When Will & Grace Enters The Real Estate Market, Will Gets A Little Too Real

Will assists Grace in negotiations to buy her studio by making her look like an idiot. Is it a tactic, or how he really feels?

Grace has a thrilling investment opportunity: her studio is for sale! Naturally, she enlists her favourite lawyer Will in talks with her landlord, only to find out that his plan for getting Mr. Hutt to his floor is to sell Grace out as a moron in the world of business. This kicks off a fight between roommates over Will's true feelings about Grace as a competent professional -- although her continuing to employ Karen kind of makes its own statement. Speaking of Karen: she's unable to weasel out of being Jack's test client as he embarks upon a career as a masseur. Fortunately for her, Jack really does have magic fingers, though maybe even he is not prepared for the consequences of being the one she calls on to touch her dirty. We discuss it all in the latest episode of the podcast!

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