This Has Nothing To Do With The Veronica Mars Visual Aids

The good, the bad, and the soapy screenshots from S02.E10.

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids really should have done more to push fitness.

This cake is supposed to be disgusting but Sarah D. "Institutional Starch" Bunting would totally go back for a second piece.

When you think your detective girlfriend doesn't know anything.

When she actually totally does.

"Hey, could you find the sex tapes for me? And also I know I'm ew."

"You are ew, but: sure."

"I'll save our child!"

"...No offense, but: you're a log, so...I'm-a ask a human P.I."

Too bad they didn't have time to compare log logs. ...JOHN REGRETS NOTHING.

Is that what we're calling this in this universe?

We don't normally eat lamb, but...

"Departmental Goals" indeed.

Loving Alba from Jane The Virgin's specs.

Tragic that Deputy Leo's looking even hotter than usz.

If only the writing were cran-tastic in this ep.

Thumper, get out of Veronica's personal space...and into an acting class, like yesterday.

Ex-boyfriend bray.

Ex-girlfriend's dad is not impressed.

Welp, there's that crackerjack security Lamb was referring to.

So this is a lot?

Aw, Merry Macmas. Too bad the woman herself wasn't in the episode budget.

Privilege personified.

Sex-tape misery.

An underused bright spot, the great Michael Hyatt.

The perils of civic duty.

Sometimes your friend dies offscreen and you're stuck with the clean-up.

And sometimes your best friend comes back just in time to save a crapperoo episode.

"NEVER LEAVE AGAIN." - Veronica; us.

Okay, not everything's the worst. (We have questions about that Santa pillow doll, though.)

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