The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Think They're Helping, But They're Not

The most pitilessly important snapshots from S02.E11. ...Fritter?

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids?! How'd that happen?

Why are these two still so awkward around each other?

You can always rely on Kendall to play her part.

Repartee face.

Fake fight is fake.

But Duncan's "who pooted?" face is actually convincing here.

Extras all "that's gonna leave a mark" during the fake break-up scene. That girl at the far right is feeling it.

Backup tries to help. Good boy.

Hee, CDs.

Wallace not about Veronica's heartbreak hygiene.

A match made in...somewhere.

We're all Agent Xena when dealing with Lamb.

Lamb's trying to be good!

...But Agent Xena's still not having it.

You can see how Sars would find a shout-out containing the word "propriety" tough to trust.

Vinnie and Brobdingnagian fritter.

Sean is still a shitbrick, but we're digging the long hair.

"Secret log-ers / that's we aaaare."

Out-acting Dunn to the very end.

Cute baby is cute.

And Duncan is positively luminescent with her. Aw.

"Can we figure out what kind of man I'll be next week?"

Not how new tats work/look.

tfw you unwittingly smuggled a stack of wood over the border.

Shouldn't at least one of these bottles be filled with pee?

Were these hitchhikers intentionally cast to give superficial impressions of Veronica and Wallace?


We kinda love this shot.

And we (aw-lmost) never saw him again.

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