Will & Grace Try To Rise To The Occasion When They're Both Pursued By The Same Hot Bi Baker

Will love flour?

In an attempt to break their "Netflix and chillingly boring" rut, Grace signs herself and Will up for a bread making class taught by celebrity baker Jackson Boudreaux -- who's played by Nick Offerman in a blatant attempt to erase his earlier appearance on the show as a Karen-schtupping handyman! Anyway, it turns out Jackson has romantic (or, at least, horny) designs on both Will and Grace, but can the two of them handle dating the same dude? Elsewhere, Jack and Karen are so tortured by having the annoying Trucks 4 Tykes jingle running through their heads; when they can't dislodge it with a classic slap fight, more extreme measures are attempted, and yes, that is really what passes for a B-plot for these two, sigh.

Show Notes

The original Kars 4 Kids jingle:

Sarah D. Bunting's report on the worst ads to air during Mets games, including Kars 4 Kids

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