What Wonderful Visual Aids, Veronica Mars!

All the magical reveals from S02.E13, 'Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids wouldn't kill a bus full of kids.

Madison, the queen of white goo. And our hearts, of course.

TF is a goldfish toss?

The tightly clasped gauntlet of martyrdom. Aughties martyrdom, might we add; dig the 13-inch mini and fuzzy boots on that background actor.

Cora's knit lei is clashing with her concern face here.

More like "Aw-phelia," are we right?

So this dork JB is going to step to Veronica academically. k.

Get that attitude in while you can, MIZ Hauser.

Girl has noooo idea.

We're digging Weevil's growing-in hair.

Enjoy happy Mac while it lasts.

tfw the private investigator you're counting on to save your butt looked a little too closely AT your butt.

Thinking Wallace is going to take a literal cheap shot at his ex, Cora is not at all here for it.

And she's pleased to learn that Wallace isn't either.

Jane respects the sparing of Jackie.

LOL Beaver's mad face.

Sorry about the ball pit, kids! Except not really, you'll get typhus from those things.

The side of a principal's job the tourists never see.

Bait: taken.

This idiot.

An entirely earned gotcha face.

The telltale glitter.

JB is a tool, but redeems himself trying/failing not to laugh at this burn on Madison.

"Oh hiiiiii."

"Oh shiiiiii--"

The plot itself is problematic, but holding up lighters = fine, hee.

Dick is really pissed...

...but then Beav is suddenly scary about the mysterious Sally.

We reiterate: digging the hair. (And the schemey brain under it, tbh.)

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