In The Season 1 Finale, Will & Grace Wonder If Their Friendship Might Be Just A Little Unhealthy

Grace considers reuniting with her ex, Danny, only to find out Will's finally decided to see what it might be like not to meddle in her love life.

Since the last two straight guys Grace hooked up with sparked angry explosions from Will, is it any wonder that she's keeping the fact of her next date from him? Of course, that's not the only reason she's hiding the identity of this swain: it's Danny, the guy she almost married in the season premiere. Will is gearing up to become the wedge between them when Jack points out Will's propensity to meddle. However, when Will backs off and refuses to tell Grace what to do -- a new experience for her and for the viewer -- she struggles to make her own decisions, and the spat that ensues has them both facing the realization that living together might not be what's best for them. Karen is in the middle of her own crisis of cohabitation: her live-in maid, Rosario (Shelley Morrison) -- who we finally meet! -- is facing deportation. Cue the hare-brained green-card marriage scheme, with Jack as her totally believable groom! We take you through "Object Of My Rejection" in Season 1's last Will & Grace & Kevin & Tara podcast!

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