The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Can't Take This Anymore

Who's driven to the edge as our hero tries to un-frame herself in a fake-ID case? Check out the most important screenshots from S01.E12, 'Clash Of The Tritons'!

Hi, everybody! Say "the Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids"! ...Gotta boogie.

Welcome back, Miss James! Sorry Veronica's such a tough nut to crack. And that she violated your stapler.

Classic Van-Clemmons-not-having-it face.

Classic Don-Lamb-Mars-bust-boner face.

When class lets out during your perp walk. At least literally everyone else is enjoying it...?

Don't worry, someone always finds a way to.

Wallace delights in stringing Veronica along, and he earns it in this episode.

When your dad can't keep his pants even in the same general vicinity as "on."

Keith manfully controls the urge to laugh in Haaron's slutty face.

Like, of course this is here, it's the journalism classroom, but on the other hand, the same case-cracking writing frosted with paranoia that appeals about Alan J. Pakula joints is part of this show's allure too. PS: Watch The Parallax View.

John's worked in worse offices.

Using the display case for something productive, and satisfyingly process-y.

Note that, before Veronica busts out at karaoke, the disco ball and shot comp mimic an interrogation.

This idiot.

That idiot.

THESE idiots.

The idiocy comes full circle at the end with a charming "nerp!" face from Duncan.

Lynn can't take this anymore? That's...just an expression, right?

Kind of like this sign? Just a...lighthearted comment on the melodrama of the proceedings?

...Oh. Oh, dear.

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