You're The Worst Lets Lindsay's Story Get Even Darker

Or: when chopping vegetables goes badly wrong.

You're The Worst has never been afraid of tackling tough subject matter. In the span of just two seasons, we've seen drugs, guns, post-traumatic stress, homelessness, infidelity, cat thievery, and talk of sex that would make Samantha Jones blush. Yet even through all of that, one of the most casually appalling throughlines of the show continues to be Lindsay and Paul's relationship.

In the Season 3 premiere, Lindsay and Paul are back together and expecting a baby, much to Gretchen's disgust. Paul is really making an effort to strengthen the marriage after their estrangement last season. He even makes the gesture of ditching that terrible recumbent bicycle. He's committed to doing things together as a family. So, when Paul tells Lindsay he has a surprise planned for them, Lindsay expects some fancy night out on the town. But, this is her nerd husband, after all, and his idea of a fun evening is starkly different than hers. He signed them up for "Red Napkin" (definitely NOT Blue Apron) and wants them to cook dinner together while listening to different bird calls, presumably so they can take up birding together.

Since the first episode, we've seen Lindsay's treatment of her husband get worse and worse. She ignores him, belittles him, and even cheats on him. The only surprising part of their inevitable break up was that Paul was the one to leave Lindsay. Without Paul's stabilizing presence, Lindsay began to spiral. By the end of last season, she was so desperate to have him back that she managed a spur-of-the-moment, DIY artificial insemination.

We know infatuation (Paul) and desperation (Lindsay) brought these two together, but it's hard to conceive of what kept them together for any length of time after that. Paul is unapologetically himself, as is Lindsay. He doesn't seem like he was ever remotely cool; Lindsay was and is a party girl. I doubt Paul just got into model airplanes and home brewing when they got married. It seems as though he has always been a stone-cold dork, albeit a lovable, kind one. Lindsay must've known the man she was marrying, and she made the decision -- however hastily -- to have his baby. All of which leads to the gasp-inducing final scene of the season premiere.

Lindsay is growing more and more angry as she chops mushrooms and listens to Paul yammering on about all the meals they're going to make together. As a viewer, it's frustrating because this entire situation -- which Lindsay finds so stifling -- is her own creation. She and Paul had broken up. She was free to start a new life, date a new man. She even got herself pregnant, without Paul's signoff. And for Lindsay, it's frustrating because she realizes just what she's sentenced herself to: a lifetime of mundane nights with a man she mostly can't stand. The magnitude of her horrible choices pushes Lindsay over the edge, from narcissist to sociopath. She snaps.



In a series that has no qualms with shocking behavior, this scene pushes what can already be a pretty grim show into a whole new spectrum of darkness.

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