The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Can't Be The Only Ones With That Image Burned On Their Brains

When the important pics from S01.E19 hit your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!

The Go Pirates! podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids needs to talk to you. Finally, you.

How else do girls learn about sex?

"Remember when we made out?"

"YUP. Which explains this face."



Possibly Sarah's favorite friendship on the show.


Enlightenment means never having to act in your kid's shitty projects.

"You were never in the will."

...Gonna say that's a sick posthumous burn for Lynn.

"Your dog is totally, definitely not in the back, at all. Nope."

Cool story, bro.

Well, until you get Marsed.

This girl is killing us.

So is the PA who mocked up these flyers. ..."Flires"?


A very good boy.

Supposed to be scary; actually adorbles.

Belted Trench: The Return.

Trina shade, and we don't just mean her eye.

Parental-dating-talk faces.

Cool van, dog-napping bro.

Really, Stupid Producer Boyfriend? No idea at all what's coming?

Guess not.

When a beating makes you drool just like pastaaaa fazoooool...

Juuuuuust a little awkward.

"Mind taking out the trash, son?"

"Oops," they're kissing again.

"Before you cut this loose, maybe an eye exam?"

"No, legit worried about your eyesight."

And yet, still charmed by Veronica.

DNA test, take 2.

And here's where Mandy goes berzerker.

A(www)ll's well that ends well.

tfw someone who can act might be the real killer.

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