Will & Grace's New Cleaner Tries To Give Grace A Mop & Glow Up

A design expo has Grace's stress at 11. New cleaner April comes into her life to motivate her by screaming in her face. But: nicely!

It's time again for the Divine Design Expo, site of many past washouts over the course of Grace's career -- which is why she's tensed up into a debilitating, stressed-out creative paralysis. Will attempts to snap her out of it by hiring a cleaner to straighten up the apartment (even though that sounds a lot more like something that would soothe Will than that Grace would even notice), but as it happens, April the cleaner is a veteran of the Coast Guard and has absolutely no patience for Grace's negative self-talk. Grace lets herself be motivated by April's bracing screams -- but then maybe motivation crosses a line into dependency. Jack meets a cute graduate student at a bookstore (of all places!), and decides his only chance at getting anywhere with a smarty is to pose as one himself -- which is how he ends up sitting at Will's desk and passing himself off as a successful attorney. How long can Jack keep it up if he's not actually familiar with such tricky jargon as "practicing law"?

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