Will & Grace Crush On/Fight Over The Same New Neighbour

Grace and Will each run into a flirty guy as he moves into the building. What happens when they find out their guys are actually one and the same?

Dating can be hard -- except when a prospect presents himself to you in the elevator of the building where you actually live, as happens to both Grace and Will. Since neither has been out on a date for a while, they're excited to tell one another about their hot new dudes...but that excitement dissipates when they discover that it's just one guy, his name is Peter, he invited them both to his place at the same time, and when it comes to what his deal is, romantically, he is cagey AF. Karen is also having man problems, though of a slightly different kind: her driver can't stop hitting pedestrians, and Karen must overcome her sweet, accommodating nature and let him go. We take you all the way through "Yours, Mine, Or Ours" in our latest podcast!

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