Everyone Can't Even With Robert On The 60 Days In Reunion

What to watch and what to skip as the participants do a postmortem. (Not literally.) 2016.05.27 0

The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Don't Recommend Shutting Off D'Shawn's TV Without His Consent

This is, sadly, just about the only issue of consent that's even a little bit clear in the show's Take Back The Night episode. 2016.05.27 0

If British Period Drama Turns You On, Then The Dresser Is Your Sexiest Fantasy

Starring Sirs McKellen and Hopkins, for that extra dash of class. 2016.05.27 0

Should You Tune In For The Roots Reboot?

Spoiler: slavery is still terrible. 2016.05.27 0

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain
Your Champion

Brad Womack Picking Himself

Today's Challenger

'Take Your Hat Off'

A Daily Showdown Of The Little Things That Make TV Great

EHG Mini: Sexy Genie Scenario

Turning network shows into erotic cable dramas. 2016.05.27 0

Again With This: Believe Me, She Was Into It

CU tries to take back the night, but everyone's grasp on what consent actually means is...questionable. 2016.05.27 0

Orphan Black Listens To Its Felix

After a weak start this season, the brother-sestra comes through in the clinch. 2016.05.26 0

It's The Drunk Real Housewives Of New York City Leading The Slightly Drunker

LuAnn may be homeless, but that's not going to stop her from rising like a Countess from the ashes. 2016.05.26 0

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour's Disco Medley

'Singular?' Well, yeah, they probably had more than one. But this is about all I could take in one sitting. 2016.05.26 0

Hope Saves The Day In Arrow

No, literally. That was the secret weapon. Hope. 2016.05.26 0

EHG Mini: Beach House Vacation

The TV characters we'd match up in a summer share. 2016.05.26 0

The Law & Order: SVU Finale Breaks Up The Family

A manipulative, but effective, end to Season 17. 2016.05.25 0

Royal Pains Lets Jeremiah Explore His Complex Relationship With His Biggest Rival

Frenemies Jeremiah and Rosie are forced to reconsider what they mean to each other. (Mostly the human; not so much the dog.) 2016.05.25 0

The Americans Force Don To Face The Consequences Of 'His' 'Actions'

They also celebrate Pastor Groovyhair's safe return by bringing together disparate members of the community at a (fairly awkward) dinner party. За здоровье! 2016.05.25 0

Don't Ask Nany Why The Challenge Has Hardly Any Challenges In It Anymore

It's 70 percent chapped asses this week, literal and figurative. 2016.05.25 0

What's The State Of Wayward Pines Under New Management?

And mildly interesting questions from the Season 2 premiere of M. Night Shymalan's sci-fi 'limited series.' 2016.05.25 0

'It's The Songwriting Equivalent Of Rearranging The Magnetic Letters On A Friend's Fridge To Spell "Fart"'

Adam and Sarah don't think they entirely understand what's going on in Cop Rock as their rewatch tackles baby brokers and heartbroken mud-wrestlers. 2016.05.25 0

FX Renews The Americans For Final Two Seasons

Start savoring your last two dozen episodes while you can! 2016.05.25 0

Below Deck Mediterranean Does Dinner AND A Show

...of Danny's figurative ass, when he can't stop vibing with Morgan. 2016.05.25 0

What If Jeff Probst Quit Survivor?

With Probst performing his own tribal council ritual at home, blowing out a Coconut Bay-scented Yankee Candle while weeping, 'Jeff Probst has spoken'? Yes. Of course. But what else? 2016.05.25 0

The Strange Case Of Missing Dial

NatGeo's true-crime take on the disappearance of a young outdoorsman gets overtaken by real-time events. Is this bad for the show -- or a bonus? 2016.05.25 0

Run, Barry, RUN!

Even Zoom gets a chance to urge Barry on in The Flash's finale. 2016.05.25 0

EHG Mini: Watercooler Alpha

The TV shows that first demanded that we find friends to discuss them with. 2016.05.25 0

The Voice Drags Itself Across The Finish Line

Just look at the excited faces of the finalists! Two of the four of them can't wait to crawl back into their hotel beds and forget this ever happened. 2016.05.25 0

Arranged Wives Handle Husbands Who Are Rude, Judgmental, And...Thirsty?

Somehow the guy who tells his wife he regrets marrying her is not the most objectionable one in 'Cold Feet, Hot Temper.' 2016.05.24 0

JoJo Bachelorette, Your Crazyfaces Are Calling

Twenty-five guys each try to prove to JoJo that he's her future husband. Along the way, crazyfaces occur. 2016.05.24 0

Many Many TV 'First Rule Of Fight Club' References In One Supercut

Remember when that line showed up on TV almost nightly? 2016.05.24 0

How Might Doctor Thorne Kill Off Louis?

There's no question it's going to happen in the season finale. But let's rank the methods, from most likely (and therefore plausible) to least likely (and therefore most fun). 2016.05.24 0

Southern Charm's Whitney Hates Craig, He Hates Him So F---ing Much

The soundtrack to this episode: the dulcet tones of everyone's rage. 2016.05.24 0

Dancing With The Stars Pulls Out All The Stops

Including flaming pianos, and very little clothing on the final three. 2016.05.24 0

A Power Shakeup On Real Housewives Of Dallas

Hold onto your corny dogs for the 'Goth State Fair.' 2016.05.24 0

The Bachelorette Begins Her Magical Quest

Naturally, it involves sitting on Santa's lap, because why wouldn't it? 2016.05.24 0