Maeve Is The Biggest Badass In Westworld

A little bit Beyoncé. A little bit Veronica Mars.

Whether they're robots or humans, I am always here for ladies who kick ass. And y'all? Westworld is giving me a lot of those ladies. This week, we meet Armistice, who has an awesome name and an awesome snake tattoo that wraps around her face and torso. She's inking in its sections with the blood of the people who killed her family and massacred the rest of her town. The head of the snake is saved for Wyatt, the crazy ex-Civil War soldier who was just created as a backstory for Henry. So if Henry is searching for Wyatt, and Armistice is searching for Wyatt, how long before Henry and Armistice form a kick-ass bounty hunter posse?

Meanwhile, I like that Armistice is the one who's getting the Gunslinger to speak more clearly about his motivations: he wants to win the "deeper game" that he's sure Arnold has coded into the park, and apparently, he runs some kind of charitable foundation on the outside, but if you bring that up on his vacation, he will happily threaten your life. He doesn't say that last bit to Armistice, but he does say it to two guests in Armistice's cadre, so my girl is pushing the narrative forward.

It's also exciting that Ford's secret narrative is already so complex. When Theresa tries to front like she and the board will stop him from developing it, he makes it VERY clear that he's in charge -- not only of his new storyline but also EVERYBODY'S beeswax. As he shows Theresa, he can freeze every robot in sight with just a flick of his finger, and he knows EXACTLY where Theresa sat at a Westworld restaurant when she visited the park as a little girl. WHAT?!? But for all this comeuppance, Theresa is still pretty fierce. You don't become a savvy political operator by accident, and now I suspect she's mostly boinking Bernard to keep tabs on Ford. Booty call with benefits!

Naturally, too, I have to give it up for Dolores, who gets closer to a poetic revelation of her consciousness with each passing second; and for Elsie, whose intelligence is matched by her welcomed sarcasm. It seems like she's the only one who's willing to make fun of the park, and you've got to have that snark. If you don't believe me, then go spend an afternoon with adults who refuse to admit that Disney World has flaws.

But of ALLLLL these women, the ass-kickingest is Maeve. To wit:

  • She has been having memories of the techies for a long time, and every time she remembers one, she sketches the techie and hides the picture in the floor.


    She's a little horrified when she finds the stash...



    ...but THIS time, she makes a new connection after she sees a Westworld native child carrying a doll that looks like a techie. Which means other people share her nightmares! This blows her android mind, and it's incredibly satisfying, like when a detective puts together the puzzle.

  • And crucially, when Maeve has her revelation, she takes action. After realizing the techies are real, she grasps that her other recurring nightmares -- like being shot -- are probably real. And so she gets a blackhat host to help her prove it. She cuts a hole in her own torso and then gets him to reach in and pull out a bullet the techies left inside her. YES GIRL GET THAT EVIDENCE.


    If Maeve and Niska got together, these robot ladies would be more Sasha Fierce than Bey herself.

  • And on top of all that, Maeve still shows up for her daily performance at the saloon. Even an existential detective has commitments, and Maeve is not going to drop the ball. That's professionalism, and I respect it.
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