The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Have This Feeling Things Are Gonna Get Really Bad

All the most important -- and fart-stricken -- moments from S01.E22, 'Leave It To Beaver'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids has been in like, what, thirty cop movies?

When your reluctant witness is reluctant.

"Have I made a huge mistake?"

You sure have. Also, there's vodka on that spoon.

"We sue who in the what now?"

Alicia joins us all in asking, "Her?"

"I killed my sister, and also may be trying to pass a cube poo the size of a toaster."

When a father's forgiveness is paired with anxious crop-dusting.

Penny for your thoughts?

Oops. (Note the French Revolution notes on the chalkboard in the background. Heads ARE gonna roll.)

Guys, we're happy for you, but this blocking is never again.

"How's it feel to know your honey dimed you out?"

"N...ot great, tbh."

Un! Comfortable!

Even Backup ships these two.

"So, Logan killed Lilly! ...And it stinks in here!"

"So, we're not related! ...Who's been eating cabbage?!"

In which Logan invites the PCHers to re-enact the climactic scene from Saturday Night Fever.

When did this turn into a Veep prequel?




The real (and disturbingly so) McCoy.


Heeeeeere's Aaron!

An inadvertently hilarious screenshot from a legit suspenseful fight, with no stuntfolk we could see until...

..."Thomas," LOL.

A VERY good boy.

That should put an end to the discussion.

Speaking of which: bye, Felicia.

And hi, Alicia.

Let's live here forever.

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