The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Owe Your Village A Goat

All the busted and disgusted pics and GIFs from 'Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids was perfect...baby.

Watching The Big Lebowski is fun...

...until your ex-BF/shady friend joins.

Once again, Season 2 Duncan acts rings (sorry) (...not really) around Season 1 Duncan.

"Didn't you stalk me at the gym?"

"Nope definitely not and I certainly don't recall complimenting your ass either no sirree."

Looks like Backup's still a LoVe 'shipper.

When the county supervisor tells you his ill-conceived plan to incorporate Neptune and back-door you (sorry) (actually sorry this time) in as sheriff.

So the monster of the week is child abuse. "Great."

Yeah, Beaver's poor now, but conditioner is like two bucks a bottle, come on.

When your rich husband "forgot" to take care of you on his way out the lam door.

That's the spirit, Mrs. Ms. Hauser!

A little light/bitter reading.

Gia 2020.

Welp, this kid looks harmless!

...Yep, totally harmless.

(Maybe the off-brand crayons gave him wax poisoning or something.)

We should all aspire to the shade cast by this entrance.

Don't be silly, Beav; of course you can't live with the woman who gave birth to you!

Kids with bowl haircuts: never trust 'em.

And to think we were just lamenting Madison's absence!

The shirtlessness does not make up for the derrrrp, we're afraid.

Scratch her back and she'll etc.

This mouth-wipe is not ready for primetime.

We have no idea what's up Chez Goodman and we'd really like it to stay that way.

What did we just say.

Sneaky Duncan is sneaky. Or composing free verse in his head. One of those.

Pave this, Mannings.

"Hi. Is my eye makeup better than last time?"

Guess Mr. Manning didn't play much baseball as a kid. We're going to skip the "choke up" joke here if that's okay with y'all.

Wait, does Lamb actually care about something?

He does! For how long and with what effects, we're not going to find out, but it's a start.

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