The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Thought It Was Some Pretty Sweet Detectiving

Kendall's past comes back to haunt her, delight us in our collection of key snapshots from 'Never Mind The Buttocks.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids like to start every school day with a hot blonde waiting for them in the parking lot.

We reject this sign on...principal. Siiiigh.

And we DID ever see him again, whether we wanted to or not.

When you realize you can supply a source's required prom date.

On this episode of High School Mural-cal, a needlessly confusing vintage green car!

Oh, we're doing that thing again where Veronica suspects Weevil of the season crime for five minutes, yet sasses him like he's not apparently a literal menace? "Cool."

We would ask if the new journalism teacher is an actual fetus, but we're too busy laughing at this upcoming film festival. Which obviously we want to attend.

Jackie is becoming too hot to safely look directly at.

Speaking of perfection, Gia, as always.

Not to profile here, but how is this kid a PCHer? Do they have a tricycle quota?

Our point. Seems like a gang member could avoid the black-eye flick.

There's a leadership vacuum at the top of the PCHer outfit. Alas, the space left by Thumper's bad acting was filled with a quickness by this log.

"Blue eyes": no. "Slender": okay, but she's not 5'11" and those boobs are anything but.

Speaking of "see no evil," this is a good plan for Nana Fitzpatrick here given her grandchildren.

One of the many things we admire about Veronica: she always keeps the receipts.

What pretty certain death looks like.

Bit of a different vibe in Priscilla Banks drag, eh what?

When you realize an upcoming murder trial is rapidly becoming a train wreck.

So let's end on a (caffeine) high note.

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