This Is Neptune. Nothing Happens Accidentally.

The second-season premiere of Veronica Mars crams 09 pounds of plot into a five-pound bag before ending on a literal cliffhanger.

We're kicking off S2 of Veronica Mars with an action- and flashback-packed episode that lets us know what our hero and the rest did last summer: Keith wrote a book, Logan lost his mind, and a large chunk of driftwood floated back to Veronica's shoreline. But no sooner have viewers untangled Veronica's love life then she, and we, become enmeshed in not one but TWO season-long mysteries. What exactly sent that bus off the cliff? Who exactly is responsible for Felix's death? And when exactly did the episode directors give up on trying to give Teddy "Yew Aughtta Know" Dunn line readings, and start coating him in shellac? Lots of ground to cover, and John and Sarah won't be hitting the brakes either in an all-new ep of Go Pirates!.

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