Will & Grace Makes Jack The Indirect Target Of Will's Self-Hatred

Jack invades Will's gym with all his flamboyance, and Will is a hateful bitch about it.

We learn a little more about how the mysterious Jack economy works: of course he goes to a gym, but on a stolen ID, for which he's just been busted. Over Will's protests, Grace volunteers to get Jack in to their gym on a guest pass, not knowing that Will regards it as a safe space for him to butch out straightly with all his heterosexual lawyer contacts who also belong there; as such, he's extremely anxious about being associated with all of Jack's...Jackness. Will's internalized homophobia is so intense that he actually uses a terrible slur behind Jack's back -- or so he thinks, because Jack overhears, and forces Will to acknowledge what he did. At Grace Adler Designs, Grace must also deal with the effects of Karen's faltering marriage, and the two uneasily agree to try getting Karen's mind off things with a girls' game night that quickly turns into a girls' drunk night. We discuss "Will Works Out" in our latest Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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