Will & Grace Try To Bury Will's Painful Memories In The Snow

Grace plans a winter cabin getaway to distract Will from his ex-anniversary with his ex Michael, but ends up finds something to keep herself warm.

One of the first things we ever learned about Will was that he is still traumatized after breaking up with his very serious boyfriend, Michael. In fact, we've heard a lot more about Will's ongoing heartbreak over the end of that relationship than we've seen him express any interest in any other guy. And in "Secrets & Lays," the trend continues! It's what would have been Will's anniversary if not for his big breakup with Michael, and Grace wants to make sure Will's not brooding about it, so she arranges for Karen to bring the two of them, plus Jack, to her winter cabin. Grace's plan is almost immediately derailed, however, by the arrival of Karen's caretaker, Campbell, who also just happens to be an old high-school flame of Grace's. The two resume being hot for each other, but does Grace dare get a leg over Campbell when Will might need her for something? We talk it out on the podcast!

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