Just Needs To Believe In Itself!

Who amongst us hasn't blanched at running a dictatorship? 2014.07.29 29

Bar: None

Networks like it when they don't have to do much work, so Fox was pretty happy with an episode that drove everyone to drink except for them. 2014.07.29 49

My Dinner With Jerry

Switched At Birth calls in the reinforcements from Pawnee as Daphne wilds out. 2014.07.29 27

Table For Poo

A romance-themed episode culminates in crappy truffles as Mrs. Ramsay comes for dinner. 2014.07.28 111

The Lottery Is Wonderful Trash

If you're hungry for junk food, Lifetime has your salty popcorn. 2014.07.28 12

Should You Sign Up For Manhattan?

We've run the numbers, and you should check out the explosive results! 2014.07.28 21

Kill Bill?

On a smart, zippy True Blood, Bill's fading fast, but there's hope yet. Or IS there? (There is.) 2014.07.28 106

Zach Attack

Between Team America’s latest mission and Zach being Zach, collateral damage runs rampant around the nominations. 2014.07.28 58


The production lights a fire under S6's designated she-said/she-said fights while Milania cruises for a bruising. 2014.07.28 120

Twin-cest For The Win-cest

Adam isn't sure where this season is going but he knows that a whole lot of siblings make out or almost make out this week. Plus, tentacles! 2014.07.27 35

The Fart Faces Of The Strain Are Getting Worse

There are some side effects, it turns out. And you're really not gonna like them. 2014.07.27 3

Masters Of Sex Alternates Fighting And Fu-- 'Making Love'

Bill tries to take his mind off an upsetting delivery by nailing Virginia in front of a championship prize fight. It kind of works? 2014.07.27 43

Shh! It's In The Bag!

On a Leftovers filled with body bags and missing shirts, what's lost and what's found? And what's Neil getting, Patti? 2014.07.27 70

Ask A Vampire Makeup Artist Who's Been Doing This For A While

The Master's majordomo knows how to keep up appearances. 2014.07.27 57

Girl Breaks Father's Heart

Lessons in dancing and Darwin pair nicely! 2014.07.25 42

Who Put The 'Boot' In The Marriage Boot Camp Finale?

An amateur drinker goes on Hall Pass and gets real drunk, and then everyone goes to the ring ceremony, with predictable results. 2014.07.25 10

The Roast With The Least

Last Comic Standing proves once again that insulting strangers is the purest form of comedy. 2014.07.25 40

Brussels Sprouts Genius Crime Series with Salamander

The Wheel Of Murder pretty much runs over Al Lowe in Belgium. 2014.07.25 3

Two Solid Teams Make for a Curiously Uneventful Hollywood Game Night

An episode full of good players with minimal antics leaves Adam with very little to make fun of! 2014.07.25 34

Beat My Shorts

Project Runway returns, along with Nina Garcia's tiresomely unsuccessful Michael Kors homages and some side butt. Yay? 2014.07.25 196

Family Hour

One houseguest gets sad news from home before another houseguest heads there. 2014.07.25 67

Fashion Slow

Unlucky Season 13 of Project Runway is here, and the executives at Lifetime who took the time to half-watch it are NOT amused. 2014.07.25 3

The 1985 Version Of The Fringe Credits vs. Tex Avery's Sandwichbot

It's late twentieth century Fringe title sequence realness vs. a futuristic cartoon vision of convenience! 2014.07.25 0