This Is The Veronica Mars Visual Aids With Today's Inspirational Greeting

All the kewlest screenshots from S01.E15, 'Ruskie Business'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids was right: love stinks.

Sure, Logan's mom might be dead, but there's an '80s dance happening. Focus, guys.

One hand, one heart.

Linc N. Log says: Don't skimp on the glitter!

We're kinda shipping these two, tbh.

At least the dog kept his eyes open for the picture.

Oh high there.

Who vatches the vatchers?

Hee. (Not least for the reference to Charlie Brown in the tiles on the pillar.)

Hashtag free Wallace.

(Model) Home (Not An) Improvement.

Like a hotelier this snobbish wouldn't spot Logan as the richie movie star's kid he is? Yeah, they're supposed to be in L.A., but: then even more so.

Maybe he was blinded by Veronica's deep-cover bling and glittered-out planning scrapbook.

Does the pillow placement indicate "morning" stake-out wood? And what's generally with the lounging like he's at home? Kind of a weird blocking choice but at the same time pretty in-character.

Lynn DUN!!! and then a question mark?

It is not.

Because sometimes the guy crying on your shoulder is twice your height.

And sometimes your fun process-y PI work almost gets a wit-sec "client" killed.

We would watch the hell out of this spin-off.

Oh, Meg. Why. No.

You have way more chemistry with the Mars-terial Girl over here.

What could possibly make our hero feel better?

Eeeee-yep, that'll do it.

Risky Business or Miami Vice?

Alllll the swoon.

Well, at least until stupid Lianne has to ruin everything some more.

Speak of the [hic] devil.

Ohhhhh shit.

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