Will & Grace Get Hooked On The Drama Wafting Up Through Their Vent

When their downstairs neighbours start having loud marital issues, Grace and Will press their ears to the vent in order not to miss a single soapy moment.

After Will bribes the super to fix the heat to their apartment, Grace and Will are treated to more than just blasts of hot air: they also get blasts of drama from the couple downstairs. Oo-ie is cheating on her husband! While he's out saving lives or whatever! The real-life soap opera is so compelling that Grace ends up with her ear pressed to the vent all day, instead of going to work or making shepherd's pie (which is probably just as well, given that she thinks it may contain shepherds). The problem is that this week Jack is a playwright, and when Will also gets addicted to Oo-ie's unraveling marriage, he and Grace are conflicted about whether to attend Jack's show or stay for...the season finale. We discuss it all on the latest Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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