The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Aren't Dead. They Just Escaped.

But can the paparazzi at Lynn's funeral escape Logan's wrath? Key pics and GIFs from S01.E13.

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids is still going to that Fleet Week thing.

Keith may not be the best patient.

tfw this is just the tip of your client's enemies-list-berg.

Disobedience: it gets the job done sometimes and a question mark?

In which Wallace's new coif is adorbs, and he seamlessly drops a You Aughtta Know reference.

Not to be confused with Weak Beet, a periodical for reformed vegans.

Looming Bone looms. Quite a contrast with...

...relatively snuggly exasperated-dad Bone chillaxing at home.

Money can't buy taste in wall decor.

Ah yes, the old wheelchair reveal.

This actor is not the best; her hoop game, however, is right up there.

Better than usual flashback-wig action on Veronica.

"Help, my abusive dad is ickily trying to hold my hand!"

Funereal finger gun.

You ARE the best, LK.

Although Sarah's not 100 that this would be your ride. A Honda just seems a little square for this kween.

"So I'm just gonna grab my purse and...go?"

Even Joey Tribbiani would think this face sucks.

When your mortal enemy asks you to find his "dead" mom, it's hard to settle on a facial expression. This one will work in a pinch...

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