Will & Grace Cordially Invites You To Attend Vince's Wedding To...Not Will

Will tries to undermine Vince's happiness by snarking on his husband, while Jack takes the opportunity of a reception full of cops to make one his own.

It's finally time for Vince to return to this timeline after having been so cruelly written out of the one we knew; here, Will and Vince are just friendly exes, though that friendship is tested when Vince springs it on Will that he's actually about to marry his boyfriend of a mere nine months. Grace urges Will to take advantage of the out Vince has offered and skip the wedding, but of course if Will did that, we'd have no A plot. At the wedding, Jack makes a quick connection with Drew, the only cop present whose favourite show is not The Wire but This Is Us. Afterward, Jack discovers that the bathroom stall encounter meant a lot more to Drew than it did to him, and that's only the first of many surprising facts there are to learn about Drew at this particular event. Also present is Karen, being squandered in a scavenger hunt with Ivanka "Drumpf," eye-roll. Joe Reid fills in for Kevin -- grab a piece of wedding cake and join us!

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