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Will & Grace Gives Grace More Dude Options Than She Can Handle

Grace might dispute the characterization of how many dudes she can 'handle,' actually.

Grace is sure there's no way dating James, who lives in her building, could possibly get too complicated...until he dumps her. She then decides to follow Jack's advice for how to get over him, locating a suitable rebound guy -- but even he turns out to bring more complications to their acquaintance than she could have foreseen. Left alone at the office with Karen, Will discovers something anyone could have probably predicted: not only does she compulsively monitor her staff via web cam; she also "produces" their "show" with well-timed sound effects. And when Will learns that one of the kitchen storylines involves a simmering attraction between two of Karen's chefs, he decides he should start manipulating the action too. We discuss it all on the latest Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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