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Will & Grace Attend And Thus Ruin A Baby Shower

While Grace tries not to engage with the judgmental moms, a couple of teen girls school Will on social media, and Jack reunites with his old friend Jennifer Lopez.

The latest Will & Grace is telling universal truths all over the place: that no one wants to attend a baby shower; that a childless woman may find such an event especially fraught with judgment from moms her age; that it's generally safer to eat your feelings than to write them down. Unfortunately for Grace, this last lesson arrives just a bit too late. Fortunately for Will, however, he's being thrown into the path of a couple of teen girls just when he needs their counsel the most: he's trying to stalk his ex on social media and has no idea how to do that undetected, or at least while trying to seem cool. Jack books a gig on the NBC drama Shades Of Blue -- a real show! look it up! -- and is excited to work with his old friend Jennifer Lopez again; she may not feel exactly the same. The job requires Jack to ditch his after-school drama class again, but surely Karen is perfectly capable of covering for him without corrupting any minors jk jk jk. We get into all of it in our latest Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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