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Celebrate Lucy Lawless's Birthday With A Xena Bloopers Supercut

'Are you rolling?'

What the hell? Lucy Lawless turns 48 today; what better way to celebrate than to watch her pulling faces at Renée O'Connor during a touching Sleeping Beauty scene, or wrestle angrily with a helmet that won't come out of a sack?

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Googled "xena supercut."

Who cares? I never watched X:WP but I'd heard about the, you know, subtext. Except it's...not all that sub? Recent headlines let us know the reboot will bring it "to the fore," but short of softcore, I'm not sure I know how much more fore it could, uh, play. In any case, Lawless has always seemed like a good sport about that and every other aspect of Xena, including understanding that it isn't The Wire, and her good humor in the blooper reel would tend to back that up.

Also: "don't MAKE me kill YOUUUUU" guy 2016.