'Don't Waste The Asshole Edit On Benjamin When You've Got A Perfectly Good Helen Lying Around'

Project Runway: All-Stars kicks off its fourth bid for designer redemption (or re-triumph, in the case of the two returnees); your editors discuss! 2014.10.31 76

Brimful Of Asher

High marks for the class clown this week. 2014.10.31 52

What Will Happen When Chris Rock Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

And given his New Girl guest shot, why isn't Prince doing double duty?! 2014.10.31 8

Who's Lying Now?

Olivia wants to believe Jake is innocent, but then she gets duped by Brian Benben and can't trust her instincts. 2014.10.31 48

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor

Today's Challenger

'The Nimon Be Praised!'

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

Paris Has A Lot Of Stripes And Polka Dots

Three more kids make six more dresses, and then hopes and dreams get crushed. 2014.10.31 13

Love Among The Potpourri Of Freaks

A three-month time jump brings Max closer to Dylan...but does it bring Dylan closer to Max? 2014.10.31 31

Luck Be A Ladle Tonight

A tread-mauling challenge sends one team to Sin City. 2014.10.31 10

Around These Parts, Homecoming Just Means Corn Mazes And Death

Are we really leaving the '90s? Because Liane Bonin Starr was totally going to get some chunky platforms. 2014.10.31 47

The Boy Is Back In Town

Watson tackles the ultimate 'locked room' mystery in motion while giving Holmes the coldest shoulder. 2014.10.30 43

Char Thing

Char and Korina hug it out, Hernan chugs champers, and more from the Project Runway reunion. 2014.10.30 77

Pressing A Point

Unhappy with the lack of attention Danny's case is getting, the Solanos take their case public, to Renee's delight. 2014.10.30 21

Halloween, Part 2: The Search For Twisty's Soul

A flashback-heavy episode reveals how Elsa lost her legs and how Twisty became…whatever he is. 2014.10.30 115

Battle Of The Chair Movies

Sarah D. Bunting's will-win/should-win prediction based on a handful of critical metrics. 2014.10.30 27

Juan Pablo And Nikki Continue Their Inevitable March To Breakupville

And elsewhere, Treach reconnects with his terrible father. 2014.10.30 21

Take Meat Out To The Ball Game

Top Chef: Boston draws its inspiration from the food at Fenway Park. 2014.10.30 112

Most Logos

On the season's snappiest Nashville yet, the CMA announcements threaten to drive a wedge between Rayna and Luke...if the onscreen branding doesn't crush them first! 2014.10.30 139

Too Many Archers

Yet another bow-and-arrow expert stops by Starling City, but this one's on the side of good. Well, and assassinations. 2014.10.30 174

Water, Water, Every Win

When Water can't foil Blood on their own, the Bags O' Puzzle Pieces will step in to help. 2014.10.30 149

Grounder Beef

The Earth's most primitive tribespeople are having a pretty tough week, but Clarke is here to save the day, maybe. 2014.10.29 25

So Much Junk

Tori's hoarded storage space and Dean's cancelled vasectomy bring up a lot of stuff for everyone. 2014.10.29 108

So Sue Me

Something's rotten in Fairfield -- and it's Swanson's fish market. Will Marcus Lemonis cut bait? 2014.10.29 47

Pharrell Is Too Optimistic For His Own Good

Stars don't sit still, they twinkle. 2014.10.29 93

Knight After Knight

A season full of neat makeup comes down to a swordfight. Done by people in neat makeup. 2014.10.29 5

Get Snart

Barry's newest nemesis wants him to chill out, while his oldest friend thinks he should go up in Smoak. 2014.10.29 93

The Brothers Grim Take A Werewolf Bite Out Of Crime

Dean and Sam feel the feels and dwell and dwell on Supernatural. 2014.10.29 83

The Romantic Pairings of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Checking in on the various doomed love affairs that occupy the agents' time when they're not saving the world. 2014.10.29 90

The Sons Of An-ARRRR-chy

A key character loses an eye, so it's obvious that Sons is just a modern retelling of Captain Hook's origin story. 2014.10.28 130

Is This Transparent's Definitive Scene?

Maura's S01E06 dinner monologue is pretty much the greatest. 2014.10.28 5

Should You Hear Arguments For Benched?

USA is moving away from comedy -- but first, this new sitcom about a disgraced lawyer. 2014.10.28 13

It's Just A Jump To The Left

And then a step to the riii-iii-iiiight as the couples take on Halloween in individual and team dances. 2014.10.28 187

Mama Said Knock You Out

Oh look, Taylor Swift is here! 2014.10.28 59

Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet. I'm Hunting Cwichés.

This episode of The Blacklist is still pretty good, even if we've seen it before. 2014.10.28 50

Dressing Up Like A Goat And Sacrificing Rich Girls Is SO Ten Years Ago!

In a case that exposes Bullock's shockingly-more-likable past, the detectives track down a ritual killer who preys on Gotham's young and wealthy. 2014.10.28 87

United States Marine Corpse

Sheriff Corbin's son is back from active duty, and he's got major problems. As it were. 2014.10.27 154

Danielle Doesn't Seem Bothered That Mohamed Won't Touch Her Until After They're Married

And maybe not even then! Elsewhere, Danny's not going to make out with Amy either, and Gabriel sells out Yamir to his fives of fans. Let's rank how happy the engagements are this week! 2014.10.27 118

Love Is An Open Bore

OUAT spins its wheels in the snow a bit, but makes up for it with a solid shot of Ice Queen realness. 2014.10.27 292

The Courtship Of Elsbeth And Josh

While Alicia's campaign addresses the God issue, in that she doesn't believe in any, Josh and Elsbeth make some progress in their weird flirtation. 2014.10.27 114