Yes, Veronica Mars, There IS A Santa Claus

And he brought us a twisty escape-the-room mystery, hilarious holiday undies, and a legit cliffhanger in the Visual Aids for S01.E10!

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids were downstairs eating canapés.

Aw: grade-school Veronicart.

Druncan, that's a good way to lose a hand.

On the other hand, Druncan gives us a relatively animated Teddy Dunn.

Not that that's all good either, though, since we're treated to another semi-incestuous moment when Duncan is a drooligan about his longtime friend's mom. Like, we know it's Lisa Rinna, but still: oog.

Rounders/Teddy KGB homage? Or just a solid table-game snack? Hit us in the comments!

Sorry about the bad beat, Logan, but your bit of flaccid-cigar business is a nice one.


Does Duncan have a chub, or is Teddy Dunn just blessed? Asking for a friend. (Named Rohn Jamos.)

Is this the pool or the hot tub? Or did Haaron bring some dry ice home from a shoot for the missus?

"We discussed the matching boxers; I said no. End of story."

What can you say but "hee!"?

The under-five's "so there" face coupled with Keith's classic "JFC" face in response is really well done.

Sure, the abs are pretty nice on their own...

...but the better news is, they're attached to Ethan from Passions!

How rich can Sean be if he's wearing that shirt? Don't the wealthy send their children to eye doctors?

Kyle Secor is a giant. (Deft casting for this size differential, if it was intentional.)

Camille, you in daaaaanger, girl!

"My husband might kill ME but he totes didn't hurt our daughter!"

Pretty good gutshot draw for someone who wasn't even in the poker game.

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