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Will And Grace Will Be Revived For A Ten-Episode Season On NBC

'Told ya so!' - Leslie Jordan.

What happened? NBC has picked up a ten-episode revival of Will & Grace.

Why has this happened? In case you haven't noticed, we're in a golden age of TV series revivals, from The X-Files to Fuller House to Twin Peaks and on and on and on. And, more recently, the Will & Grace cast reunited for a pro-Hillary Clinton video last fall. That...was not so successful, but maybe this will be!

What do I do now? I would love to tell you to stream the show from the beginning, but you actually can't, if you can even believe it. But you can enjoy the marathons WeTV puts on every Friday. Maybe this Friday in particular might be a day you'd rather park your TV on that channel and leave it there for hours and hours.


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