The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Aren't As Clever As They Think They Are

We've documented all the unpleasant revelations of S02.E04, 'Green-Eyed Monster.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids is fun -- double the fun.

Meet The Face Of Crazy.

When the past catches up with you.

When your SO asks if you have a spare gun, you know, nbd.

And clearly isn't telling you the whole story about why she needs it.

"Oh hey, just stopped by with donuts, totally didn't sleep over at all."

"Oh hey, great donuts, totally believe you re: the not sleeping over."

We see you, Just Shoot Me reference.

No reason, Sarah just likes a little vintage Benz.

Because running into your boyf while visiting his comatose ex-girlfriend calls for even more smell-the-fart faces.

Log, busted. (And smelling a fart.)

How does the littlest Manning have, like, three black eyes?

Baruch atah in the what now?

Sometimes, your nemesis asks you for a favor that your job kind of requires that you do.

Do all these other bikers look new or is it us?

Veronica asks a favor; Jackie isn't having it.

She'd probably be more sympathetic if she'd been invited along, though; this sting looks pretty fun.

"Why yes, I am Scottish. Scottish, and now deeply uncomfortable."

In a time before the cloud.

Guess they couldn't get the rights to the Leaving Las Vegas poster?

Efficiently working a defensive-tackle tryout into the job.

The Face Of Crazy gets its comeuppance.

This op probably didn't require Mac, but we viewers kind of did.

These boots are also made for walking, in a way.

Keith probably should have kept Googling to make sure this guy wasn't also an ex-cop.

Keith's best Young Lady! pose.

Bye, crazy. Sorry you're crazy.

Yeah, Keith doesn't need any help around the office, especially not filing.

Dramatic arm gestures are for people with dry armpits. We speak from experience.

Dramatic Vader-esque reveal somewhat under cut by LOL-ish flashback hair.


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