The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Don't Like Their Ice Cubes Made With Tap Water

All the most notable (and daaaaated) moments from S01.E02, 'Credit Where Credit's Due'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids was accounted for at the time of the murder.

Father and daughter share a "d'oh!" moment.

Flip-phone clue du jour.

Miss Dent, you seem nice, and no doubt Neptune High has a better school-paper equipment budget than most, but mind your equipment, will you?

Love that network-mandated guest star Paris Hilton's head lines right up with the word "superficial." Less fond of how we only noticed that because her weave is so jankeroo, we had to look to the side of it to spare our corneae.

"Oh, you're exaggerating." ARE we, though? (Ron Howard: "They aren't.")

Let's take a break from that bust-eration to dig a classic aughties ensemble on our hero: shrunken preppy vest (and throwback preppie pink-and-green colorway on the top); "punk" accessory American Eagle-ized to make it more suitable for teens (the belt); sub-13-inch mini/camo.

Aaaaand we're back, as it were, to basics. (You could argue, as Sarah's SIL did, that this is an ironic French. Sarah posits that ironic Frenches were not a thing 1) in 2004, yet, or 2) that 09ers would do/have. Discuss!)

If that guy's crimes don't involve moonshine, we'll eat Veronica's little Fidel hat.

Your progressive co-hosts love that this girls' room sign snuck through.

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