The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Want To Survive High School

But ghosting, blackmail, and unavenged bus crashes won't make it easy in the most noteworthy snapshots from S02.E14.

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids are the MASTER bait.

Dick's assertion that Veronica is rich-guy kryptonite is not totally without merit?

Graduates of the Jason Priestley school of stage kissing.

What the Lambert-knockoff F with this hair?

We're already over Terrence's beleaguered (not sorry re: the pun) face, honestly.

Another solid day at the office for VM's scandalized extrae.

This sweater does a lot for Madison's...mountains. "Nice" six-inch rise on those pants, too.

Oh hi again, Ryan.

Corny's serving us pizza with extra Spicoli in this episode.

Ghost world.

Can't act, won't vaxx. Cool.

Carmen, we told you, people have short memories for online scandal. Just ask JOHN RAMOS.

Impotent dad is still impotent.

"I'm already going to bone your daughter; what would make this moment worse for you?"

Because Native Americans don't have enough shit to put up with.

Why God invented GIFs.


Is this sign shading Jackie? The poncho's not THAT bad.

"Her?", Part II.

Uhhhhhh oh.

Cue the Buffalo Tom.

Cue the suspicious Veronica head-swivel when she hears the name "Griffith."

Friend date giving us Bring It On vibes.

You should never meet your heroes.

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