The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Just Have All These Conflicting Emotions

But Duncan just has the one, again, some more, as we collect the most important screengrabs from 'Driver Ed.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids wants to eat something on the brink of extinction.

Jackie's here, and she'd like Veronica to make her a macchiato.

...She's a macchiato! And should have taken more care before throwing shade at a professional.

Since this could be the result.

Ironic that Woody is not a fan of Lamb. (We'll fire ourselves.)

Angry Steel press-conference face.

Grief porn.

Keith is buying what Woody's selling and a question mark?

Not sure he'd be a fan if he knew where those thumbs have been. (We already let ourselves out, so.)

Come ON now.

"Under no circumstances are you to take the Porsche."

Reader, she took the Porsche.

"This bitch talking about Cervando, I can't."

"nm, a hot girl walked in!"

"And yes, I will happily escort her to the office!"


Jessie scares Veronica, even though her fist is like 10 yards from the girl's face, LOL.

"Jessie, I'm covered in glycerin. Hold me."

Pretty staid positioning for an illicit, and borderline illegal, affair, no?

"Let's celebrate you fucking my wife by shooting guns!"

"...Finger guns!"

Totally unsurprising choice of grip by Dick.

A-plus Veronica-style "whatcha doin'," complete with head tilt.

Kevin Smith: meh. Sweatshirt: yes please.

Kids, ask your parents.

The new deputy is dumb, but you can't argue the greatness of the mustache.

Flirting on crutches isn't easy, but Jane's giving it her best shot.

Upset about Ed's death, or having to wear this hiddy cardigan?

"Hi, Jessie. Let's mourn your father together. And also that I'm still wearing this hiddy cardigan."

Giving new meaning to the term "sporting some wood."


You can't fool Beaver; somebody been fuckin'.

Cue forum poster swoon.

Unsurprisingly, Lamb isn't hearing Jessie's pleas.

But Keith hears her loud and clear.

Before first period, you see The Ring.

Madam Reporter, you got Fenneled.

Entirely earned gloating.

Entirely earned gratitude.

Entirely worried the new girl is going to supplant her.

Come ON now squared.

Oh good, they've found the driver.

Ohhhhhhh yikes.

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