Yes! The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Work!

OUR prom-posal: check out the most important pics from S02.E20, 'Look Who's Stalking.'

You blamed the Go Pirates! podcast for this?!

So is this Veronica's "I have chlamydia?!" face?

Not sure if the doctor's attractiveness makes this better or worse.

Happy couple is happy.

When the 09ers do you a solid by getting the prom cancelled.

"Did I do that?"

Nice attempt to hide the fact that Gia is 12 feet taller than Veronica, but: no.

Classic aughties micro-mini.

"Gimme my hard drive back."

"H...ard drive in the what now?"

Birthday noted for future reference.

What are you two, part the trillionth.

Cute out of uniform as well; good to know.

Remember camcorders?

Not "former sheriff" this time? Also, what's with this glittery-shoe inside-story tease?

...Actually, we have to hand it to props; they're really redeeming themselves with the shade in this quote.

And this rando story from the tech section, hee.

Anchorman guy is hilariously gleeful at the demise of the incorporation initiative.

"Like my knife?"

"If you like your knife, Lucky, soooo do we. Totes."

Awk-levator. Also, of COURSE Corny is wearing a tuxedo tee and a top hat.

Madison's not down with a threeway with Dick and his (other) party pig.

We're not completely sure, but from reading facial cues, it seems like this could turn kiiiiind of awkward?

Aaaaaand awkward.

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