Veronica Mars's Relationship Is In The Crapper In The Visual Aids

Steroids, secrets, and splits: all the most important screenshots from S01.E05.

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids got mad flavor.

Not sure "convincing pre-heave face" is something an actor wants to put on his c.v., but: Dohring should, this one is great/gross.

May actually be wetting his pants rn. Why was Luke selected for this op, again?

Stan Zbornak never made us swoon this way.

This arm-pat makes up for a lot.

Hair by Dilbert's boss, we guess?

Yeah, that's the face you give your mortal enemy. ...Wait, it's really not.

Nor is this the jacket-swat of a guy who loathes a girl, but okay.

Not about the hair in this ep, but if anyone can source these boots for Buntsy, she would looooove it.

"I like the way he leans. He leans great."

Security-firm woman not laughing alone with salad.

Such a fond "smooth move."

As our esteemed colleague Stephanie Lucianovic might say, Rebecca knows how to plate the dinners.

Wouldn't you agree, Keith? ...Keith?

We want to play poker with Lianne. Nooooo chill.

What's old-timey-er, the fax machine or the wallpaper behind it?

"It's a BALL." hee.

Lord, we get it: Luke's a jock. Must he wear Southie sweatsuits in every scene?

At least the steroids are wor...king? I mean, this is some pretty impressive Ferris parkour.

That was way harsh, Tai.

Break-ups suck, even well-acted ones.

Sad cake is sad.

I know you're mad, but can a guy have his bag to go to military school or what?

What's that? We missed that because your lips weren't moving at any time during this scene.

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