The Veronica Mars Visual Aids NEVER Underestimate The Size Of Your Cojones

Logan and Weevil get closer to each other, Veronica gets closer to tracking down her mother, and Jessica Chastain gets closer to ubiquity in S01.E07!

The Go Pirates! podcast that highlights these Visual Aids don't wear white after Labor Day.

Well, it's gotta be someone important, and definitely dead, if they're not showing the face, right?

We're not a hundred on Lilly's handling of the sitch, but can't disagree that Veronica could do better than Duncan.

Taking blank looks to a new level. A very flat, even level.

Nothing but love for Bonita Friedericy.

No issues on Capt. Fuller's handling of his sweater-vest game.


It is the east, and Weevil is the sun.

Arise, fair Weevil, and kill the envious...book? Just go with it.

Sarah laughs at this screenshot every single time.

On a teacher's salary, that's gonna leave an even bigger mark.

Speaking of teachers, are these "kids" actually teachers? Because maybe one of these backgrounders could pass as a teen.

These boots were made for bribin' -- and that's just what they'll do.

Credit to Francis Capra for projecting undeniable could-kick-his-ass-ness despite Jason Dohring having a foot on him. Debit to the direction for making Weevil's lying about his Lilly tat so obvious.

You may not have heard of this actor? But her name's Jessica Chastain, and she's pretty good.

(There was a lot to hate about The Help but her Celia Foote shaking the chicken is still a joy.)

Need an expert at playing assholes? Paging this guy, a.k.a. Dawson's Creek's "Gayoda," a.k.a. Parker from Buffy. He's Adam Kaufman, and he's as close as you could get back then to Jared Leto without catching something.

That's the spirit, Killer.

This is never a sign that your day's about to get better, VM day players.

Pretty tough look for a guy who steals gurnals.

"But SVU taught me it's always the stepfather sooooo..."

Kids, ask your parents.

The Gazebo Of Sad Family Secrets (accessorized with Rare And Therefore Doubly Significant Southern-California Cloud Cover).

He wasn't the sheriff for no reason.

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