Will & Grace Try Seeing Other People, As Will Finds A Backup Lady Friend

Molly Shannon's Val débuts as Will casts Grace's official understudy.

Grace gets buried under another huge project, but unlike last time, she's not the one who gets hurt. In her absence, Will must find another straight woman to perform emotional labour for him, and one appears in the form of Val (Molly Shannon!), a neighbour with whom he can duet in the elevator, goof around in the laundry room, and take to lunch when Grace is too busy. When Will gets sick, Val even puts her own life on hold (not that we ever find out what "her own life" actually involves) to nurse Will in his time of need. Finding out Will has replaced her relieves one source of Grace's stress and lets her focus on her project, jkjkjk she gets jealous and nuts. Jack is forced to face the consequences of slapping a parking enforcement officer and gets sentenced to community service, where he discovers there can sometimes be treasures in the trash...in the form of an acclaimed director's discarded phone books. We assess "Grace, Replaced" in our latest podcast!

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