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Everything About This City Makes Me Gay

Our cast goes back to 1912 to try to convince us that things may seem bad, but they used to be worse?

After Christmas Eve dinner plans are ruined by a snooty and weirdly Chigurh-ish maître d', Will and Grace and Jack and Karen end up at an immigrants' museum, where a tour of a reconstructed tenement sends the actors to 1912 (and their accents to...too much). Retro Megan Mullally is an impoverished Irishwoman with too many kids and not enough money; Sean Hayes is a gay sailor who loves sleeping with women because "gay" meant something different then; Eric McCormack is a heartless landlord with A Secret; and Debra Messing does her best Barbra-as-Fanny Brice on all the winky anachronisms.

Why has all this happened to us? We discuss on the latest podcast!

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Fictional Debra Messing Email Correspondence

SNL's Welcome To Hell

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