This Is About The Veronica Mars Visual Aids, Isn't It?!

All the most important pics and painful moments from 'A Trip To The Dentist.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids bugged her first.

"Buenos dias, Señor Log."

"Esta lloviendo no me habia dado cuenta."

Isn't it romantic?

Awkward 09er Consult #1. (Sarah had like four variations on that Aldo handbag, btw.)

"What fifty grand? ...Well, it's not in my mouth; that's full of butter and it's NOT melting."

Awkward 09er Consult #2.

Aaaaand #3.

In which Adele Fennell is, for once, rightly pissed off.

Awkward (But Hot!) 09er Consult #4.

Consult #5.

#6, and the next time you're tempted to be like, "Oh, Dick, he's so funny/harmless," remember that...

...this shit occurred.

So, yeah. Sex Wax this, shitbrick.

Awkward 09er Consult #7.

"So, you're allergic to shellfish, Larry? ...Lyndon? ...What do I, work here?"

Awkward Consult #8, featuring our queen...

...and her boot-casualty shoes.

Great timing, Camille.

Who else would you go to when you need a friend, after all?


That pretty much sums it up, yeah.

In which Beaver's openmouthed "wow" is everything.

"So I spat in your drink; what's the big deal?"

Log "Berooo?"

Log saaaad. Or trying to pass a cube poo. One of those.



Oh, shit.

Ohhhhhhhh, shit.


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