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Will & Grace Try Not To Lose Their Sheet Selling Bed Linens On QVC

As Will battles Grace for control (for the 5,000,000th time in their relationship), Jack tries to figure out what he wants out of his relationship with Drew.

Will has achieved his first big coup as Grace's business partner: he's helped midwife a deal for her to create a line of signature bed linens, and he's gotten her a shot at selling them on [PRODUCT-PLACED COMCAST-OWNED HOME SHOPPING NETWORK]. The only problem is that they disagree about which of them should be the on-camera talent, and when a last-minute cancellation launches Grace By Grace Adler Designs on TV with zero prep, Will Wills out, bossing Grace around via earpiece. Surprise! Disaster ensues. In another borough, Jack continues enjoying commitment-free time with the still-married, still-closeted Drew -- that is, until the Staten Island basement décor sends her into flashbacks to her youth and confuses her on the matter of marital fidelity. Will Jack still be interested in Drew after Karen impulsively puts him on blast? We discuss it all on the Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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