The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Thought Only Girls Went To The Bathroom Together

The most significant, painful, and awkward moments from S02.E03!

Just remember, kids, the Go Pirates! podcast and precision driving don't mix.

We have no idea what's going on here but at least there's no touching?

Serious question, which Sarah also has had about Beverly Hills, 90210: What is with TV characters making enough salad for 16 people when it's two, or at most four, people eating and it's not the main course? Leave some lettuce for everyone else, people, dang.

Oh good, a Hey, It's That Guy! who looks like an actual high-school teacher.

These are the faces you'd expect Veronica and Dick The Lesser to be exchanging.

Oh, did Logan catch them kissing? (Some A-plus eye-rolling from Teddy Dunn in this scene, bee tee dubs.)

The realization that Dick The Greater only just now remembered his existence -- and not fondly.

The secure knowledge that you're Dad's fave.

We would call this a battle of wits buuuuuut...

Some angry Blue Steel for you Muhney moonies out there. ("Moohnies"? ...We'll keep working on it.)

"Hmm, have I seen this guy?"

"...I HAVE seen this guy."

Process-y goodness.

Unicorns, awwwww.

LOL at Kendall's gym chic.

Steeling herself to make nice with the bestie's new girl.

Hmmmmm, a clue!

When rich boys fight.

Fight aftermath.

More fight aftermath (and hat tip to Makeup, as this is probably more or less what their war wounds would look like).

Kind of a Cordelia face from Kendall here.

"Nope, no idea who that is noooooo way no how, why do you ask ah ha ha ha ha h...a?"

Once upon a time, many years ago, there were things called "pay phones." Often, in the booths housing the pay phones, one would find other things called "telephone directories," and TV and movie characters just love to tear out pages instead of writing information down on their hands with a Bic Stic. Monsters.

Dandy panty-dropper.

This is sort of awkward.

And THIS is sort of awkward.

And THIS is RULL awkward.

And this is not...NOT awkward?

And another clue!

"A John Enbom film," hee.

tfw you tried to win Dad's approval but brought him down instead (and then he ditched you).

She can't be right about being responsible, but it's still a hell of an ender.

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