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Will & Grace Gives Will His Old Boyfriend Back

No, you're not crazy: Michael wasn't Cheyenne Jackson the last time we saw him. We dig in on the latest Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

Remember how the last episode had Will seeking the advice of a couple of very wise teenaged girls to navigate the baffling world of social media ex-stalking and learning that he had shamefully "deep-liked" a post from his long-ago, very serious boyfriend Michael? Well: there was apparently a lot of offscreen action because now they're back together, but Jack isn't entirely on board with this reunion...and Michael thinks he knows why. Across town, Karen needs to order a Make America Great Again cake for a party that will be attended by the president; when the baker refuses on principle, Grace decides she must intervene on behalf of Karen and her inalienable right to be terrible. We go through it all in the latest episode of the Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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