Will & Grace Try To Save Future Game Nights By Playing Nice For Ellen

When Ellen tells Will she's not having fun playing party games with Grace, Will tries to get Grace to tone down her thirst for victory.

As far as we've seen, Rob and Ellen have long been Will and Grace's go-to game night opponents. But this arrangement may need to be revised, because Grace is extremely competitive, and Ellen's not having fun. Rob and Ellen meet privately with Will to try to get him to rein in his roommate, and when the next group outing is to a bowling alley, Grace actually demonstrates an admirable ability to forget the stakes -- to such a degree, in fact, that she forces Will to admit he's actually just as competitive as she is. Karen finds herself shaken by a near-death experience -- literally, in that she was near Stan when he choked on his dinner -- and lets Jack talk her into letting him teach her first aid, which she soon has occasion to use. We take you through Grace's most relatable moments -- for one of your co-hosts, anyway -- in our Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast on "Alley Cats"!

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