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Will & Grace Deals With The News That Larry Has Caught Feelings For Will

As Larry reveals that he's in love with someone other than Joe, chance throws together Jack and Val.

When his daughter Hannah leaves home (yes, we really are all that old, people who watched the show from the beginning in the late 90s), Larry (Tim Bagley) finds himself experiencing extreme, "Sunrise, Sunset"-crooning empty nest grief, for which there's only one solution: for Grace to hire him for a fake job in her office. At first Will is annoyed that Grace is being so reckless with the business's money, but then changes his mind when Larry takes his side in every dispute, which then annoys Grace...who then finds out that the reason Larry is so eager to be on Team Will is that he's decided he's in love with him. [Gay gasp!] Elsewhere, Jack has decided to enter the gig economy as a Lyft driver, using Karen's black African-Americar, though the job doesn't start out very promisingly when he immediately hits old frenemesis Val (Molly Shannon). Karen assumes Val is faking her collision injuries to shake Karen down for money, but is she actually just shaking Karen down for friendship? We discuss it all in our latest podcast!

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