The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Were Expecting Some Other Reaction?

All the most important (and a few final-appearance) snapshots from S02.E22, 'Not Pictured.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids wanted to prove you were a man.

Hard pass on this flashback participant. Does this actor have naked pictures of someone on the production side or something?

We are all Keith's face.

Our queen forever.

Aw. So of course Lamb has to ruin it minutes later.

Adorable but profoundly misplaced enthusiasm.

We might just miss you most of all, Principal C.

Unless it's you we miss most of all, Master Bait.

Upchucking the boogie.

"Hey, how'd the trial go?"

Nixon would be proud.

This Echolls family reunion seems fun.

A-plus reveal.

Mr. Bad Wood.

Speaking of bad wood...or the bad lack of same.

Great text, Veronica. Totally in character and focused on safety. [sigh]

Who could have known.

Speaking of class awards, Harry Hamlin deserves one.

In which Curly takes issue with the way this ending sells out the first season.

Nothing to see here, just a dead body in a loud shirt on the hood of Beav's car. Also, take your time, kid. [another sigh]

Oh, girl. Ohhhhhhh, girl.

Smoking; gun.

Our king forever.

Is this the cutest TV baby ever? Discuss.

Sorry about the writing, TT. We still love you.

Because $8M gets you a genuine smile.

She already looks richer.

So it's the last flight to New York City ever? k.

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