The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Can't Say They Weren't Warned

Deputy Leo is hot, but still gets burned as we investigate all the most important looks from S01.E11, 'Silence Of The Lamb'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids heard you do detective stuff.

When you're worried for your daughter AND about to dump a long tonne of exposition in our laps about the case du jour.

Could have just let the local paper handle it, too.

Speaking of which, just one of many realistic triumphs for the props department: a dummy front-page story free of ipsums and crappy kerning!

Who knew this guy would spawn a whole new Veronica's Cottage Industry? And so much angst.

Who gets the Beatles' birthday song played for her by a string quartet?!

Oh. Duh. (Love.)

We're loving how over it Don Mayore is...but we're wondering where his pasta fazool accent is.

The only correct response to the news that Keith and Lamb have to team up.

The only correct response to Keith and Lamb trying to co-run a task-force meeting.

Because...that's how that's going.

MSDOS provides a clue, possibly for the last time!

Douche vs. douche.

I mean, he's obvs guilty of something.

More solid props work re: Mac's bookshelf contents.

tfw Madison has your life, literally.

"The have-nots have cracked the party-invitation code! RELEASE THE HOUNDS!"


Veronica realizes her mark is charming; Sarah is charmed by the presence of Pepto amongst the coffee-machine props.

Proto-Jesse Pinkman isn't looking so hot. Well, except for the tons of sweat.

He's not too dehydrated to know his rights, though!

Ups to casting for finding a bio mom who looked so much like Mac, but this moment is smurfy.

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