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TV characters tell you how the hell you should live your life.

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If you love TV, you'll like these forays into other media!

Casting Lab

Our informed recommendations for people who should be on TV shows.

Expedited Shipping

Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

I Am Not A Crackpot

Dear Mr. President: I have some unpopular conspiracy theories regarding today's TV shows, and here they are. I am NOT a crackpot.

I Am The...

Allow various (mostly) inanimate objects from TV shows to introduce themselves.


Talking to TV show people about TV show things!

King of Disparate TV Things Mountain

The never-ending battle of all the little things that make TV great.

Let's Go To The Videotape

Hop in our time machine for the best — and the rest — of TV yesteryear.

Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.


The onscreen-guide summaries never tell you anything, so we re-nutshelled some old episodes for you.

Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

Marathon Diary

Our commentators take us through the process of marathon-ing a show. We promise it'll be more interesting than hearing about the other kind of marathon where people run or whatever.


Curated TV stories, projects, videos and news found on the internet.

New Show Fact Sheet

How should you approach a new TV series? Armed with knowledge, that's how!

Oh C'mon!

Even voracious consumers of TV have to draw the line somewhere. Here are some of the lines we've drawn.


Taking you through an episode of TV with a collection of germane mini-stories.

Picture Show

Every picture tells a story -- even a TV screen grab.


Like stories you read with your ears!


Bringing you the TV of tomorrow, today. Or at least our educated guesses thereon.

Program Parole Board

It's not on DVD, you can't stream it -- it's cruel and unusual punishment (of the viewer). Set these shows free!


Putting things in order -- top tens, power rankings, and more TV by the numbers.


Breaking down each episode of our favorite formulaic shows by how closely it hews to said formula.

Show Down

Pitting plotlines, characters, episodes, and entire series against each other, and determining a victor.

Show Shot Clock

How far we made it into a highly regarded, newsy, or otherwise worthwhile program before bailing on it for a What Not To Wear rerun.

Spectrum Analysis

Your instant breakdown of an episode's very DNA.

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That Moment

Commemorating those scenes and moments that just shined.

Tinder Questions

Questions that are not quite "burning" yet, but could be at literally any second.

TV Cupid

We've found the online-dating profiles of some of TV's most notable characters.

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Helping you get through your DVR recordings as efficiently as possible.


A list of our most popular feature story types.

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