Will & Grace Test The Truman Boys' Reconciliation By Having Grace Bone Sam

Has Grace slept with Sam because, as Karen puts it, he's the Will who'll touch her boobies? Let's get into it!

Grace's attempt to reunite Will and his estranged brother Sam in the last episode has an unpredictable consequence when Will has to leave to soothe new thirty-year-old Jack: left alone, Sam and Grace totally have sex. Karen quickly figures out what's happened; Will takes longer, what with Grace's attempts to soften him up with Jewish baked goods and all. But Will's rage stirs up a bunch of old business about Sam messing with Will's "toys," one of which he apparently considers Grace to be (which comes as no shock to anyone who's watched the previous fourteen episodes). Karen and Jack have insights as to what's actually going on. Maybe Grace is attracted to Sam because he's a straight Will? Maybe Will is jealous of Sam because he now has a connection to Grace that Will can never share? How will Grace and the Trumans make peace? We discuss in the latest podcast!

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