Will & Grace Double-Team Grace's Obnoxious Client

Nathan (Miguel Ferrer) may not be that interested in Grace's design talent, but he's very interested in her roommate.

One things we've learned about Grace over the course of Season 1 is that she has a hard time managing work-related stress, requiring her to get overly dependent on the ministrations of a cleaner in "My Fair Maid-y" and shutting down her social life so completely while busy on a job that Val could replace her in...well, "Grace Replaced." So no one should be that shocked when Grace has no confidence going in to pitch for brusque publicist Nathan (Miguel Ferrer!), and readily agrees to let him delay his decision until after he's seen her own home. Fortunately for Grace, Nathan likes what he sees there, because what he sees there is Will, and tells Grace that if she arranges for Will to date him, she'll get the job. We discuss this gayola scheme (sorry) in our Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast on "Saving Grace"!

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