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Will & Grace Celebrates Bobbie Adler With A Bitchy Birthday Party

Grace's father and older sister apparently went to Michael's plastic surgeon, based on the evidence of 'One Job.'

Will starts the episode thrilled that he and Grace are embarking upon a spur-of-the-moment ski trip to Vermont, which of course means they're not going there at all: she's tricked him into accompanying her to Schenectady to fulfill her mother's dying wish of celebrating her birthday with the rest of the Adlers. Longtime viewers will not recognize Grace's father Martin (formerly Alan Arkin; now Robert Klein) or older sister Janet (formerly Geena Davis; now Mary McCormack), and if producers cared so little about continuity not to bring back the roles' originators (and/or these two Oscar winners decided they had better things to do), then why should we expect that the kitchen in which Grace is besieged by memories of her late mother should look at all like the one we saw in "Lows In The Mid Eighties"? It don't. Anyway: the celebration becomes strained when it turns out Janet and Grace's younger sister Joyce (returning guest Sara Rue) want to convince Martin to sell the house, but Grace strenuously objects. Downstate, Jack is so inspired by Karen's happy, enduring marriage that he's ready to make a similar commitment to Drew...but maybe Drew isn't as eager to be locked down, and maybe Karen's marriage isn't so happy or enduring if there's room in it for her to get together once a year with Malcolm (returning guest star Alec Baldwin) for an illicit tryst. We take you through the highs and lows in our latest Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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