The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Feature All-Around Righteous Dudes

The Echollses are...not among them as Veronica investigates election-rigging and the show investigates Logan's home life.

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids isn't a school project.

Like father, like son...in the fake smile department, anyway, just for starters.

Lynn models the Only On TV Robe/Negligee set from the 2004 line.

We'd smile like this over dessert for dinner too.

tfw you have to explain shit to the new teacher.

Oh, Wanda.

That time Hot Topic threw up.

So very punchable. (Uh, so to speak.)

Yeah, we're not trying to pile on a guy who just told Logan to stick it buuuuuuut maybe give that sign back to Props for another pass.

"Hashtag never forget." - Tara Ariano

Jane Lynch is incredulous that she's in this subplot.

Like, seriously incredulous.

Classic Clemmons glower.

The Kane smile.

The Kane derp.

"You stand idly by" is a pret-ty good burn, Patrice.

Not so good: this frosting narrative. Bring it down a couple color cards, y'all.

Aaron is legit scary in this shot...

and Jason Dohring is legit scared-seeming in this one.

Serious question: Does Aaron have this many belts for...this? Or because he's a vain actor?

Eeeeesh. (Props to Props for the Hair-Trigger poster, though.)

Listening to the whipping, we are all Lynn Echolls.

Sarah had that same scanner. Meeeehhhh-morieeeees!

Previous-generation prop shows a different means/time of death for Lilly.

Hello, shoes.

Good question. DUNNNN!

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